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Ansari questions Rehmat Ula as to why he got this printed in the newspaper. What proof you have to prove it that he is a terrorist? Rehmat Ula asks him if he has anything to prove that he is not a terrorist. He entered in Pakistan illegally and is absconding. It all point to this only so this can actually help us in catching him sooner. I cannot understand why you are taking his side? ansari denies doing anything like that. If an innocent walks across the border by mistake, then it is our duty to identify him / her and send them back to their country. Rehmat Ula doubts him. a man is absconding and you are helping his wife in crossing the border. Is it that she has paid you something? Ansari talks about how his duty and uniform is above everything else for him. The landline rings. It is from Commissioner Aftab Ahmed for Ansari. Ansari speaks in Meethi’s favour. I have done the complete research. She is innocent. We will deport her today itself. Plus we will arrest that Indian Akash asap and start the proceedings. The call ends. Ansari gives a long stare to Rehmat Ula and then leaves from there.

Vishnu and Mukku learn how to make the baby wear a diaper. They put it incorrectly once but then rectify it. All this while Mukku keeps telling Vishnu that all three of them are new to parenthood so will learn with time. She misses her mom. They are in Dubai. She called yesterday and wanted to talk to you but you were busy in your physiotherapy sessions. She has sent loads of love, blessings and hugs for you. He wants his hug and she is more than happy to do so. He asks her if they got to know anything about papa’s first wife, Malvika. She shakes her head. Though I know him well, he will find everything about her.

Maiyya and Malvika come back from shopping. Gomti is upset that her sister bought so much for this beggar. Maiyya says she kept on saying no but agreed to buy something for herself when I agreed to buy something for everyone. Gomti apologizes to Malvika for misunderstanding her. malvika acts all modest. She gives gifts to Gomti, Kajri and Sankrant. Sankrant recalls how Ambika had gifted her similar colour, styled kurta sometime back. He gets emotional. I like this stuff and colour a lot. Someone had gifted me a similar kurta sometime back. She wants to know whose choice matches with her choice. Maiyya too is curious now. Finally Sankrant takes Ambika’s name. Malvika shows an inclination of meeting Ambika. Sankrant keeps the gift back and goes from there. Gomti tells Malvika about Ambika. Maiyya doesn’t want to talk about it. all the ladies of the house call her a witch and are happy that she is gone. Malvika has come here to bring Ambika back in this house. She will come back very soon.

Asgar assures Maulvi ji that Akash is not a terrorist. I will come and take him don’t worry. Meethi and Ashfaque come downstairs. They talk to him about the newspaper clipping. Ansari comes there just then. He introduces Meethi to the immigration office, Rehman. Her papers are ready. She will be deported from Pakistan at 6 pm today. ansari himself will drop him. meethi declines to go without Akash. Why did you give this clipping in the newspaper? You had promised me that you wont do anything like that. Ansari corrects her that he had promised to help him if he was proven to be innocent but he ran away from police. I too am answerable to my senior officers and have to follow rules and law. Please sign on these papers as you have only 7 hours. She refuses to sign and go without Akash. I am ready to go to jail but I wont leave without him. Asgar talks in Ansari’s favour. Trust me I will find a way out. Ansari warns him not to take any illegal way this time. I will come to pick you up at 6 pm. If Asgar or his family tries to hide you or do something illegal then I will put everyone in jail. She signs on the papers finally for Rizvi family’s sake. Asgar is worried about his plan. If I lose Meethi then who will be my Fidayin? I cannot let Ansari do this. I have to think of some way. What should I do that I can stop Meethi in Pakistan legally!

Meethi cannot understand what to do. I cannot go leaving Akash. Don’t know how he is and how will he return to India. I will have to find him. she wants to go out to search for him. Ashfaque wants to know how she will do it. She only knows that she will have to do something to save and fight for Akash. He points out that that is the difficult task right now. We should think of finding a way to stop Ansari ji right now. We should find a way that can stop him to send you back to India. She is confused. He says when all the doors are closed then we should ask God for help. Come, we can only use blessings and prayers right now.

Maulvi ji checks on Akash who is feeling somewhat better now. Maulvi remarks that God helps everyone. No one goes empty handed from here. Tell me in case you need anything.

Kun Faya Kun plays. Akash gets up and walks around a little. Meethi and Ashfaque are in the same mosque. Meethi wonders where Akash is right now. If you had not disappeared then Ansari ji would have arranged for both of us to return to India. We both would have been on our way to our home. Where are you?

Akash gets up with some difficulty. He thinks about what he is doing. I have come here to take Meethi back. Why am I feeling so weak? He walks around lost in his own thoughts. Meethi continues to pray. He is almost near the door from where he can see Meethi. Meethi does not want to go back to India leaving Akash alone here. He is in a very big problem. It is very important for him to prove his innocence. Now you only can show me some way. Its all dark in front of my eyes. Meethi and Ashfaque pray while Akash stands there lost in his own thoughts. By the time Akash turns to look in their direction they have left. Meethi ties a sacred thread outside the dargah while Ashfaque looks on. They overhear the Maulvi talking to a couple about their nikah (marriage). Meethi and Ashfaque get thinking.

Precap: Ansari comes to Rizvi ji’s house to take Meethi with her. Ashfaque and Meethi enter just then in complete groom and bride look. She tells everyone that she has married Ashfaque so she is legally his wife now. Everyone is shocked as Meethi says that now no one can stop her from staying back in Pakistan.

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