Dil Dosti Dance 21st August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Dil Dosti Dance 21st August 2013 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 21st August 2013 Written Update

Sharon supports Rey telling he has gone to speak with Adi for the gang.Vicky says no. Aashi says lets forget about negativity and give it a chance.Simmi to agrees to this .The Boys ask what has happened to Swayam.Vicky says what Swayam said was right.Swayam is in the canteen when two girls come to him and ask about Rey and Sharon being a couple. A guys joins them and says Rey broke many girls heart by being with Sharon. Swayam says Rey and Sharon are not together .The guys asks Swayam if he is telling them or himself.Swayam moves out from the canteen.He was walking when Sharon calls him and asks where is he. She has him if he is coming for rehearsals or not .Swayam says how can he forget about the rehearsals but he needs to be alone. Swayam was walking by projector room when he sees

three girls discussing about Rey and Sharon’s chemistry being awesome.They also say that if not Rey they have Swayam.Swayam comes in and shouts what is happening and asks them to move out.As a ACS he can complain of them using college property for personal needs.

The team is rehearsing in the hall when Aashi comes and says Sharon her steps.They were discussing few steps when Aashi and Sharon come close.The team asks is this not very close when Aashi says this is how Adi sir wants.The gang asks for Rey and swayam when Sharon says Rrey’s phone is not reachable. Aashi says even Swayam’s is switched off. Rey sees Swayam there and moves in and asks what is he doing.Swayam says his phone was switched off and he is getting it fixed.Rey asks whats the problem.Swayam says what has happened to him.He has changed.How did Reyaansh Singhania start thinking in one direction.Swayam says he has problem with Rey and Sharon being paired.Rey says he will call Adi and change the partner.Swayam says its not just that .There is something big that is going around.Rey has changed.Rey says when was the last time him and Sharon spent time with Rey.They are busy in their Lovely drovy life. Swayam says yes lovely drovey life that has been accidentally photo leak.Swayam moves from there.Rey thinks there is lot going and he needs to Sharon.He picks up his mobile. Sharon texts him to meet and both meet outside the BB court.

Swayam and Sharon meet and Rey asks whats the problem.Sharon tries to deny when Rey says he knows there is problem with the poster leak.He has met Swayam before meeting her .Sharon says from when the poster has been leaked Swayam is uncomfortable and they even have had their first fight.Rey says he will speak when Sharon asks Rey not to when its their personal issue and Swayam and Sharon will solve it out.Rey says he is indirectly involved and can’t keep quite.He needs to speak with Adi.Sharon says that will make everyone know and its uneasy.They get a message from Nilesh saying legal advisor is here.They both go in.The team is in the meeting room where Rey and Sharon come and notice Swayam missing. Simmi says Swayam is unwell and so he is not here.Rey tells Adi there are problems with contract.They discuss about payment not being discussed in the papers and few other issues as well. Rey supports the team and says taht the creativity part is not fair.He asks the team if there is any issue and Amar reminds about penalty clause.Rey explains it to Adi too.Adi agrees and they decide for two weeks contract. Adi asks if thats Ok.Rey says he has no issue s if team is OK. Vicky says Ok. Adi says they must be happy all their clause have been taken into consideration.Vicky says only after its up on papers.

Swayam is in BB court practicing.He remembers all incidents.He thinks how does Adi know about them.Sharon comes to BB court and asks Swayam she is tensed and he is playing.Swayam says thats what she sees. Sharons asks why did he tell about them to Rey.Swayam says Rey knew about them and there is no issue in him telling about the issue.Sharon says just because she is dancing with Rey and its their date Song he is tensed.Swayam says its not as casual as she thinks.Nothing related to you can be casual.I told Rey about a lot of things but he remebers only the issue I had. Its not about you me and Rey there is something big.Sharon says there is nothing big its just his thoughts.Sharon asks him he has changed from when the posters have been leaked.Swayam says if this is the only thing you think about me being upset then our conversation ends here and moves from there.Sharon calls him but he keeps walking forward.

Precap: If we once sign we will become professionals from normal college students. Swayam moves out from there..

Update Credit to: asmaju

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