Uttaran 18th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Uttaran 18th December 2013 Written Episode, Uttaran 18th December 2013 Written Update

Akash and Meethi have come to consult a doc. He is sure that Meethi can walk. You will start feeling a difference by doing regular physiotherapy. But patient has to have a lot of willpower to undergo this. There should be a wish inside the patient to have a speedy recovery. When the mind and body will be positive then the recovery will be very fast. Akash and Meethi are sure they can do this. You tell us the exercise we will follow it regularly. Doc nods.

Nani is counting the floor by her feet. Everyone is confused. Nani points out the size of Mukta’s home. Her bathroom in here is even bigger than that room. Name is Rajwada as if it is a mansion whereas it is a cheap colony. Damini is very happy to know about it. It was next to where I used to live. She tells Tappu that the people there

are very good and well educated. Plus they stay like one big family there. Nani is angry. It is not a family for us. They are not up to our standards. Tappu tells her not to speak without thinking anything. Nani asks Rohini to speak up but Rohini appreciates the people. Nani is adamant. She states everything bad about the place, people, Mukku’s home, etc. She will be back in four days. Tappu gets upset. Has Mukku even said she is in some problem? Has she said it that she is not happy there? This is all your thinking. You are having a problem not Mukku. Rohini adds that Mukku is actually very happy there. Jogi is listening silently. Nani comments that love has blinded her. She thinks of a small room like a mansion. Tappu tells her not to call Vishnu a beggar. He is after all the son-in-law of this house. Nani mocks Tappu now. You too have spent your life like this in a small colony. Don’t you remember? When love’s effect will be over then she will come to know the reality. Jogi asks her to stop but Nani continues. When Vishnu will ask for monthly expenses and Mukku will have to realise it all that day she will come crying to us. She walks off from there. Tappu screams after her not to utter anything without thinking. Damini stops her. You know how much she hates poor people and poverty. Don’t worry everything will be fine. Vishnu is a very good guy he will keep her happy. Tappu agrees with her. But there is another truth in Nani’s words as well. I have lived that life. Jogi tells her not to think like that. If there is no love / understanding between a husband and a wife and you give them a bungalow even then also they wont be happy. Our Mukku is intelligent. Don’t stress over Nani’s words. Tappu nods but she still looks unsure of it.

Vishnu is writing down the expenses for the month and thinking how to cut them down. Mukku comes home from shopping. Vishnu is taken aback by all those bags. Mukku keeps talking about him and the shirt while he looks at the price tag. She has bought expensive stuff for home too. Nani had come and was grumbling about all the stuff that’s not at home right now. We have married recently so will set up accordingly. She has bought cordless phone too so that they can enjoy some romantic talks when he is at office. He is all quiet. She wonders if he dint like it. She tells him to keep the bills but then decides to do it herself. She picks up his diary and reads the expenses / savings stuff. Were you writing down monthly budget? He nods. Till I was alone it wasn’t needed but now that we were together we must plan a bit. She realises that she has made unnecessary expenses but I haven’t touched our monthly budget. I have used the money given by my family members and all the other guests. Plus there is still money left. He tells her to let it be. She realises that he is saying something else and thinking something else. He explains how they could have used this money for some other purpose. I dint need a shirt right now. Its very nice but not necessary. We just got married so had all the new clothes made. We can buy all this stuff one by one every other month. Mukku is sad. He understands that it would be difficult for you but we will have to live by my salary. She asks him why he thinks they will have to support on that only. I too can join a job. If I too join a job and work hard like you then we can earn double. Vishnu too likes the idea. But the job should be such where our timings match. She agrees to start looking out for such a kind of job very soon. They both are happy. Vishnu appreciates the shirt. Its my favourite colour. She nods. But I dint get anything for you. She puts her arms around his neck and romantically tells him to get her anything….even a rose would make her happy. They share cute romantic moments.

Akash notices the happiness on Sankrant’s face. Both the brothers have got something for their wives. They both call out for both the ladies. Sankrant tells them to close their eyes as they have got surprise for them. The ladies oblige. Sankrant makes Ambika wear a gajra in her hair while Akash adorns Meethi with a big and beautiful pin. Ambika looks at Meethi’s pin first and then at her gajra which is made of flowers. She is all jealous as she looks at the pair of Akash and Meethi. meethi likes her gift and compliments Ambika as well. She tells Akash how she would have been equally happy if he too would have got her a gajra. Sankrant asks Ambika if she liked her gift. Akash and Meethi talk through their eyes. Ambika does not take Meethi’s compliment positively. She is also upset thinking Sankrant can only do this much as he has nothing / he is a nobody.

Sankrant notices that Ambika is all quiet. Maybe you dint like it. Ambika says I like it. Every girl likes gajra but I will surely tell that brother-in-law’s (Akash’s) choice is very good. Meethi feels happy. Whoever sees it will be attracted to it only. Akash tells her it is more important to look at love not gift. Sankrant agrees. You are elder to me and way ahead than me in everything. Teach me about love too so that I can keep my wife happy. Akash and Meethi feel happy. Ambika thinks that no one can teach you love. This madness, this love…which is of Meethi now was going to be mine. I have been set up with a man who has no love, power or money. Now the whole family will have to bear the consequences of that.

Ambika coughs in sleep. She wakes up to drink water but the jug kept in the room is empty. She tries to wake up Sankrant to get water for her but he is in deep sleep. This irks her all the more. He is of no use. She gets up herself to get water. She is passing by Akash and Meethi’s room when she peeks in from the door (which is a little open). Akash is kissing Meethi’s hand. He tells Meethi that his dad sent him an e-mail regarding some important presentation which is due tomorrow. I have to do some work in that regard. She promises not to disturb him. Please get all the files here only. He points out that he will have to shift them all from study room. If any file gets misplaced then it might get wrong. I will be back in half an hour. She gets sad thinking she will be bored in the meantime. I wouldn’t feel sleepy if I am with you. He suggests her to think about them. She tells him to keep the wheelchair near the bed. He realises that this way she will follow him as soon as he is gone. You will not sit on it till I am back. She agrees. But keep it here. Ambika is able to see / hear everything from outside. Akash obliges and keeps the wheelchair near their bed. He closes the door after him. Ambika comes out of her hiding place.

Akash comes in the study room to finish off his work. Ambika too comes there and watches him. Those who should have been together are still awake. She smirks.

Precap: Akash says (to Ambika) that you are upset that I broke our relation even after doing the engagement. He keeps his hand over her shoulder. The circumstances were different back then when I had wanted to go away from Meethi. But I cannot be away from Meethi after knowing everything. Meethi comes there and looks at his hand which is on Ambika’s shoulder. She calls out for Akash.

Update Credit to: pooja

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