Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 16th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 16th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Akshit prays that his mom and dad gets a happy life together, Bhawna prays that her son and daughter in law doesn’t get apart this housr. Raj asks for a baby for his jiji and jiju. Avni says this is what you wanted, he asks what did you think. They all put tika on everyone’s forehead, Raj takes the thaal and takes it to Akshit and Arpita. He says his heart says something good is going to happen. Avni goes to garden looking for Raj, he comes there with the thaal. Avni says she brought Prasad for him, seeing his hands busy she puts it in his mouth. He says it tastes better with her hands. He says he wants to put a tika on her forehead, her cell phone fell down as he picks color in his hand. She begins to pick up her cellphone and his hand accidentally goes into her hair like the sindoor. He begins to clean it, Bhawna watches them close together. Raj notices this, and change the topic saying this is what I wanted to show, sun is shining on her forehead which makes you lucky. He says aloud, Bhawna aunty! Avni goes to Bhawna’s side and says that Raj is so mad as he says the sun is shining on her forehead.
A guest comes there, Avni goes to attend him and then inform Suket. Bhawna also goes to greet him.
Inside Avni tells Suket about the guest, Sanvri goes along him. Avni shyly runs inside as she sees Raj coming inside. She sees herself in the mirror and thinks about Raj. Raj calls Avni and asks was she thinking about him. She asks how he knows. He tells her to come to window, and asks her is the colour still there. She says she wont clean it, he says one day or two, she will have to clean it. She says the colour will always remain there in her heart. Raj asks her to try and bring Akshit and Arpita downstairs.
In the garden, Suket sits with the guest. He appreciates his efforts of running the orphanage so well. Suket says it was his mother’s dream. The guest prays his sons follow his steps. Bhawna tells Sanvri to talk to him, Sanvri asks him that she wants to adopt a child. Suket appreciates saying he misses the relation of a nephew-uncle in life.
Askhti denies saying he doesn’t want to spoil dad’s mood. Arpita urges that they must do something. Avni also says that dad loves him a lot and he will like his wishing him. They come downstairs; Suket was busy with the guests. Pratab takes the guest aside, Akshit and Avni wishes Suket ‘Happy Birthday’ and touches his feet. Reluctanlty, Suket brings his hand forward. He recalls about Akshit’s call and takes his hand back. Avni prays to Gods, Bauji comes forward and says to Suket that you get people rid of their problems, what is wrong in giving them blessings.
The men appreciates the food, Suket boasts it is cooked by my wife. They asks him to join them, he sits there. after taking a bite, he says to Bhawna that the food is delicious but a little different. Arpita comes in the kitchen, Akshit comes to ask what she is doing. She tells him that all the food has been cooked by her. He scolds her for doing this, Arpita assures that dad wont get angry as maa didn’t when she come to know about it. Akshit says there is a lot of difference in the temperaments of them both.
She argues that being a daughter in law it is her duty as well as right.
Everyone appreciates the food, a man wants to give the cook some gift for cooking so well. Suket comes with the man, Bhawna thinks how can she take it when she didn’t prepare the food. She says there is no need for this, but Sanvri also urges her. she says she got up late in the morning, the food was already prepared when she went in the kitchen. Suket asks who made the food. Avni brings Arpita forward and says Arpita made this food.

PRECAP: Suket gives money to Arpita. He says had they ordered the food from outside, this must be the cost. He also clarifies it is the tip not blessing.

Update Credit to: Sona

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