Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 18th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 18th December 2013 Written Episode, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 18th December 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Mihir asking Raman to control his anger. Raman says they should control themselves. Mihir says they are women. Raman says yes, she is that woman who came to see my pay slip, she wants to get her daughter married to me. Mihir says its normal if a mum tries to do so. He says every woman is not Shagun. Raman says don’t take her name. he says did you not see the manager’s wife who came to my room. He says what about Shagun, she went leaving me, every woman is selfish. Mihir says how will you get a mum for Ruhi. Raman says my mum takes care for her, Ruhi does not need anyone. Mihir says Ruhi needs a mum, trust someone, maybe things will change. Raman says I trusted life once and my life changed.

Ishita and Prateek are having a talk at home.

Ishita says I want you to know something. He says I know it. Ishita says so you can reject me if you want, I won’t feel bad. He says we are trying to understand each other, why are you bringing kids in between, we have to spend our life together, and the rest is left. She says I love kids. He says where is the problem now. He says you can still love adopted kids, am I right, no matter whether you can give birth to anyone or not. Ishita smiles seeing his thoughts.

Raman thinks about Ishita’s words and thinks how Ashok got Shagun from him. He gets angry thinking about Shagun. Amma is happy with Prateek and says we will call you to know your reply. Prateek says I will give the reply now itself and asks Ishita. He says if my reply was no, I would have gone, but my reply is yes. Everyone are happy. Prateek proposes to Ishita. Ishita looks at him. Prateek says I understood that your reply is no. Ishita says its not no. Actually this did not happen with me ever, my reply is yes. Prateek smiles. Amma and Appa are also happy.

Amma thanks the Lord. Mihika hugs Ishita. Its morning, Raman is leaving for office. He sees a vehicle infront of his car and applies too much horn. Ishita comes to him and asks him not to misuse the horn. She says look at those old people. they are doing work. Raman and Ishita have an argument. She leaves scolding him. Ishita treats the working men well. Rama gets out of his car and helps the old man in his work.

Amma and Mrs. Bhalla meet in the corridor and have an argument over the laundry guy. Amma and Mrs. Bhalla talk about their kids and their values. The laundry guy is tensed as they beat him pulling him to them. Muttu Swamy does shit on Raman’s shirt and Amma laughs. Mrs. Bhalla says you taught him to do this. Amma teases her and leaves. Amma comes home laughing happily with Muttu. She kisses Muttu. Mihika says what happened that you are so happy. Amma says tell your boyfriend to be ready as I m ready to meet him today. Mihika is happily shocked. She hugs Amma and says thanks.

Mihika tells Ishita that Amma is ready for her match. Amma sends Mihika and Ishita to bring drumsticks. Mihika calls Mihir and he rejects her call. She calls him again. Raman says Mihir, you are late, the deadlines are ahead. Ishita says he might be busy. Raman scolds Mihir for getting so many calls. Mihika talks to him and Mihir says I can’t talk right now. I will meet you in evening. Mihika says Amma agreed to meet you. Mihir is happy. Mihilka says its not easy to impress Amma. Mihir says even my standards are high, lets meet in the evening.

Mihika says say I love you. Mihir says can’t. Raman asks what is it, who is she. Mihir says I wanted to tell you that there is someone in my life, I want you to be there with me. Her entire family is coming, will you come with me. Raman says lets finish the work first. Ishita sees Ruhi with Rumi. Mrs. Bhalla asks Rumi to bring Ruhi upstairs. She taunts Ishita. Ishita is hurt by her words and cries. Ishita leaves looking at Ruhi. Rumi apologizes to Mihika on his mum’s behalf. Mihika says are you her son. he says yes, by mistake. He says I think Ishita loves Ruhi. Mihika says can we let them meet. He says yes, bring her in the compound in the evening and I will bring Ruhi. He talks to his friend about Mihika and drools over her.

Ashok is giving his presentation while Raman and Mihir are watching it. Mihir says he is saying he will give one bottle in one rupee. Raman thinks about Ashok’s old strategies. Ashok ends his presentation and now its Raman’s turn. Raman says you all have seen his presentation and might be impressed by him, so give the deal to him as I can’t believe in fooling people. Raman leaves from the conference hall.

Mihir asks Raman why did you come out. Raman says wait and watch. The people come after Raman and asks what happened. Raman says I can’t compromise on the quality, I can’t give the bottle at one rupee. He says I assure you of the quality. He says I m sorry as I ca’t fool anyone. Mihir says it was impressive but why did you say not to the deal. Raman says I did not say no. The people are impressed by his honesty and says lets meet tomorrow. Raman says Ashok, the curtains are removed from the eyes. Ashok gets angry knowing this that Raman got the deal.

Raman tells Mihir lets go and meet Mihika’s family. Mihir says I have to do everything alone. Raman says I asked my mum to take care of the arrangements as I called her before the meeting, hope she has done everything by this time. Mihir gets happy and smiles.

Amma and Appa talk that Bala and Vandu will be coming at Mihir’s house directly. Mihika is happy that they are going to meet Mihir. Everyone leaves. Mrs. Bhalla is doing the arrangements at Mihir’s house. Rumi is eating the snacks and Mrs. Bhalla asks him not to eat. Mihika and everyone recah Mihir’s house. They ring the bell. Mrs. Bhalla calls Mihir and says those people came. Mihir and Raman are on the way. Mrs. Bhalla opens the door and is shocked to see the Iyers. Even the Iyers are shocked to see Bhallas.

Ishita is walking on the road alone at night. Some goons are after her. She falls and Raman holds her hand.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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