Maharana Pratap 21st August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Maharana Pratap 21st August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tirathmal continues to mock Akbar. Your empire is built on lies. You can kill me but there will be someone else tomorrow. He too will show you the reality. He continues to laugh in a mocking manner. Bairam Khan gets angry. He takes out his dagger and throws it right at his target’s heart. Tirathmal dies on the spot. Akbar turns to his Khan baba. Why did you do it? Bairam Khan says he did it for their clan, state. Akbar wants his judgement to be done on front of the entire state only now. He orders his soldiers to make preps to head back to Agra.

Mamrak ji is giving instructions to his men. US watches it from a distance. He comments that the preps are being done on a very fast pace. Mamrak ji greets him. we don’t have time. US praises Ajabdeh. Whoever will marry your daughter will be very lucky. This time when I had come on your invitation to Bijolia, I had observed the same thing. your daughter is a diamond. That is when I had decided to get Ajabdeh married to Pratap. Mamrak ji is taken aback. US continues that he had decided it back then only but wanted to say if officially. I have already hurt you, your family and Ajabdeh on the same pretext earlier as well. I went back to Mewar and took everyone’s consent for the same. Mamrak ji finally realises what he has been saying. He also recalls his own words to his wife and is speechless. At times dreams come so close that they start looking real. US encourages him to work towards this as they both have been weaving the same dream. Let us fulfil it together. Mamrak ji remembers Toranmal and he declines to support US. I have given my word to Surajmal ji. Even the engagement date is finalised now. How can I back down now? Folding his hands, he seeks forgiveness from him. A Rajput’s promise is his biggest identity for him.

Pratap is waiting anxiously for Chakrapani who comes panting right then. Chakrapani has got some info after which Ajabdeh and Toranmal’s marriage will not happen.

All the ladies are sitting in one big room while the daasi’s make preps for the engagement. Uma Devi is busy in singing her own praises. I have brought so much for Ajabdeh. DB praises her choice. Hansa Bai apologizes to JB. I tried a lot but couldn’t do it. JB appreciates whatever she has done already. DB tells JB not to make a sad face in front of the bride’s mother. Uma Devi asks Surajmal’s wife to keep the shagun basket in Ajabdeh’s lap. All this belongs to Ajabdeh now. Just when she is about to do it, Pratap tells them to stop. All the ladies get up from their seats.

JB asks Pratap as to what is he doing here. Only women are supposed to be here. He apologizes to her but couldn’t delay any longer or it would have been too late to make amends. He declares that this engagement cannot happen as Toranmal is already married. Everyone is shocked and Toranmal’s mother looks down. Pratap has a proof to prove it as well. My friend Chakrapani has just met his first wife who is waiting for him since so long now. All the ladies look at Toranmal’s mother while Uma Devi is caught in her own web. Ajabdeh does not mind to marry Toranmal. It is not a sufficient reason to cancel this engagement. No engagement or Marriage has been cancelled or postponed in our Rajputana ever because of this reason. Hansa Bai gets sad while DB and Uma Devi get happy. DB affirms Ajabdeh’s words. DB and Uma Devi talk about their husbands having more than one wife. Pratap asks Hansa Massi if she will like it. She shakes her head. But Ajabdeh stays put. I have come to realise what I should do after a lot of difficulty. I request you not to discourage me at this moment. I seriously need your support right now. Pratap tells her to talk to him. Why are you ready for a compromise when you can marry the one you like? Toranmal has hidden this truth from all of us. Is this not enough for you to break this alliance? Ajabdeh closes her eyes with pain as she answers in a negative. JB tells Pratap to leave as he has done what he wanted to. Ajabdeh tells his mother to do the ritual for engagement on time tomorrow. Toranmal’s mother praises Ajabdeh. My son is just too lucky.

Hansa Bai assures JB that there will surely be a way out of this problem. JB points out that nothing can be done as Ajabdeh has already made up her mind to marry Toranmal. Hansa Bai can feel that her daughter is hiding something from her. maybe she is trying to protect her father’s vow. I know that she likes Pratap a lot. JB is not ready to dream anything as such. She talks about making preps to go back to Mewar. She leaves while VB stays back with Hansa Bai. VB encourages Hansa Bai not to give up. Hansa Bai is unable to understand what to do. Rao ji and Ajabdeh have made up their minds to go ahead with this alliance. VB reminds her that Pratap hasn’t given up yet. He alone is equal to everyone else. We should support him in this. Hansa Bai prays to God that Pratap does something very soon.

Pratap and Ajabdeh walk in the corridor together. He teases her that he should actually kidnap her. she tells him that all this does not suit him. He points out that it is ok if Toranmal is already married but he cannot do any of this. Ajabdeh tells him not to meddle in all that. He doesn’t want to get into any such discussion with him. you guys decide of something or be ready to get kidnapped tomorrow. she is sure it wont happen. He reminds her that even Lord Krishna had kidnapped Rukmani ji. She corrects him that it was Rukmani ji who invited him to do so. Pratap is left speechless. Ajabdeh explains it to him how Rukmani ji wanted to marry Kanha ji so she wrote him a letter, asking him to kidnap her. he knows one thing that she wants to marry him so he is in no need of such an invitation. He recalls his ancestor doing something similar. He is not ready to change his mind so she promises him that she will find a perfect solution for this problem. He smiles as he watches her go from there. Pratap gets to know that his father has decided to return to Chittor and is waiting for him.

Hansa Bai is guiding daasi’s to cook enough food for everyone. Ajabdeh comes running there. She is in a panic mode as she tells her mom that he is planning to kidnap her. All the daasi’s get up in shock. Hansa Bai relaxes as she gets to know that it is Pratap’s plan. Ajabdeh wants her to do something so that his plans fail. Hansa Bai is instead happy to know about it. she turns to her daasi’s again, continuing with the instructions of what to cook. Ajabdeh asks her if she wont do anything. Hansa Bai declines. I feel all my troubles will go away with this plan of his. Ajabdeh goes out in a huff muttering that she will take someone else’s help. Hansa Bai praises Pratap’s tactic.

Ajabdeh talks to herself as she walks in the corridor. She is my mom yet she is taking his side? its as if he has done some magic on everyone. VB tells daasi’s to take their time in packing. There is no need to rush. Ajabdeh is sure that VB can help her. Ajabdeh runs to her asking for her help. She tells her everything. VB too is in Pratap’s side. she talks well about Pratap. Ajabdeh too starts praising him as if in a trance. He is so strong, famous and brave yet he shies away whenever someone praises him. VB affirms it. they both finish each other’s sentences. Ajabdeh finally recalls what she was actually intending to talk about and repeats it. VB likes the news. Uma Devi and DB hear it from a distance and are in for a shock. VB suggests Ajabdeh to get kidnapped. Uma Devi steps in the scene so VB leaves from there.

Uma Devi and DB remind Ajabdeh that her father has given his word to Surajmal. You should do anything and everything to help your dad in fulfilling his promise. Uma Devi suggests her to go underground herself before anyone else can kidnap her. don’t get out of that room till the time of engagement. Ajabdeh likes the idea. VB suggests Ajabdeh to consult JB jija as well if this will be a right move or not. Ajabdeh is in thoughts while VB leaves from there. Uma Devi tells Ajabdeh that at times it is better not to talk to too many people about the same thing. when you yourself have decided what you want then don’t listen to anyone else. Ajabdeh agrees with her and thanks both of them.

Pratap is pacing worriedly in his room. Chakrapani tells him that his family is waiting for him and then they will have to go back to Mewar. If you go back now then no one will be able to stop this engagement. Pratap knows it too well but he knows his father as well. There is nothing bigger for him than his dharma. If Mamrak ji has said no to him then he wont even listen to any other wayout. Pratap hasn’t given up though. Hansa Massi is with me. I wish that she is able to make my parents agree to stay here for another day. If it does not happen then I will be stuck in a really difficult situation.

US is losing his cool as their people are taking too much time in packing their stuffs. He wants everyone to come asap as he wants to leave right now. She replies that they will leave as they are bound to leave. He feels that she isn’t too inclined to go back but she denies. Hansa Bai comes to talk to JB. She tells her about Pratap’s plan to kidnap Ajabdeh. US asks for Pratap. I cannot leave him here to see Ajabdeh’s engagement. She nods. Hansa Bai is worried because if Pratap wont stay back then who will kidnap Ajabdeh. JB agrees but they have to leave. Mamrak ji just got to know about their departure. He isn’t ready to let them go in a situation like this. You know I am bound by my promise or I would have agreed to your proposal without thinking. Atleast bless our daughter and then go. US is about to say no politely but JB readily agrees. US has no option but to agree. JB and Hansa Bai are relieved / happy.

Ajabdeh dreams that Pratap has kidnapped her and screams for help. She even doubts on Saubhagyawati upon seeing the rope in her room. You are my friend or his friend? Why are you doing this? Saubhagyawati tells her to calm down. I got this rope to get JB’s stuff packed as they are leaving. Ajabdeh is confused. Are they going somewhere? Saubhagywati tells her to be happy as now that Pratap will be gone, then who will kidnap you. She affirms it. Saubhagyawati cannot understand why she is doing this when she herself likes Pratap and vice versa. Plus his family likes you too. Ajabdeh replies that destiny has some other plans for them. I and Pratap are not made for each other. Whenever he is with me then its all a mess. You got married to Chakrapani so easily as you both are made for each other whereas we are not made for each other. Someone else is made for him. She recalls Phool’s confession. A daasi comes to tell them that Rana ji has agreed to stay for another day. Ajabdeh panics again. go and tell everyone that Ajabdeh has locked herself in her room and she will not come out till her engagement. I wont give Pratap any chance to kidnap me. saubhagywati is confused yet complies.

JB and Hansa Bai are astonished to hear the news. How will Pratap take her now? Hansa Bai and JB go to coax Ajabdeh to come out of the room while Saubhagyawati goes to inform Pratap about the same.

Pratap reaches there before anyone else. He tells Ajabdeh to open the door and come out but she declines. She even refuses to obey her mom’s orders. Hansa Bai remarks that she has never seen such confidence in Ajabdeh before. JB tries this time. She promises Ajabdeh that Pratap wont do anything which wont suit her. She replies that Pratap stays true to his words always and so do I. Mamrak ji is confused at what’s happening here. Pratap is sure that Ajabdeh wont be able to say no to her dad. Mamrak ji talks to Ajabdeh as to what will her in-laws think if they get to know of this. Ajabdeh goes all quiet for a second but then tells her daata that there are a few people here who are not allowing her to respect his promise. Pratap and Mamrak ji look at each other. Mamrak ji allows her to stay inside if that’s her wish before her wedding. He leaves from there. Hansa Bai tells Pratap that he will have to win this fight on his own now. You have my blessings. She leaves with JB. Pratap knows that Ajabdeh will have to come out for God. Ajabdeh starts laughing. He knows it well that it is going to be evening soon. Won’t you come out for your Kanha’s puja in the evening? Ajabdeh is at a loss of words.

Jalal’s mother and Mahamanga show Jalal’s stuff to Rukaiyya Bi. Mahamanga and Jalal’s mother bicker over who taught Jalal how to pray. His father was always sad as Jalal does not know how to read or write. He always said that, the person who cannot read or write wont be able to take care of his kingdom ever. Mahamange yet again praises herself that she has taught a lot many things to Jalal. Rukaiyya Bi is happy that Jalal is lucky to have not one but two mothers. A soldier informs them that Badshah Salamat (Akbar) has got Bairam Khan chained / arrested. A chained Bairam Khan walks through the lanes of his state while the people look on.

Ajabdeh eyes the window sadly as it is almost evening. She sadly prepares her puja thaal and opens the door. Pratap is standing right outside and smiles at her.

Precap: Mamrak ji cannot find Ajabdeh anywhere. Where would she be? US offers to send his soldiers to look for her. They will find her asap. DB and Uma Devi wonder if Pratap has actually kidnapped Ajabdeh. Bairam Khan says he did everything for their Mughal State only. Akbar isn’t ready to listen to him. His mother cannot understand as to why he is behaving like this with Bairam Khan. Akbar asks her if she knows that Ajmer and Alwar are under Rajputana rule once again.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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