Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 21st August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 21st August 2013 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 21st August 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Priya and Soumya getting shocked hearing someone saying Varun took Pihu to the upstairs room. Priya gets shocked and says my Pihu in this party. She can’t believe that Pihu lied and came to this party. She says she can understand peer pressure but why the kids doesn’t listen to their parents saying. She feels there is something lacking in her upbringing and values. Soumya says may be it is not true and says your thinking is changing. Varun takes pihu to some room, Pihu steps in hesitantly. She tells Varun that she needs to go home.

Varun says he likes her and wants to convey this to her. He holds her hand while caressing her hairs. As Pihu is going away, he tries to stop her. Pihu slaps him hard and says this is not a house party but something

else. She bashes him for bringing her here. She says what do you think I will sleep with you. Priya and Soumya watches this. Pihu says she feels bad that she befriended this Mr. Popular or whatever. She says you can’t do anything with me and says if I am loser than let it be. I don’t want to become a part of your group. As Pihu is leaving the party, Priya and Soumya hides from her. Varun watches her in anger, while all his friends too looks on. Priya tells Soumya that she got suspicious on Pihu but both the times she proved wrong.

Ram is thinking about his family, his associate asks him to talk to his family. Ram says they might be sleeping now. Pihu tells Priya that she wants to say something. Priya says she too wants to confess something. Pihu says but I have something important to say. Pihu tells her that Varun took her to some party. She thought it to be a house party, but it was not decent. She says then he asked me to do something….. Priya says actually I want to confess that I saw in your mobile that you talked with Varun, Khush told me about you going with Varun and Soumya and I came there and saw everything. Pihu says she liked Varun but don’t know what happened with him. She cries and hugs Priya. Priya cries and says sorry for not trusting her. Priya says I know it really hurts and makes her understand that good people are also there. She asks her to look out for the greener pasture. She says someone will come and will keep her happy. When you will get him then you will be very happy.

Priya says she don’t want to be suspicious but wants to protect her from everyone. She asks her to remember that your mum is always your best friend. Priya makes Pihu sleep on her lap. Priya says once you broke my trust and once me, so it is equal now. Priya remembers little Pihu, while the song Meri betiya rani plays. She caresses her hairs, while Pihu feels relieved on her mother’s lap and sleeps. Priya remembers all the happy moments spent with Pihu.

Vikram House:

Neha asks Vikram to talk to Sammy and try to find out about Parminder. Vikram comes to him and talks about sports. He tells Sammy that he was involved in sports during his hey days. He asks Sammy to join the gym and have exercise. Sammy says he hate gym and dont want to build the muscle for the stupid gals and speaks about the boys to be sorted out. Sammy says except Param, he dont like other gals. Neha comes and gets surprised and happy knowing Param is the girl. She asks Sammy to wear something good. Neha says they will come with him to the college. She tells Vikram that they will check out for Param.

Kapoor Mansion:

Both the twin girls calls Ram. Ram picks the call, both of them argues that they will talk with him first. Then they asks Ram to get some stuff for them. Ram says ok and they gets happy.

Pihu tells Priya that Varun misbehaved with her infront of everyone in the college. Priya gets angry and says Varun has no rights to misbehaved with her or any other girl. She asks Pihu to come along with her.


Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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