Pavitra Rishta 22nd August 2014 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 22nd August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Ankita reminiscing her marriage with Naren and her happier times spent with him and get sad. She then reminisces him giving her a gift and saying he will protect her throughout her life and reminisces he told lie and will accept his mistake soon. Archana asks him what happened. Ankita says Ranvijay’s accident happened from Naren’s car and then Naren bought police and evidences. Archana asks if that was the reason she came here and reminisces Ankita calling her and asking if she has a place in her house. Ankita says Naren will accept his mistake soon. Archana asks about Ranvijay’s condition. Ankita reminisces Naren going into coma and doc asking his parents to take him to mumbai. Panditji says he will take his son mumbai and asks ankita’s help. Neelima also agrees to let Ankita take Ranvijay mumbai for treatment. Ankita promises Neelima to take care of Ranvijay and to get justice for them. Archana then asks her to forget all this and to concentrate on her job. Ankita asks her why did she make her company’s MD. Archana says it was Manav’s decision and asks her to get ready for the responsibility.

Mansi says her daughter they will enjoy Janmastami festival and asks her not to eat laddoos before pooja. Shashank’s mom says Ankita is lucky that Manav gave his property and business. Mansi says she deserves it. Mom says Manav would have given you also something as Shashank’s financial condition is not good and now they have child’s responsibility. Just then Shashank comes and says he does not want Manav’s money and gives toys to his daugher Priya. Ashi comes there and says she came to play with Priya and says her dad told our friends are like our siblings. Mansi says Naren is right and lets Priya play with her. She says Shashank that though Ashi is not related to her, she feels attached to him. Moma asks about Ankita’s kid. Mansi says she did not ask her. Shashank says everyone is irked with Manav’s decision

Neena and Sachin start badmouthing about Manav and say he did it as they are not his blood. Teju hears that and says baba does not think like that. Manav hears that, comes out and says Sachin that he gave him opportunities which he misused and now he does not have right to talk about his decision. He then starts feeling uneasy. Teju takes him back to his room. Prashant comes and thanks him for giving Ankita her deserved right. Manav says he wanted to give it before but delayed it.

Pari sees flower bouquet given by Pari and gets irked. Rushali says she should stop this and think about Ankita as she hascome back and has power and money now, she can ruin our life. Pari says she cannot do anything. Rushali says after she does, then sit and cry and start a blame game. She says Naren loved and lost everything for you and even took your accident blame. She says like Ankita snatched your property, she will snatch your husband. Pari says she will take back her property and not let her take back Naren. Rushali says hope it happens. Pari thinks Naren has to go back.

Ankita looks at sleeping Vaishnavi and thinks her life is ruined because of Naren. Naren has changed completely and is not the one whom she loved. She prays god to give her strength to take stringent decisions.

Precap: Pari says Ankita that she has to go back. Ankita asks her to forget it and says she has come back to make her realize her mistake.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Hurry!! With the entire update!!! I hope ranvijay gets justice n Pari n Naren separates n Ankita gets her Daughter

  2. I just hope Ranvijay gets well soon n Ankia finds out abt Aashii

  3. Pari is such a witch

  4. HI Nalini Girl it is a long time we never give our comment, good morning, very soon your exam., will be over I pray for you, you will pass with flying colours after Ek Mutthi Aasmaan I stop watching Ek Mutthi, so I start watching Pavitra Rishta I use to watch it before but when I saw 2 sisters having babies for the same man it sicken my stomach, just recently I start back looking at it I just love Naren And Ankita her baby is so sweet and smart like her Daddy I am Very Very Happy for Ankita her grandparents knows best she is kind hearted, loving,caring about other people, and she got what it takes, A BIG HEART. I love both Baby Aashi and Mum Ankita Nalina keep your HEAD in your BOOKS hope to see you soon in Toronto. LOVE YOU.

  5. So loving ankita back in action against pari. I hope ankita get her daughter back

  6. Hi Meera I just hate pari the way she act is the way she looks she is a B just like ovi, the same way ovi threated her mother she wants to threat Ankita but now Rushaali should be ashame she stole the girl baby what will she tell Naren, that will be another story, I think Manav and Archana bought Naren home, pari think she can fight Ankita ,Manav is still around, but I think Naren will going to work together with Ankita hand in hand and I think they will get back together and in business.

  7. Such a BAKWAS serial….ek hi kahani kabse…….thaths why it havent get any award…borring

  8. Omg am so loving ankita, I hope she gets her daughter back

  9. Pari is witch

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