Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 18th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 18th December 2013 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 18th December 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Rohit telling Latika that their plan is flopping one by one. Latika says Adi didn’t react but something is going on sure in his mind. She asks Rohit to control Payal. Sheela comes to Pankhudi and asks about Payal. Pankhudi says she might be at home. Sheela blames her destiny for getting daughter in law like Payal. Pankhudi says I will make her understand. Sheela says she should mingle with us. Payal comes, Anuj asks, are you alright? Why did you come from office early? Adi says she might have not felt good. Payal is tensed.

Harish is talking on phone and then asks Avantika, you didn’t have dinner and medicine. Avantika says I was reading the book. Harish starts packing Avantika’s bag, Avantika asks, what are you doing? Harish says you will

not be living with me and going to Deewan Mansion to be with Adi and Pankhudi. Avantika says I am fine here. Harish says Adi and Pankhudi can take care of you. Harish says you are going and this is final. Avantika cries and says who will take care of you if I go from here. Harish doesn’t listen to her. Avantika hugs him and cries.

Anuj asks Rubel, where are you going for honeymoon. Rubel says not yet decided. Sheela tells Anuj to lets go to Dholpur for meeting her brother. Anuj says we shall stay away from your brother. Pankhudi asks Adi, you seems to be tensed? Adi says we will talk in the room. Payal comes and looks at Adi. Harish and Avantika come to Deewan Mansion. Adi asks, what happened? Harish says your mom is not well and says Doctor asked her to take care of herself but she is not taking care. So I thought to drop her here for a few here. Anuj says this house is your too. Harish says I was busy in shootings. Anuj asks him to stay here. Harish refuses.

Rubel says you are still upset with Dad’s sayings. Harish says no and says he will take Avantika back once she is well. Sheela says, she will stay with us as she didn’t come for Rubel’s marriage. Avantika says things were complicated. Harish explains that I was a bit unreasonable with Avantika and says I couldn’t attend Rubel’s marriage because of Payal. Sheela says it is a matter of 2-4 days. Harish asks Adi to be strict with Avantika. Sameer comes, everyone looks at him. Sheela asks for Preeti. Adi asks, what happened? Sameer hugs Adi and says please save Preeti. He cries saying you can save her. Adi reads Preeti’s reports and says maasi is suffering from kidney failure. Sameer says yes and she suffered a miscarriage.

Everyone are shocked. Adi asks, why you hide from us. Sameer says he tried but Preeti stopped him. Avantika says Preeti didn’t come because of this. Anuj says, you knows about it. Harish says we came to know just yesterday and we didn’t get a chance to tell you. Pankhudi says she might be shattered. Sameer says she is mentally pained because of miscarriage. Avantika says I have decided to donate my kidney to her. She says I am sure my kidney will match with her kidney. Anuj says you are weak now and says I will test for my kidney. And asks others to test as well. Sheela says, actually sister’s kidney matches in this situations. She tells Sameer that we will find a fresh kidney for Preeti. Anuj assures that Preeti will be fine. Adi asks,where is maasi. Sameer says she is sleeping now and asks Adi to meet her tomorrow. Sameer thanks them and says I am feeling relieved now. Sheela prays to God to give a kidney to Preeti else Anuj will donate his kidney.

Latika prepares dinner for her mom. Her mom says I will order food from outside as I can’t eat. Latika says I need to call Rohit as my next plan is ready. Adi tells Pankhudi that I doesn’t understand why Preeti maasi hides this truth from them. Pankhudi asks him to think from her point of view. Adi says she was bearing alone and we didn’t go to her home even once. Adi tells Pankhudi about Payal. Rubel talks to doctor and asks him to get a kidney for Preeti. Payal comes, Rubel says I am feeling helpless and says I don’t let anything happen to preeti. He hugs her. Payal says everything will be fine. Payal gets Rohit’s message. Payal asks herself to calm down. Pankhudi asks, why didn’t you tell me before. Adi says I was shocked. Pankhudi says, I am sure that someone is trying to misguide Payal. Adi worries for preeti and Rubel. Pankhudi says maasi will recover and says she will talk to Payal. Adi says I have full faith on your goodness.

Payal asks the directions of washroom. Pankhudi tells her and takes her phone for keeping. She picks the call and Latika asks Payal to come to club for partying. Pankhudi is shocked..

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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