Uttaran 21st August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Uttaran 21st August 2013 Written Episode, Uttaran 21st August 2013 Written Update

Mehendi function begins. Meethi is coming down. Akash sees her and cannot take his eyes off her. Meethi too notices him, but she then avoids looking at him. Akash kisses a flower and throws it at her. Meethi turns back and looks Akash smiling at her. Akash tells her that she looks beautiful with gestures. Meethi turns her face and walks away.

The mehendi girl starts putting mehendi in her hands. She keeps looking at Akash, and he keeps teasing her showing her flowers. Kanha comes to him and asks, if dinner preparation is done. Akash is lost in Meethi’s thoughts. Kanha asks him again. Akash says, I will do it right now. He leaves. Kanha cannot believe it. The mehendi girl asks Meethi for her to-be husband name to put in mehendi. Meethi doesn’t say anything. One of the family members says,

she is feeling shy, it’s V for Vishnu. Damini goes away from there.

Akash comes to Meethi and offers her a juice. He says, but there is mehendi in your hand.. if you want, then I can help you? Meethi doesn’t answer anything. Akash says, as you wish. He’s leaving, but Meethi stops him. She goes to him and says, for your information mehendi is done in my hand. She shows it to him, and says, see whose name is written. Akash looks at it and smiles and says, madam, it’s A. See from my angle, you will see it’s A.. A for Akash. Meethi says, if you see from my angle, then you will see V. Akash keeps smiling. Mukta is watching them. read full updates daily only at desitvbox.com Meethi continues, V for Vishnu. Akash says, who I was before. Madam, what do you think that all these will make me jealous? And that is why you’re doing right? I am just waiting for 29th August, when my wife will get married. I am first lucky person who will attend his wife’s wedding, and then I will leave. Meethi is lost in some thoughts. Akash asks her, what are you thinking? You don’t want me to attend your wedding? You gave me 30 days, so after attending your wedding, and signing divorce papers, I will leave. You can wait that long, right? Meethi says, I waited this long, so few more days. Akash again smiles big. Meethi leaves from there.

A guy comes (not sure new or old character) with a newspaper and slaps his brother and says, I went out for few days, and because of you there is already bad news printed about our family.. and that too just because of a girl? His brother says he made a mistake. The guy decides to take revenge from that girl and insulting her.

One of the family members tells Akash to bring food in two dishes for Vishnu and Meethi as they will have dinner after mehendi. She then takes Meethi for dance. The mehendi girl asks Mukta if she likes anyone to put his first letter in her mehendi. Mukta doesn’t say anything. A family member comes to take her for the dance. Mukta gets up and her hand gets banged on a table there and it automatically creates V in her hand. The mehendi girl says, just like Meethi, seems like someone whose name starts with V will come in your life. Vishnu hears it.

Damini tells Meethi that tomorrow is Teej and she will have to fast as well. She tells her to eat well as she won’t get to eat anything or drink water till tomorrow evening. Damini feeds Meethi. Other side, Rathore is trying to feed Mukta, but Mukta doesn’t eat. She says, I was thinking about Meethi and all that she had to go through. Rathore tells her not to worry and now everything will be fine, and he feeds her. Meethi’s phone rings. She asks Damini to pick up for her. It’s her friend, Meethi tells her that she has to attend her wedding. After the call, meethi tells Damini to go and eat. Meethi is coughing. Akash comes there with a glass of water. Meethi drinks it as she didn’t see him. Akash then says, drink more. Meethi now refuses. Akash says, I have told you so many times not to eat spicy food, but you don’t listen. Meethi asks him to move a pillow as she wants to go to her room. Akash says, when you wake up in the morning, your mehendi color will be very deep because your husband loves you a lot. If you don’t believe me, then wash your mehendi right now, and colors will still be deep. Meethi says, if you are done with your rubbish, then move the pillow. Akash moves it. Meeth is going to her room. Akash says in his mind, if you love me, then you will turn back. Meethi stops walking. Akash is anxious to see whether she turns back, and she indeed does turn back. Akash smiles and is happy. She then leaves from there. Mukta notices smiling Akash, still looking at Meethi.

Akash is telling all the guests to attend his wife’s wedding. Damini comes and takes him on a side. She says, are you making fun of Meethi and our family? What are you trying to prove by staying till end? You’re very shameless. You’re in this house because of Thakur and you want to insult him by saying all this to guests? Akash says, you’re misunderstanding me. I don’t want to insult Thakur Sahab. I am just telling what’s the truth. Damini says, the truth is that neither Meethi nor I want you to stay in this house. What do you want to prove? Meethi is getting married in few days. Why don’t you leave from here? What are you waiting for? Akash apologizes to her and calls her Anni. Damini says, I am not your Anni. Damini leaves.

Vishnu is outside and thinking about Mukta and his promise to Meethi that he will marry her. Akash comes there. Akash says, mehendi’s function is going on inside and you’re alone here outside? Vishnu turns his face. Akash continues, if you don’t attend all the functions, then everyone will think that you’re not happy. I am against this wedding, but I am still attending the functions.. and you’re groom. Akash now apologizes and says, I am not here to give lecture, else Anni will think that I am enemy of Meethi’s happiness. I know everything that’s happening in this house is to teach me a lesson. And that’s why you’re getting scared from all the rituals. If you truly loved her, then you wouldn’t be scaring like this. You and Meethi don’t love each other. Meethi is upset with me, but you’re sensible. You know I came here to take her back. She loves me. How can you marry to someone who loves someone else? Only you can stop this game here. Despite knowing everything, why didn’t you stop this drama? That question is bothering me. Vishnu fumes and says, what do you think of yourself? If you really knew what true love is, then Meethi wouldn’t be running away from you. First look at yourself, and then give me lecture. What do you have in you that Meethi can’t live without you? The person who has betrayed someone has no right to ask anyone whether this is drama or no. It’s possible that this is drama, Meethi doesn’t love me, but I, Vishnu Kashyap, promise you that I will marry Meethi no matter what.

Precap: Akash checks Meethi’s mehendi color and says, your husband loves you a lot.. that is why color is so deep. Meethi takes her hand back. Akash continues, I wish you could understand that. Akash leaves. Some guys enter and make Meethi unconscious. They wrap her in a blanket and are taking her out in front of everyone.


Update Credit to: Desitvbox

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