Uttaran 15th May 2014 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1:
Location: Damini Paathshaala
Damini comes and is surprised to see kajri, when her friend, Anju Naani introduces her as meethi’s grandmother. kajri apologises proufsely blaming herself for meethi being in a amess. damini hugs her and says that she isnt to be blamed, and that noone’s at fault, and if meethi has decided to save her, then it would be right only. kajri is emotional. damini says that being ichcha’s daughter, she always does the just thing, and also praises kajri of her effort in trying to save meethi. damini says that kajri is just like meethi for her. She says that its good to sacrifice but it shouldnt go in vain and asks her to pray that the guts meethi has showed shouldnt go in vain.

Scene 2:
Location: Maharani’s brothel
Meanwhile, meethi sits stunned, as she is prepared for meeting her first client in the night. As meethi sits, all dressed up, dejected, she is shocked to find Akash, standing there. She is overwhelmed with emotions, as she turns around and sees him, and extends her hand out to him. He comes forward and when he sits beside her, she hugs akash, while he is overwhelmed seeing his wife dressed like a prostitute. He wipes the tears off her face. He kisses her palms and cups her face asking her not to cry. she smiles and heaves a sigh of relief. She is brokken from her wonderful dream, with the sound of a bangle breaking and the reality of her life dawns on her.

A dressed up meethi is brought to maharni, where she taunts her on her beauty, and how the brothel doesnt match her beauty and asks titli to bring her beside him. Meethi is made to sit in her room, waiting for her customer. with a firm determination, she breaks a bangle and keeps a half of it, hiding in her hair. She thinks that if akash doesnt come to save her today, she would kill himself.

Meanwhile, Akash, kanha and rathore, come disguised as marwari businessmen, in typical dhoti and paan style, so as not to be recognised. Maharani’s man comes to greet them and take them inside. Meethi overhears maharani attending to them, and is tensed. Maharani asks for the money to be shown and rathiore complies. She demands for them, but rathore shuts the briefcase down. akash says that first they would have the girl, and then she would be given the money. maharani takes akash to see the girl, praising her beauty. She asks naina, one of the girls, to go and bring meethi. Inside, meethi remembers maharani’s remembers Damini Paathshaala’s mention, and stands up as said. Akash is overwhelmed to find meethi, behind the curtain, and reaches out to touch her, but refrains himself, lest he be exposed. Akash, on the other end of the curtain, says that he is here now and would take her from here. meethi wonders where is akash, and pleads that he comes and takes her with him. Meethi is taken away by naina, while akash stands there.

Later, when akash is seated, maharani asks him if he liked him. Akash signals rathore and kanha that its their meethi. maharani asks for the money, and rathore gives it to her, saying that they are in a hurry, and would like to meeth the girl now. maharani says that they just need to check and count the money, on a principle of business. She says that till the time that happens, entertainment has been prepared for them while they count and counter check everything. akash irritatedly says that she doesnt want any singing or danding. rathore and kanha are tensed. Akash composes hismelf and says that he likes the girl and doesnt want to wait. Maharani asks him not to be anxious as if she doesnt satisfy him now, he wont come again. As maharani goes for meethi, rathore asks him to wait for sometime, as the police too hasnt arrived yet.

Scene 3:
Location: Hospital
All are visibly tensed, as the neurologist studies the reports. tapasya tells him that they have lots of hope from him. the doctor excuses himself to study the reprots, and after having done so, he surprises them saying that this is qeird as he has had an overdose of medicines, and if he was on high dosage medications. mukta refuses saying that he never took meds, and always led a simple lifestyle. Yuvaan remembers injecting them inside him. The doctor says that the reprots say that unconsciousness is due to a drug overdose and that for confirmation, he wouyld have to double check the tests by performing some of them again.
Yuvaan thinks that the doctor and he may land in the corcles of doubt, as he has got vishnu here.

Yuvaan goes to the doctor while he rebukes him saying that he doesnt want to be interrupted in his study of the reports. The doctor asks him not to be disturbed, as he doesnt want to make a mistake. yuvaan says that he cant make a mistake, as he has fled from Canada after having made a mistake there. This gets the doctor tensed, as yuvaan who knows about his past, and he gets enraged. yuvaan asks him to stay calm, while he shows him the newspaper showing a lifetime ban on his working in canada. The doctor is shocked.

When yuvaan returns to mukta, she apologises that his time is being wasted. He extends his full support and pretends to be concerned for them. Granny praises him and his upbringing. Yuvaan comments that the report should have been here by now, along with the doctor. as he comes, he eyes yuivaan tensedly, who watches him with evil eyes. Tapasya and mukta shower him with their questions regarding the toxicology reports and his earlier concerns. The doctor finally tells them that after crucial examination, samples of drug overdose werent found, shocking vishnu’s family. He says that the patient’s condition is unknown and that the current treatment should be maintained as there’s no other option. while all are tensed yuvaan is relieved and the doctor leaves in haste.

Scene 4:
Location: Brothel
maharani orders meethi to go and entertain the special guests with her singing. Meethi defiantly says that she wont sing at all. Maharani threatens her that if she doesnt sing, she would kidnap kajri, and get her to sing and dance here in front of her. meethi is distraught. the screen freezes on her shocked face.

Precap: As rathore, kanha and akash are alone in the room with meethi, Meethi screams out with the sharp piece of bangle, when akash tries to come close to her, that she is only akash, and would die being his wife only, and wouldnt allow anyone else to touch her even. she screams out her love for akash, and how she is just meant to be with him, and would never be anyone else’s. akash tries to stop her, but she isnt able to recognise him. rathore and kanha are tensed seeing the heated atmosphere. Maharani too comes in to calm meethi down, so that her clients arent disturbed or angry. She says that she would kill herself but not be anyone else’s. Amidst such heated environment, one of maharani’s men comes in saying that the notes are fake, shocking and frustrating maharanias she unable to understand whats going on. kanha, rathore and akash are tensed too that their farce has been exposed.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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