Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 16th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 16th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shagun thinking not to take wrong decision. She says its about Adi’s future. Bala is the best teacher for him. Ashok comes and hears this. He says now will Bala teach him? Don’t you get anyone else, no need, throw money and you will anyone best. She says so throw money, its about Adi, I can’t take chance with his education, Bala is perfect for Adi, its going to be professional, he will come, teach him and go, I don’t care if he is Ishita’s relative. Raman comes home thinking he has to convince Ishita that Bala has to teach Adi.

He brings mangoes and asks his driver to give a box to Amma. Ishita talks to him. Raman asks het to have it. She thinks of Vandu and her, who used to praise the mangoes Appa brings. She thinks Raman brought the mangoes which Appa used to bring and said his line. She talks to him in the room. Raman asks do you have holiday today, even Ruhi is not here, you might be feeling bored, I was thinking shall we go to have coffee. She checks his temper and says no fever, then why. He says you said we should have coffee as friends, then why not. Think and tell me. Ishita says whats the matter. She thinks of Bala’s words and understands. She calls Bala and asks did you tell to Raman that I agreed. She says don’t tell him. She says great, such chances come less, so have to enjoy.

Raman comes and asks are you not coming. She says no. He says lets go for drive. She asks why iss he doing this. He says you do much for everyone, I thought to pamper you. She says so sweet, can you do anything with me. He says yes, say it. She says fine, then become Ishita for one day. Raman looks at her and says will I wear a saree and give lectures. He says you won’t look beautiful like me. She says you have to be good like me and praises herself. Raman gives an impossible smile and says don’t go on my face, understand my feelings.

She says if you succeed, then I will tell Bala to teach Adi, the end result will be on you. He says it means you know. She says yes, your time starts now. Raman gets a call and she asks him to talk well and sweetly like her. Raman does so. Raman and Mr. Bhalla watch cricket. Raman says Virat is coming, he will hit a six. They enjoy the match. Mrs. Bhalla says I wish they always stay happy like this. Ishita says thanks. Mrs. Bhalla laughs and brings the pakodas for Simmi. The maid asks Ishita to open a bottle. Ishita sends her to Raman. The maid says he will be angry. Raman scolds her. Ishita asks did you say anything. Raman says bring it, tell me if there is any other work. The maid gets a shock and says Raman is not angry.

Ishita says Simmi your phone is ringing, its some Sujatha. Simmi says I need to talk her, she is in problem and goes to her room. Raman asks Ishita how long he has to do this. She says we will decide, I will go and meet Amma. Raman says why does Amma not go to village, I will give her one way ticket. Simmi talks to Parmeet. He says I m missing you a lot and want to meet you, I can’t be without you. Simmi says I have to take baby to doctor. He says fine, meet me after that, I love you. She says love you too, you don’t know how much I miss you. She ends the call. Parmeet says its important to meet you Simmi, to trouble Raman.

Ishita tells Mihika everything and they have a laugh. Ishita brings mangoes for Amma. Amma says all the mango rack, Raman does over. Mihika says we gave him Ishita, so he can do this. Ishita says we loved Mumbai mangoes, so he brought this. Appa talks on phone to someone and says we will come. He tells Amma that we have to go in puja, he called Raman and Ishita in the puja. Ishita says its not possible, Raman runs away from this Madrasi functions, he gets bored. Mihika says no he will agree for next 24 hours.

Raman comes and asks what is going on. Ishita says my Bua invited us on puja. Raman says we will go. He calls Mihir and says we will go to puja with our partners, on Ishita’s Bua’s function. Mihika smiles. Appa says if you are not comfortable, I will say no to them. Raman says no, they called us by love, we will go, make me feel the traditional clothes. Everyone is shocked. Raman signs Ishita. Mihika says 11 on 10 to him for this. Mihika gives an idea to Ishita. Ishita says he won’ be able to do this. Mihika says he will. Ishita laughs.

Raman gets dressed in the Madrasi attire and says look at her, they made me ready at 2.30am, and sleeping now. I m doing this for Adi’s studies, get up kumbhkaran, 18 hours more, then I will show her place. He comes to Ishita and Dil kahin rukta nahi………….plays………… She turns and he moves her hair off her face. He looks at her and smiles. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein…………plays………… A mug falls and she wakes up. He says good morning, get up, we have to go in puja mahurat of 4am. She asks did you not sleep. He says I slept well for two and half hours.

She says get ready, I kept this saree and also kept geyser on. She asks are you not taking this serious. He says no, it will be serious after 18 hours. She gets ready. She hears Raman lifting Amma and taking her to the car. He asks her to open the car. Amma says don’t do this, it will be sin if my son in law touches my feet, she thanks him. Appa is happy and says Raman wanted Amma to come in the puja. Raman makes Appa sit. Mihika says see his planning, he is doing this to show us, have to agree. Ishita smiles.

Raman says what is this in head. She thinks he will taunt her on her Gajra. She closes her eyes. He looks at her and says these flowers suit you a lot. She asks are you taunting. He says he is praising her, everyone will see my wife in the puja. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein………plays………. Mihika sees them having an eyelock, and says come, leave some romance for tomorrow, we are getting late.

They come to Bua’s house. Amma says he is Raman, Ishita’s husband. Raman jokes. Raman sits in the puja with Ishita. He coughs by the smoke. Ishita says leave it, lets go out. Raman says no, lets continue. The pandit guides him. Raman thinks where did he stuck, when will 24 hours end. Ishita thinks did he really change. Music plays…….

Mihika plans to tease Raman. Raman is made to make Ishita sit in his lap and then eat the Prasadam. Ishita says no. Raman says its ritual and we have to do. She sits in his lap and Raman makes a painful face.

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  1. cutest show ever! <3 <3 <3 luv divyanka nd karan

  2. Why aren’t they showing much of Ruhi nowadays???

    1. Didn’t they say she is on holiday?

    2. Dats cos dis was probably shot durin her exams !

  3. She goes to the summer camp from her home

  4. Thank you for the update

  5. Nice i love ishita

  6. Plz anybody tel me this week hapengs

    1. Evn I want to kno!!

    2. Thanq Amena for the regular updates .. Indebted to u nw! Cos m a die hard fan of dis show and I don’t get time to watch it here in Sydney.. Work load s too much!

  7. loved d episode n raman was great

  8. There wil b no spoilers 2 tel the stry hereafter.

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