Maharana Pratap 26th June 2013 Written Episode Update

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Maharana Pratap 26th June 2013 Written Episode, Maharana Pratap 26th June 2013 Written Update

Maharana Pratap has come along with the unbeatable warrior Rana Bahadur ..Rana is giving peptalk , motivating them with his brave speech..He looks at the flying Afghan Flag and vows to remove that and have the Mewar flag flying in freedom.. Pratap thinks about the wordy duel he had with his father with Pratap eagerly wanting to be part of war and hoisting the flag atop the Afghan Settlement and Rana Udai Singh declining his request, pointing out at his young age and telling Pratap to wait until he is mature and old enough …


ATTACK !!! Yells Rana, The enthused soldiers let out the war hoop and rush towards the fortress with soldiers climbing the walls, Some rushing towards the main gates … Pratap is engaged in a sword fight with a Afghan soldier who is twice his size…There is a furious and ferocious hand to hand when Pratap slowly realizes that he is surrounded by 3 Afghan Soldiers… being inexperienced , Pratap is slowed down and his co-ordination with his sword and moment is impaired.. He stands looking warily at the circling Hyenas ..The gloating Afghan soldiers are ready to strike down Pratap when Rana jumps over the back a Afghan Soldier and kills the Afghan Soldier who were surrounding Pratap.. Rana quickly turns to Pratap and gives him a quick hands on lesson about fighting with a sword.. Absorbing it, Pratap immediately begins to attack with renewed vigor ..His Hands and his eyes playing together…


Bhatiyani is walking through a dungeon with her chief maid, being heavily pregnant she is unable to move very far despite her maid’s urging..


Chandravats comes towards Rana Uday and says that he has something vital to say..Just then a Afghan Soldier takes a swipe at Chandravats and is promptly sliced, he falls down but is not dead.. Rana who is in the thick of the battle, demands to know the reason for Chandravats presence by his side and is stunned to hear that Pratap is in the battalion and is fighting against the Afghan Soldiers .. The fallen Afghan soldiers hears this and as soon as Chandrvats and Udai Singh moves away, hasten towards the Afghan General and delivers the news of Pratap’s presence in Mewar’s Army … The Afghan General declares a bounty for the man getting Pratap Dead or Alive !!


Javanta Bai and other Ladies of the palace are sitting down for lunch when Messenger lady comes in and announces that the battle so far has been in their favour..The queens are relieved ..Rani javanta enquires about the battalion of Rana Bahadur , is told the regiment is very near to victory .. Pleased, Javanta commands the maid to keep her updated about the latest news..

Rani Javanta notices that the ladies in waiting aren’t eating , on being told by the second Queen that they are unable to swallow even a morsel, Javanta teases them and gently coaxes them eat ..Both the queens serve the ladies ..The ladies sit down to Lunch revved by Javanta’s inspirational speech…


Fierce battle is fought By Rana Bahadur and Pratap against Afghan Soldiers .. Pratap urges Rana Bahadur to go ahead and hoist the flag .. Bahadur assents and moves up the fortress .. Pratap holds off the soldiers ..when a sword cuts him ..but the sword is held back by another member of Bahadur’s member.. He tells Pratap to go and help Bahadur while he himself will fend off the Afghan Soldiers… Pratap hesitates but is forced to move ..just when he is going towards the rampart ..His back up Mewar soldier is stabbed by an Afghan Soldier

Shamskhan demands to know what is Jauhar and is enlightened by a soldier which is overheard by Pratap …while in the Palace, Rani Javanta Bai moves towards the place of Jauhar …

Update Credit to: Tanthya

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