Uttaran 21st November 2013 Written Episode Update

Uttaran 21st November 2013 Written Episode, Uttaran 21st November 2013 Written Update

ACP tells Maiyya he has taken care of Nirbhay’s murder case. He gets up and starts looking around the house. The file there is closed but here every file is open. Everything looks foreign. Maiyya nods. Gomti says only the house is desi rest everything is not. Chahuan asks Ekadish about Aakah. He is ready right. Maiyya tries to divert his attention to food which he notices. She says it cannot be that my son can refuse me. He asks for yes or no. we policemen are used to hear clear answers. He checks some show piece. Pavitra tells him everything here is very expensive. Maiyya says this all belongs to my son and now it will be your daughter’s. He shows her the photo of his daughter Ambika. I have always dreamt for her that she should become a DIL of a big and rich house and rule over everyone. Maiyya calls her a princess. She will certainly rule. She tells him that it is almost done.

Aakash in his room is looking at a pic of his with Meethi in his wallet. Downstairs, Chauhan offers sweets to Maiyya which she readily accepts and eats. Vishnu comes there just then calling out for Aakash. He asks Maiyya. She doesn’t reply so he walks upstairs on his own. Chauhan asks her if Aakash is at home only. Call him so we will meet up. She tells him to give him some time. He is not well. Let him recover then I will make you meet him. He nods.

Vishnu comes to Aakash’s room. Aakash quickly closes his wallet before Vishnu can see the pic. Vishnu says I called you so many times and left you so many messages but no reply at all. What has happened to you? Why dint you come to meet Meethi? He denies anything being such. Anyways who cares? Vishnu is confused. What are you saying? Right now Meethi needs you the most. I know Anni has told you not to come there. But Aakash cuts him off. It doesn’t matter to me what Anni says. I don’t have this much time to think as to who feels bad by my coming or going. Till when should I run after Meethi like this and why? When she doesn’t want me to be in her life then I too don’t want her in my life. Vishnu is shocked. What are you saying? You know the state she is in? He asks her if she knows what state is he in. Did she get worried about me once? Or she tried to understand how I was? Vishnu cannot understand what has happened to him all of a sudden. Till yesterday you were….Aakash interrupts him. I have left my past behind. Talk about today. I have moved on in my life today. It would be better for Meethi too to move on in her life. I have gotten over her. Vishnu cannot believe it. You have moved on in your life right then what is Meethi’s pictures doing on this wall?

Maiyya stands outside the door to eavesdrop. Since when did your’s and Meethi’s paths got different? You love her. Aakash corrects him. I used to! Maiyya is surprised too. I used to love her a lot but now I don’t. I have forgotten her. go and tell her. Vishnu says the love which has passed through so many tests; the love which you are so close to getting back in your life….you made it a thing of the past in a minute? Aakash stays firm with his words. I used to love her. Vishnu asks what about Meethi. She has saved your life. Don’t you value it? Aakash counters it with the value of his love. What all did I not do for Meethi and her family but every time I was being blamed. The fingers kept pointing at me only every single time. I was looked upon badly all the time. Enough, I cannot bear any more insult. Tell Meethi! Maiyya gets happy that God has answered her prayers. I will light a lamp just now. She leaves from there. Vishnu is sure Meethi’s love will make him come back to her. And I will wait for that day. He leaves from there. Aakash says, how do I tell you that whatever I am doing is for Meethi’s sake only.

Screen shifts to Meethi sitting on the bed in her room. Doc tells Kanha and Jogi that it would only be a miracle now if Meethi gets back on her feet ever. They are stunned. Now your love can be her support / strength. Kanha consoles Jogi. Damini recalls Iccha’s words. I keep praying to God for my kids’ happiness. I fast so that they don’t get hurt or cry but still my daughter is sad today. Till when will God take our test? When will this all be over? Jogi comes to Damini. Doc has given his permission to take Meethi home. We will get her treated but we will have to be patient. We will have to be her strength. We all will have to be strong as well. Damini asks him how to do it. Nani and Rohini come there and listen to their convo. Jogi says if humans had all the answers then life would have been easier. We can only do this much that we must not let the ray of hope disappear from our kids’ hearts. We can do this much for them. She nods back.


Damini and Mukku come to Meethi’s room with a wheelchair. They are not able to look her in her eyes but have no option. Meethi looks at it and smiles for their sake. Damini was sad so Mukku gestures her not to be weak. They help her sit on the wheelchair. They all look at Meethi’s reflection in the mirror and feel sad.

Mukku boosts her morale. You will start walking very soon. Don’t be sad. We should go home now. Your room is waiting for you. Meethi nods.

Jogi and Kanha come out of the doc’s room after collecting reports. They too put up a smile for Meethi’s sake. Meethi is looking around in the corridor all the while. Why dint Aakash come to meet me? Does he know the state I am in? Vishnu comes there just then. Meethi is still scanning the corridor and looks at Vishnu mouthing Aakash. Mukku shakes her head at him so he doesn’t say anything. They all leave for home.

A chant plays as the screen shifts to Aakash practising breaking the bricks into pieces on the terrace. At some point Sankrant comes and holds his hand. Aakash frees his hand. Sankrant tells him to stop hurting himself. I understand your pain. I will talk to Meethi bhabhi. Aakash tells him not to do anything for him. I only pray that you don’t have to go through something like this in your life. Sankrant says I wish you all the happiness of my life and take over all the pains of your life for myself. The brothers share a hug.


Everyone comes back to Thakur House. Rohini suggests cooking food for everyone. Jogi tells her that the menu should be of Meethi’s liking. Meethi wants to go to her room. Kanha offers to take her but Mukku tells him to be with Ammo Nani while she will take Meethi. Mukku and Vishnu leave with Meethi. Nani tells Damini to be patient or else your tears will make Meethi weak. God knows how long she will have to be on this wheelchair. Baki to Ram hi Rakhey. She too tells Rohini to cook Meethi’s favourite food.

Mukku welcomes Meethi to their room. What would you like to do? Meethi tells them both to go and eat. She will call them if she needs something. They want to eat to with her only. Meethi is not feeling like it. Vishnu thinks that maybe Meethi wants to be alone for some time. Let us go. Meethi denies. If I would need anything I will call you. She asks Mukku about Aakash. Damini had come there just then to say something but stops as she hears Aakash’s name. Mukku and Vishnu notice Damini. Vishnu says Anni will give you the answer. They both leave from there.

Meethi asks Damini if she had said anything to Aakash. Damini sits down on the bed avoiding her face. She is holding a Ganesha idol in her hands. Whenever Iccha used to get in trouble, she used to chant Lord Ganesha’s name. I have seen her talking to Him for hours when in trouble. I have brought Him here for you today. I know the road ahead is very difficult for you but he will surely save you. She puts the idol on the bedside table. Meethi asks for the answer to her question. Damini tells her not to think of those people whose memories hurt. One must not remember them. Meethi wants to know what she told him. Damini tells her that she told Aakash to go away from your life for forever. Epi ends on Meethi’s shocked face.

Precap: Damini gives Meethi her phone to call Aakash right away. Tell him that it was entirely my fault. Meethi tells her to calm down. Damini says also tell him that I have relieved you of my swear / promise. At Bundela House, Maiyya shows Ambika’s picture to Aakash saying this is the only way to save your Meethi. Chauhan asks Aakash if he is ok with this alliance.

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