Bani Ishq Da Kalma 26th June 2013 Written Episode Update

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Bani Ishq Da Kalma 26th June 2013 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 26th June 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Wedding Venue
Rajji and bani, and others listen to what happened and how sohan saved their faces, and preventing them from this insult. Rajji says that this cant be, but biji asks her to come to her. Rajji says that this cant be, and asks her to understand. Biji quietens her down, and tells her that the Lord always does for the benefit, and destiny always plays fair. She asks her to keep the trsut that everything would be alright. They all try and convince her to agree to soham marrying her, as he’s a dependable person, who would stand by in the bad times. They decide to prepare for the arrangements. biji too offers to go, despite her health concerns, and says that she’s the happiest. As all leave, bani and Rajji are left alone. Rajji is shocked, and tells bani that she cant do this. Bani asks if there’s any other way. Rajji says that they wont bear the punishment for amreek’s mistake. Rajji says that the maximum that can happen is that they wont get married

bani asks her to understand and think about their family, and asks her to think mature. Rajji says that had she been mature, then this wouldnt have happened, and he wouldnt have gone, leaving her like this. bani is distraught. Rajji says that he could have given her one chance, and talked to her once, as she had thought that she would agree to everything that he would say, and not fight with him ever, or give him a chance to complain, and that most of ll she had started liking him, but he went away leaving her. She hugs bani, and cries inconsolably. bani asks her to compose herself, and makes her sit on the bed, telling her that who had to go is gone, and now she has to decide what she wants to do, cry for the person gone, or decide to spend the life with someone who has agreed for her hand in marriage. Rajji reminds her that he loves bani so much, that he agreed to even marrying her, so that their family isnt insulted. Bani says that her life and happiness is with parmeet, and not with soham. Rajji asks if she thinks that soham too feels the same. Bani agrees to this and says that soham has definitely forgotten everything, and therefore agreed to marry her. Rajji says that she knows soham is marrying out of obligation. Bani says that it isnt like this, and if he feels so, then this confusion she would clear herself, by talking to soham. she leaves.

Bani comes to soham, and asks if he’s happy with this marriage. He says that he’s super happy, and has happily agreed, and in fact he is thankful to the Lord for this. He says that he isnt under any obligation or pressure to marry. He is about to confess his love, while Bani is surprised, but is stopped midway by Tejo. Tejo asks what is she doing here, and that she shouldnt be out like this, as she’s the bride. And that she would call them once the AnantKaraj would start. Bani leaves, while soham happily looks at her. Tejo too smiles at him and leaves. Soham thinks that he would confess his love for her, now after marriage only, and a million times.

Bani comes back and tells rajji what she had talked with soham. She says that soham is right, and asks her to give this relation a chance, and move ahead. Rajji asks what should she see ahead, soham, who she has always thought of being with Bani. bani reminds her that she had started liking amreek, and now she would fall in love with doham too. she says that one refusal would send their family into throes of insult, and also about biji’s health condition. Bindal and tejo come to take them for the anant karaj. Before leaving, tejo says that they should be veiled just like the groom is. Both the ladies cover the faces of their respective daughters. The matchmaker says that today, they should take each other’s daughters, to mark their solidarity. Bindal readily agrees to this, and ask tejo to take rajji, while she comes out with bani.

Scene 2:
Location: In the gurudwara
Soham’s family thinks that parmeet’s family must be here for supporting Bani’s family in such tough times, after their son shamed them in front of everyone. Tejo brings and seats Rajji next to Soham, who thinks its bani. Bindal too seats Bani next to parmeet. As the anant karaj is going on, bani’s father goes to the priest and asks them to announce the names of the couples loudly. Tejo is scared as that would let the cat out of the bag. she wonders how to stop this. She motions to the matchmaker too about this, who too is surprised as to what to do now. She then has an idea. As the priest starts announcing, she goes and cuts the speaker cord of the mike, and motions tejo that she managed to avoid the problem. Whiel the priest reads it aloud, but without the microphone, noone is able to make the difference. Biji ties Rajji’s knot with soham, and Bani’s knot with Parmeet, while the families watch happily, while rajji sits in atrance motionless. they finish the ritual, that weds soham and Rajji and bani to Parmeet. Tejo is in introspective modd, while soham and parmeet are very happy, and the girls are somewhat sad. The screen freezes on their faces.

Precap: Bani asks Rajji to change clothes and soon its her Vidaai. Rajji says that there’s no vidaai. Rajji says that she cant go with him, and goes berserk saying that she cant go with someone, and doesnt want this marriage, thats not for her, but for a favour on their family. Bani is tensed to hear this.:

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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