Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 22nd August 2014 Written Episode Update

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 22nd August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Astha saying everyone will know who is right and who is wrong, after seeing this DVD. Shlok says fine, play it. Niranjan says yes dear, play it, the girl who regarded me Baba, why did she go against me, I want to see. Astha plays the DVD and everyone comes there. Astha says now you will be sure that I was not wrong. Niranjan makes an innocent face, as nothing comes on tv screen and its blue blank showing loading. It displays No Disc. She tries again, still the same message. Shlok looks at Astha angrily. Varad stops Shlok. Shlok does not stop and comes to Astha.

Shlok says so this was the proof. He breaks the DVD and throws it. He scolds her. Anjali and everyone look on. Shlok says you don’t have any proof by which you can show Baba is wrong, and he can never be wrong, and you will know it one day, if your drama is over, apologize to Baba. Shlok says Astha, you can’t go without apologizing, I mean it, I m saying apologize. Astha cries and says I swear the CD was not blank, I m sure Baba changed it so that I can’t bring out his truth. Astha says that’s why he was insisting me to show the DVD, as he knew this DVD is not any risk to him now.

Shlok asks what risk, what truth, apologize to him, and you are blaming him, are you ashamed to fall so low, Baba regards you more than daughter and respects your decision, he values you, and you are blaming him. Shlok says I m saying last time, apologize to Baba now. Astha looks at Niranjan and says no Shlok, after knowing his truth, I can’t apologize to him. Anjali cries. Astha says I won’t bend infront of him. Shlok fumes and says fine, now you have two options, apologize to him, or leave this house with your ego. Everyone is shocked.

Astha says sorry Shlok, I can’t accept any option, as I know I m not wrong, I don’t care you agree or not, as I will prove all my words to be true. He says fair enough, but not here, as I break our relation now. Astha is shaken up. Everyone is shocked by Shlok’s decision. Astha cries and looks at Shlok. Anjali sees Niranjan.

Shlok says get out of my house right now, just get out. He shows her the door. He holds her hand and drags her outside. Niranjan acts like calling Shlok, and seeing him go, he is glad and says Mangalam Bhagwan Vishnu…………… Everyone go after Shlok. Anjali asks Astha to apologize. Astha says she won’t go anywhere till she proves Baba is wrong. Shlok says shut your mouth, got it, get out. He says you don’t deserve to be here. Astha says she won’t go, as no one can make her leave. Astha says I will stay in this house and prove you. Shlok says fine, but our distance won’t get less, because of you, this house will be divided, into two parts, one for you and one for Agnihotri family. Niranjan hears this and smiles.

Shlok says we won’t have any relation between us. Astha is shocked. Everyone look on. Shlok says you will realize I m close to you yet so far, this division will happen now itself. Anjali cries and thinks Niranjanc can stop this. She rushes to Niranjan. Astha says she won’t go out of this house. Shlok leaves. Niranjan is glad seeing what Shlok has done. He says you proved Shlok, you have my blood in your veins, its important to show her place to a woman. I m proud of you. Anjali comes to him and he asks her to sit. He asks what happened, you can’t manage things, I have made this wind and you can’t calm it. Anjali requests him to stop Shlok, he is angry and wants to divide home, please do something.

Niranjan says even I don’t want this, really, I wanted Shlok to kick out Astha from this house, but its fine, let this happen, sometimes adamant kids have to get strict punishment to get their senses back. Anjali says why do you want to take their happiness, spare them. He says shut up, I have planned and ruined their love world, and you are asking me not to do this. She says please stop Shlok, division of house is not good. He says why, this is happening because of me, how will I spoil my game. Let’s see the drama, He says I promised you that I will make Shlok and Astha separated, I won, see now, Astha will be alone in this house and as always everyone will support me. He smiles.

Varad comes to him and asks him to talk to Shlok. He says you can stop him. Niranjan acts and says how can Shlok do this, take me there, I will talk to him. I was telling Anjali let me go down, but she is worried about my health. Varad takes him. Anjali says I know you will make Shlok more angry, Bappa save this from happening, save my kids from separation.

Shlok says Niranjan’s lines that Astha will understand once she gets alone. Astha ssays the one who has truth is never alone. She takes her bag and starts going. Niranjan says Astha…… Anjali loudly says Astha and looks at her angrily. Niranjan looks at Anjali while she stops Astha.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. anjali, plz gv a tight slap to niranjan. only u can do this.

  2. Uggh . I know she has to forgive shlok .. but he don’t deserve her.. he didn’t even belived her once.. nd ya obviously they will show anjali giving a tight slap to nirangan

  3. Way to go astha. It is womans month in south africa and this will show that woman can stand up for their rights.. no matter what the circumstances

  4. O god shlok hate u n ur ugly voice

  5. ha.. Good aastha.. Obvio anjali wont slap NA. She ll shout at aasth and ask her to stay back…. But aastha wont…

    Maybe she might get pregnant… She may faint and shlok will run towards her….. Or maybe shlok will tell that she is doing drama…. Anjali will call the doctor, but by that time aastha will get up and walk off frm the house… At night both of them will remember all their love scenes…

  6. any1 agrees to a part of it atleast….. God!!!! I really wish astha gets pregnant

  7. or maybe aastha will be checked by the doc and evry1 will be given the good news

  8. Ya i agree

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