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Maiyya asks Meethi about what the priest told her yester night. She is sure he could be wrong. Let us go to doc there might be some solution. Meethi tells her against it. I went there yesterday and was told the same thing. Maiyya is taken aback. Pavitra and Gomti come to tell Ekadish that they have done what all they were told to. We threw away all the old plants which were neither yielding flowers nor fruits (while looking at Meethi). They were utilising space anyways. We have put new plants which will give both the things. Maiyya dismisses them. Both the sisters smile as they leave. Maiyya comments that what’s the use of giving water to such plants which will never give them anything. She turns to Meethi. I am in a big dilemma. At one side there is you who is very good while on the other hand, there is my son, my heir. You tell me what to do? Will he stay childless because of you for life? Will we not have a heir in our house? Meethi is taken aback by her questions? You very well know how mad he is for a baby right now. He did such a tough puja for the sake of a baby. The puja scenes flash before Meethi’s eyes. I am thinking about you too. A woman is incomplete if she never becomes a mother. Meethi tells her not to think like that. I know I can never become a mom but we can adopt a baby. I know he is upset with me but I will make him agree to it. We will adopt a baby and he will become a father. Maiyya cuts her in between. My elder son’s baby will come from an orphanage? Don’t know whose blood it will be! Our blood is ours after all. This wont happen. I know my son very well. Even if Akash adopts a baby for her sake, he will neither love it nor will become its father. Always remember this. Meethi asks her what she wants from her. Maiyya tells her to leave Akash for his sake. Meethi looks shocked. He wont marry again till you are here.

Nani tells Mukku a pregnant woman extracts energy from earth, sky and everything in the universe. This time, when someone is pregnant, is like a yagya time. It changes a woman completely, just like you have! Mukku smiles. She feels something and touches her belly. Her baby kicked her. She becomes emotional. She asks Nani if Vishnu will be alright before their baby is born. Or he wouldn’t even know when our baby will call out for its papa. Nani replies that every child is born with a fate. Whatever is in its fate will surely happen.

Maiyya too is pained to say it but she knows Akash’s madness for his baby. Meethi cannot believe what all Maiyya has said. How can you say all this? I cannot give a baby to this family but it doesn’t mean that you will distance me from this family by breaking off all the relations? Akash and I love each other. You call me your daughter then how can you say this? Maiyya explains that their love is pure. But what to do? I am saying it for your true love only. I am asking for this sacrifice for this reason only. You cannot give happiness (of a baby) to Akash. You can only give him pain which is why I am telling you to go out of his life. His happiness lies in that only. Tears stream down Meethi’s face. She mutters that they both love each other. I wont go. She runs upstairs crying.

Meethi is sitting in dark. She remembers Maiyya’s and her sisters’ words (about the plants, Maiyya’s pleas). She is in tears. Why should I go? Why should I leave this house? I love Akash he is my life. How can I leave him? We both have promised each other that we wont part come what may. I wont go. Does that promise, our love holds no value? Why should I leave him? He is my life. She recalls his words about him wanting his own baby (first baby of his own blood); Maiyya telling her that Akash would never love an adopted baby. Maybe I am getting selfish. I am not thinking about Akash’s happiness, his own baby, this family, no one. Maiyya is right. But I have no clue as to what to do! She looks at Kanha’s idol and wipes her tears. She asks God to show her way. I had thought that we will adopt a baby. We will get the happiness of a baby and this family will get a heir. Ma too had adopted Kanha bhaiya then why cant I? I agree it wont be my blood but it will become mine only. Why is everyone against it? I don’t know what to do. Now you should show me the way. Akash comes home and finds her praying. He apologizes to her for what all he had said in the morning. I shouldn’t have left you alone like that. I got angry by what you said. The thought of my baby has caught my mind like anything. I am not able to think straight. I wont ever talk to you about a baby from today onwards. We will have our baby one day. Why to neglect our present for that? We can celebrate that happiness when our baby will be born. I am really sorry. I wont leave you alone ever now. He puts her to sleep and lies down too. Meethi cannot sleep as Maiyya’s words keep echoing in her head.

Akash and Sankrant are about to leave for office when Maiyya comes to talk to Akash. She suggests them to go back to Aatishgarh. He declines. Meethi has bad memories of that place. I am ready to in case she is ok with it. He leaves after telling her that they will come home for lunch. Meethi hears it from behind the staircase. Pavitra and Gomti talk about Sankrant’s bad luck. He got a woman who ruined his life but luckily she left him. We can get him married again in a year or two. What about Akash? There is no hope of either a wedding or a baby in his life. Maiyya tells them that she has explained it nicely to Meethi, lets see. Pavitra talks about the ill fate of the women of this house. Ekadish – a widow and both the sisters – neither married nor have a baby. We wont get the happiness of playing with a baby until Meethi is in this house. Maiyya has all her hopes pined on Meethi. He can start a new life only when she will leave him. Gomti is sure Meethi would so whatever Maiyya will say. She has a good heart and loves Akash very much. She cannot see the emptiness in Akash’s life. She will go from his life.

Meethi tells Damini that she has decided and wont change it now. Maiyya wants her son to be happy, Akash wants his own baby and I can never become a mom. I tried to tell him so many times but he is not at all ready to listen. Why should I stay in his life then? He will forget me in a while when I will be gone. He will start afresh. Damini is sad thinking why her children have been put to test always. Iccha was yours and Yuvi’s mom but she never got the happiness that she deserved and now you! She firmly tells Kanha (God) that she will never pray to him from today onwards but Meethi stops her. Let him take our test if he wants to. But my Anni has taught me to fight it bravely and not back out like a coward. Damini tells her how Iccha too had left her house like this. I had gone with her. I wont let you go alone. I will come with you. You are the reason for my living. They both share a hug.

Precap: Meethi walks out of Bundela House.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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