Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 26th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 26th June 2013 Written Episode, Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 26th June 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with everyone asking Rajveer to put the ring on Simran’s finger. He puts the ring and everyone clap. Rajveer is sad, Simran cries with happiness. Simran also puts the ring on his hand. Simran thinks few days left, then I will fulfill your every dream. The ring ceremony is over. Everyone clap for the couple. Tau ji hugs Rajveer. Tau ji is having a discussion with Khanna, asking them to do the arrangements. Khanna says I will do it, he says I have seen Lords in stones, but today I saw it infront of me. He praises Tau ji. He says he is glad to get connected with his family. Tau ji asks the pandit for the shubh mahurat.

The women are with Simran. jhumri jokes on Rajveer. Rano stops him and asks him to talk to Simran. Rajveer tries to smile. They leave them together and leave. Rano says see her once, Dimpy gets tensed. Simran gets worried as Rano lifts her ghunghat. Rajveer is about to see her but Simran puts the ghunghat back. Rano says why are you feeling shy, he is your to be husband. Rano says bhabhi is shy, and jokes on Simran.

Rano gives them sweets. Sweets fall on Rajveer’s clothes. Simran gets relieved and removes her ghunghat. jaggi comes and sees Simran’s face. He is shocked. He greets her. jaggi says Rano to go, she leaves. Simran stands up and says I can explain you. He says Rajveer does not know that he is marrying you. He says if Tau ji knows this, then he will make it a issue. Rajveer will hate you. jaggi tells her he knows that this is better, so he says I will not say anything to anyone. But, I will salute your courage. Simran smiles. Simran thanks him. He introduces himself. He says I saw your father and doubted. He says if someone else knows this, Rajveer’s dreams will be shattered. He asks her to be careful. He feels happy and leaves.

Simran thinks Rajveer is lucky to have a brother like jaggi. The pandit says the mahurat to Tau ji. Khanna asks when is it, Rajender manages the situation. Simran and Dimpy are going somewhere. Simran says why did Rajveer call you here. Simran says she wants to enjoy seeing Rajveer. Dimpy asks Simran to hide. Rajveer comes to Dimpy. They both have a talk. Rajveer tells Dimpy that Tilawar is like Khanna. Dimpy says you might be feeling like that.

Rajveer tells Dimpy its not like that. Dimpy says don’t let your wife suffer. If she knows that you think about someone else, what will she feel. Rajveer says I have not done anything wrong with anyone, I was just asking. Rajveer asks is Simran happy, Dimpy says yes, she has changed her way and you moved on too, so what is all this. Rajveer sees Simran in the car, and Simran hides. Simran thinks why should I hide, I will face him. She comes out of the car and meets him. The song kaisa ye ishq hai.. plays..

Simran congratulates him, he says you should have not come out like this, your marriage is fixed. She says you care for me? He says this is not Singapore, this is Haryana. She says I know, she says I have to give you my wedding invitation. She asks will you come, he says why are you troubling me. She says you are troubled because you love me. She says you care for me, he says no, I told you before, I don’t love you and I don’t care about you. She says really? Simran smiles with confidence. He says I will leave now, if anyone sees us, it will be a problem for both of us, take care. He leaves.

Simran and Dimpy also start leaving, some goons come and teases them. They start arguing with them and hold Simran and Dimpy. Rajveer comes back and fights with the goons.
Simran hides behind Rajveer. Rajveer beats the goons and gets very much angry. Simran and Dimpy stop him, but he does not. The goons run away. Simran asks what happened to you, now say you don’t care about me, he says it does not matter, but if anyone teases you, I cannot see it, I will kill him who sees you.

Rajender makes Simran talk to Tau ji. Simran says how will Tau ji react if he knows about our lie.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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