Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 21st November 2013 Written Episode Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 21st November 2013 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 21st November 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Ram saying something drastic must have happened else she would have tell something. Natasha calls Ram and says Priya is here and she knows everything. Ram is shocked. Sid asks, what happened. Ram recalls that he said Juhi that he will tell everything to Priya and recalls Priya’s saying that Juhi loves him. He comes to Juhi and angrily asks her you told her everything, how dare you? Juhi says Priya told that you told her everything and she said by mistake. I asked everyone to hide this. Ram says I wanted to tell my wife. Suhani stopped me, and I wanted her to be fine and you don’t feel like waiting. My wife left this house, what if she did anything to herself or anything happens to her then what I will do?Ram says Priya is right, you loves me and you did it purposely to break our relation. Juhi is shocked. Ram says you did it. Ram says my wife left me. He asks her not to do anything for them. Juhi cries.

Priya recalls Juhi’s words that she was to get marry to Ram because of Naina’s custody while the song Darmiyan plays in the BG. She recalls Ram asking her to write his name with henna. Ram recalls her. Priya recalls Ram words about their love and divorce. She closes her eyes in pain. Panditji asks them to call the bride. Juhi says lets get married. Mayra says but mom didn’t come till now. Dadi says but mahurat time have come. Marriage rituals starts for Juhi and Sid as they sits for marriage. Juhi recalls Ram harsh words. Ram comes to Sharma house to meet Priya. Natasha opens the door and leaves so that they can talk alone.

Ram tells Priya that he can explain everything and I just waited for the right time. Priya asks, when is the right time,when you was to get marry to Juhi or when I came out of coma and you left the mandap. Ram says Suhani asked him not to say this as she would not handle this. Priya says she handle everything, Naina’s adoption, their divorce, juhi’s love for him. Ram says you trust me naa and I have reasons to hide this from you. Priya says you may have reason and I am not angry as you was to get marry to her. I am feeling bad as you didn’t tell me even when I insisted you to tell. She asks, did you remember the seven vows of marriage. Panditji starts the rituals. Priya says our basis of relationship is trust, You didn’t break trust but have also broken our relation.

Ram urges her to come home. Priya asks, where is my home? When there is no relation between us, then what you will explain to me. I don’t want to go. When Juhi told me everything I felt like a fool. Everyone knew about it but I wasn’t. She says it is difficult to hold on the relation if trust goes away. She says it is over. Ram is shocked and says what are you saying? Ram says he won’t leave until she leave her obstinance. He says I will sit outside your house.

Sid and Juhi takes the pheras/rounds while everyone are showering flower petals on them. Panditji asks them to take the blessings from elders as the marriage is done. Sid wonders where is Ram and Priya. Vikram says Ram is not picking the call. Sudhir too wonders what must have happened. Juhi says, she told Priya about her going to marry Ram. And Ram went to search Priya. She tells Sid that she didn’t do it purposely and said by mistake.

Ram tells Natasha that she don’t want to come home. And I will be here until she agrees. Natasha says what do you expect from you? You are over expecting from you. Ram says I want to explain to her about my actions. And I will go home after she agrees. Natasha says may be you have to wait longer. Sudhir comes and sees Ram sitting on the stairs. He asks, why you are sitting here? Ram says he did a mistake and now Priya came to know everything. She don’t want to talk to me. sudhir says we all are at fault and says we will talk to her. She will understand it. He asks him to go. Ram says he will wait here itself. ram says he won’t go until she talks to him. Sudhir agrees.

Priya sees Ram sleeping in his car. Sudhir tells Shipra that he can’t see Priya’s pain. And says we have to take her out from this pain. He comes to her. Priya tells Natasha that she wants to take rest and see to it that nobody disturbs me. Sudhir says we are responsible for your pain. Priya says you was upset with me as I went to Dubai without informing you. You didn’t talk to me when I returned home. Can you feel, how I am feeling now. Shipra says she needs time to get over this. Give her sometime to overcome this pain. She is back because of Ram’s love for her. Priya is in the bedroom and Ram is sleeping in his car while the sad version of BALH plays. She looks at Ram from the window.

Sid asks Priya to come home and says think it as my wedding gift. Pihu also asks her to come home and says if she don’t agree then she will think she is still upset with her. Priya replies that she is not having any relations with her man and says what I will do by being upset with you all. Ram looks on sad.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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  1. So sad episode poor ram what will he do let us wait and see how long priya will angry with him

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