Sadda Haq 22nd August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sadda Haq 22nd August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Vardhan recalls when Sanyu said to him sir I lied randhir about my engagement because you asked me to. Please do me a favor let me drive. I want to drive this car I expect nothing else If the decision is in your hand give me that chance not to randhir. Sanyu says thank you sir. He says in heart I have taken this decision for myself too sanyu. I will get done with my past if you win. Randhir says I can drive better. Vardhan says I know better. I have taken my decision. Sanyu are you ready? She says yes sir.

Kabir says don’t you feel like we have seen all that before.
Kaustuki says to sanyu rethink car is not finished fully.

Samir calls sanyu. Sanyu says I will call you later. he says to run that box at 100 miles. Sanyu says its a car and I will run it at 150. he says I thought we will reduce it to 50 look at you are going to drive at 150. Well have you decided the location ? Sanyu says we will talk on that later.

Sanyu wears the uniform to drive. She looks for randhir around. She wonders how can he be not around on her important moment. Randhir come from beneath the car. Sanyu asks what were you doing there ? Radnhir says I was giving it the final touch. if you try to become and hero and keep driving I will not leave you. You are the most important thing for me. sanyu says you are important for me. If you were at my place would you stop it ? U can’t give up on my dream. Sanyu says relax you have g9iven this car the final touches, He says I will never be able to pardon my self if something happens to you. Sanyu says nothing will happen to me. Randhir says all the best take care of yourself. Sanyu meets everyone and sits in the car. Sanyu settles in the car and starts it. Everyone is tensed. Sanyu starts driving. Rest of the team move to the monitor to watch it.

Kabir says if you cross 150 miles in one minute your team is in dream team competition. The speed increases. Sanyu is trying to get it up. The speed crossed 100. Randhir says sanyu slow down car is slipping. Sanyu says I am handling randhir. He says what are you doing stop the car. The car is drifting way to much. Kabir says 30 seconds left, Sanyu crosses 120. Jiggy says look car is sparking. Kaustuki says stop the car. Parth says sanyu engine will spark stop the car. Sanyu says shut up guys let me concentrate. Vardhan stands up and runs somewhere. Sanyu says speed is at 120. I am going to take other step. Radnhir says use your mine it will blast. Randhir says please sir stop her the engine will blast there is nothing important than life. Sanyu says I am pressing nosco. Sanyu recalls Samir’s mock at her. Sanyu presses the button. Everyone is dazed. The speed goes over 140. The speed crosses 150. The brakes are jam. Radnhir says stop the car there is a wall what are you doing. Sanyu says brakes are not working. The car hits the wall. Everyone runs to sanyu.

Sanyu’s mom wake up with a daze. She says I feel like everything is not okay.

The car has blasted. Randhir is rushing to save sanyu. Vardhan is there already. maya says to save sanyu vardhan do something. Save sanyu. You thought you made a mistake you are getting chance to rectify your mistake. You will save niharika with sanyu. Vardhan is still. Randhir says sanyu please come out of the car. Sanyu says don’t come near randhir. Go away. The car is on fire. Parth says we have to bring first aid and fire extinguishers. They all rush to get them. Vardhan comes and gives randhir and black cloth. They both try to haul sanyu out of the car.

Maa calls sanyu and says why is she not receiving the phone.
They lay sanyu on a stretcher, maya says stop blaming yourself vardhn there was nothing that you did. Forget all the biter past and live your life. Parth extinguish the fire.

Scene 2
Sanyu is hospitalized.
Randhir asks doctor is she okay ? He says yeah she will be fine. She is just unconscious because of shock. Kaustuki says please God let sanyu recover soon. Sanyu holds Randhir’s hand. There is a little burn on her face. Randhir says sanyu its me randhir. She opens her eyes and says you have annoyed me for years how can I forget you. Are you okay ? He says stop it. You were unconscious. Why did you have to become hero ? Why didn’t you stop the car. Sanyu says did you listen to me ? Why you came in the fire? He says you were in problem. sanyu says I can take car of myself. I was just worried for you so I fainted. If you do that.. Randhir says again I will kill you. Randhir hugs her and then everyone joins in. Parth says you both are fine why are fighting now.

maa calls sanyu. She asks are you okay sanyu ? I have been calling you since so long. I was so worried for you. Sanyu says I am your daughter I am fine. I was busy in my car. We have achieved the speed target. Maa says you have to take care you know you have to come home for engagement. sanyu says yeah maa don’t worry.

Precap-Kabir gives a paper to maya. Maya says how can you reject the car ? He says as dean you must have taken care of the safety of the car. And you vardhan you are making your students fool. I am sorry your car is not going in international competition. Better luck next time.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. spoilers?????????????????

  2. so mr. or miss saddahaqrox can I know ur name…??

  3. and Meera thanks for dedicating me…

  4. Awesome episode…….!!!

  5. i think bcoz of randheer that chomu sameer will break his engagemnt wid sanyu

  6. i wish k aisa hojaye bt aftr that will sanyu forgive randhir easily?i m so exited for 31Aug episode bt we will have to wait for 7 more dayz….. and ya @meera thanx 4 d link

    1. i differ from u… i mean wl RD forgive sanyu that easily??? sanyu had concealed abt her upcoming engagement, that WAS a “blunder”….. very bad…. in the promo RD also burns a pic of sanyu and says I HATE LIARS….

  7. New post by SS in fb.”shq the engagement,one of the toughest episodes i’ve evr writn”

  8. do check this link on sh fans views on the new promo — it is worth reading….

  9. another link –

    my POV based on the new promo – s, i certainly do not want Rd to enter sanyus house that way….. I mean i want the engagement to take place, RD to start IGNORING her completely, then she shld realize Rds value and love and finally stand up for herself and RD… i know it is very difficult to happen this way… still…..

  10. @meera i m saying so bcoz sanyu is doing all dis 4 her parents happiness aur agar randheer ki wajah se us ka engagement toot gayi to us k parents ko sab k samne embarass hona padega……jo bhi ho guyz sh is getting intrstng day by day…i just luv dis show

  11. Guys kuch bhi ho ….. I strongly believe in Parth and dream team I am sure sab milke en donno ko ek kar denge waise bhi romance thoda jayada ho gaya almost ek ya do mahine me donno ek hojayenge bas engagement tot jaaye aur kuch nehi chaiye…..Pain of love is the most beautiful pain experience it through Sandhir
    GN everyone

  12. Hi akanksha didi!
    I dunno of u r angry at me or something,but srry if i offended u in any way. And yes, my name is noopur. Btw,u still did not tell me whats wring with the ff……
    To be cont….

    1. Contd…..
      And what i thought was that i would dedicate a chaptr to u after u tell me how to correct it so that only that chap.will be dedicated to u which is written how u like it. So PLEASE tell me whats wrong with it so i can dedicate d nxt chp. to u

  13. gn guyz sd tc

  14. hi guys … i saw the new promo and i was like “god ab kya hone wala hai .. ”
    really waiting 4 31 august but unfortunately my exams will start by that time and i won’t be able to see that epi …… 🙁

  15. i wish rd sanyu ko maaf karde even after knwing the truth …



  18. sorry noopur bt trust me I didn’t comment on ur any post and frankly I like ur all ff …so keep writing

    1. jisne comment kiya tha she was an another akanksha…

  19. Hi all sandheers
    kisi ne muje miss kiya k nhi….

  20. hi rojina !!! arre kaha thi yaar bohoooth miss kiya aapko … 😀

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