Desh Ki Beti Nandini 21st November 2013 Written Episode Update

Desh Ki Beti Nandini 21st November 2013 Written Episode, Desh Ki Beti Nandini 21st November 2013 Written Update

Episode continues… Ambika’s Birthday party
Nandini relunctantly asks server to fill champagne in glasses and serve to guests. Abhay enters the place and says to Nandini that all the arrangements are very good along with decoration. Nandini thanks him. Abhay says, RV and GD are not alike Uttara. Nandini says she knows that GD and RV are quite different from Uttara and all fingers of a hand are not alike . Abhay smiles says “correct”. Nanidni orders servant to take the glasses and serve and leaves the place without uttering a sngle word. Abhay in thoughts.
Suryaman ji, Indra ji and Sushant ji stepping down. Indra ji asks about akanksha. Suryaman ji replies she went to her in-laws house. Indra ji says was she not invited to party. Suryaman leaves the place.

Indraji doubts something is there they are hiding and need to find out it and says RV was about to say something but Suryaman ji interrupted. And second thing Akanksha didn’t attend the party who was the parichay of her mother. Indra ji says something secret is here.
GD says interrupting RV while talking to Indra raj ji is correct only.. but Indra raj ji must be doubting about it. And takes care about RV should be far from Indra raj ji. RV comes there and askks whether she is pareshaan. Chachi comes all guests are waiting and its time for cake cutting. RV says he will bring Dadi and asks suryaman ji to bring the musical notes which is surprise for Dadi. GD asks RV that whether he kept anything outside which is related to London return back. RV says nothing sort of that. GD asks to leave and bring dadi. Sushant is overheas them. GD asks Suryaman ji to check whether anything related to london return RV left outside in his room.

RV room, London return ticket in RV;s musical notes. Sushant starts detective work in RV room. Suryaman ji and kishen ji both will leave to RV room to bring musical notes. Sushant starts searching all over the room. But he could find nothing. He sees RV musical notes.. Sushant hears someone enterign room and he hides behind curtain. Suryaman ji finds musical notes asks Kishen to bring that. Suryaman ji doubts that someone is present in the room, but leaves. Sushant comes out..
Without kishen knowledge Air tickets falls down from the musical notes near to steps. Sushant reaches the place but doesn’t notice it and he gets call from Indra ji . Nandini notices the ticket and before she opens it kishen comes there and takes it.

RV and Dadi stepping down all guests are staring at them. Ambica starts praising all royal girls and asks RV to choose one among them. RV asks whom I like how can you know. Sushant too accompanies Dadi to reach center of party. Dadi gets lot many gifts.. Dadi thanks everyone and aasks people to enjoy.
RV and Dadi starts dancing. Slowly one by one starts dancing. One girl comes to RV and offers for dance. RV and the girl starts dancing. But dadi signals RV that she didn’t like the girl. Uttara enters into kitchen.. something fishy going in her mind. One by one Dadi starts rejecting girls with whom RV dancing.
RV sees Nandini and gives hand for dance. Nandini is in cloud 9.. Nandini boss interrupts and asks her to bring cake. Nandini leaves the place. RV is dancing with another girl.. Dadi signals NO.. All are claaping. Chachi starts teasing RV.
Chachi says she will bring cake.

In kitchen, Nandini’s boss opens the cake… shocked to see the cake was disturbed. Boss starts fuming on employees. Nandini too tensed what to do.. She gets some idea and asks to bring the extra cake they are having. Nandni is recreting cake, meantime Chachi comes there and asks them to bring the cake. Nandini says she will come in 5 mns. Chachi says make it early and leaves. Nandini and Rohan are very much tensed. Finally Nandini fixes the cake.
Uttara is excited to see the result of her kaand. But she gets shcked seeing the nicely fixed cake. Uttara doesn’t understand anything. While leave all family memebers surrounds the cake. Nandini and RV standing side by side. Uttara doesn’t understand so quickly how Nandini fixed the cake. Dadi cuts the cake. She turns to feed the cake but stops herself seeing Nandini over there. Nandini leaves then Dadi feeds the cake to RV.

RV says he has a special gift for Dadi. RV and dadi reaches Piano. Rv starts playing his own composition. Nandini too enjoys the music from kitchen . Uttara and her friend about to make someother plan to insult Nandini. Nandini is coming with snacks. Uttara’s friend pushes nandini, … The sause in nandini’s hand falls on Uttara’s sandals. Nandini apologizes. Uttara waiting for the moment starts talking in her own language and asks Nandini to clean the sandals. Nandini boss interrupts and conveys apologizes and asks rohan to clean it. Uttara objects and asks only Nanidni has to do that. Nandini is speechless. Nandini’s boss says nandini is like his daughter and he will clean it. Nandini objects and says his respect is the respect of whole team and she herself will clean it. Uttara asks to use Nandini’s dupatta to clean. All are shocked. Screen freezes on nandini face.

Precap : RV notices Nandini with sad face. He comes near to her. Nandini tries to hide her tears. RV congratulates her and notices that Nanidni is crying and asks the reason.

Update Credit to: amul_kn

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