Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 18th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 18th December 2013 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 18th December 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Pihu driving the car while thinking about Sammy’s words that he loves someone else. She sees someone walking on the middle of the road and tries to put break but fails. Her car collides with a tree and she falls out of the car. Suhani is the person who was walking on the road. Suhani is shocked to see Pihu injured. Sammy comes and says we shall take her to the hospital. Suhani says we shall take her home and I will call the doctor there. Sammy gets Neha’s call and he informs her about Pihu’s accident. Priya is tensed to see the photo frame of Pihu broken. She tells Ram that I hope everything is fine. Ram says you are worrying without any problem. Priya gets Neha’s call and she tells her not to panic and says Pihu had an accident. Priya

is shocked and asks who do you know? Where is she? Neha says Sammy is taking her home and asks her to call the doctor. Cady is shocked to know about Pihu’s accident and tells neha that you should not have tell her about Pihu’s accident. She tells her that Priya was at Pihu’s bedside when she had fever in her childhood.

Priya rushes out in a hurry and asks Sammy, what happened to Pihu. She panics and cries. Sid comes and takes Pihu in his arms and take her inside. Sammy and Suhani are tensed. Suhani asks, how the accident happened? She asks did you told anything to Pihu. Sammy says I told her truth and she went angrily. I followed her but she was driving rashly and collided with a tree.

Sammy says I didn’t know she would behave like that. Mayra comes and calls Suhani. Priya is sitting at Pihu’s beside and cries vehemently. Priya asks Suhani to do something. Suhani says wound is deep and I can’t do anything with surgical instrument. Priya asks her to call the doctor. Suhani calls doctor and asks her to come to the hospital. Priya gets Neha’s call and she tells her that they took Pihu home rather than taking her to the hospital. Priya panics. Doctor comes and says bleeding is not stopping and says we have to operate a minor surgery. He asks Suhani to stay and asks others to leave. Priya says she won’t leave Pihu. Doctor agrees. Ram, Juhi and Vikram are tensed outside. Priya couldn’t see Doctor operating on Pihu and cries.

Vikram says everything will be fine. Ram says I can’t see my daughter in this condition. Vikram says Pihu will fight back as she is your and Priya’s daughter. Neha asks Sammy, how did this happen? When did you reach there? Ram asks, what happened? Sammy says I was coming from my friend’s home and saw Pihu’s car. He lies saying I didn’t talk to Pihu since morning. Ram says I am thankful to you as you took her here but if I come to know that you are lying then I won’t spare you. Vikram tells Ram that we will see once Pihu gets fine. Suhani calls Ram and says Priya maa’m is calling. Priya tells suhani that nothing shall happen to Pihu and says Pihu is my life. She says I can’t live without her. She speaks about Pihu. Suhani thinks pihu please get well for Priya and says I love your mom and blames herself for Pihu’s accident.

Ram shouts at the doctor as he said that the medicines are not available. Ram warns him that I will end your career if anything happens to Pihu. Sammy recalls his conversation with Pihu. Vikram tells Sammy not to feel bad for Ram’s saying and says it is normal. He asks him to pray for Pihu. Doctor says I have done a minor surgery and if she didn’t gain consciousness till tomorrow then we have to shift her to the ICU. Ram comes to see Pihu. Priya recalls little Pihu and cries. Ram consoles her saying Pihu will get consciousness till morning else we will shift her to the ICU. She will be safe. Ram asks Priya to take rest. Priya says I am fine.

Priya is still sitting at Pihu’s bedside and Pihu is still unconscious. Suhani blames herself for Pihu’s condition and thinks this is happening because of my closeness with Sammy on that night. She says I can’t be selfish anymore and I can’t snatch Pihu’s happiness..

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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