Rang Rasiya 15th May 2014 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Laila sasy you entered in his life now but I was in his life from years, rudra says I only know how to make burned potatoes but I don’t like paro’s burned sabzi, make bhindi and don’t burn it, eating burned food wasn’t my habit but problem,, Laila sasy should I make sabzi for you? rudra says no I will eat daal only, Laila fumes and goes. rudra makes paro eat food and wipes her faced, paro moves hand on plate and says you always left food half, I don’t like this habit of yours, rudra ask paro to sleep, paro sasy I will sleep on floor but rudra insists to sleep on bed, paro sasy I have to take off this bandage, rudra sasy take it off in morning and you don’t need to remove it for seeing dreams, he says I am going call me if you need anything,light on fear, he leaves paro smiles and recalls rudra’s caring attitude.

Scene 2
Laila is in hall, rudra comes and sasy I don’t trust you and stop doing this innocent act, I know you well, I can see what are doing what are you trying to make paro see, Laila sasy I tried to help her in cooking only, rudra sasy shit, Laila says whats your problem, are you angry that I lied about bhajan or is there something elwse, whats problem with me, your wife knows that I love you what else she knows.. she says your wife only know about me but not us, our 8 years relationship, you didn’t tell her about it, now I know whats problem, she is about to leave rudra says enough and holds her hand. storm is coming, paro gets afraid.
rudra sasy you don’t have right on me, Laila sasy I am not asking fro right, I came here as believed that you will save me but now everything is clear that you dint tell her about us because you are afraid that what she will think about you, rudra pratap is fearing. paro is coming to them, laial sasy rudra leave my hand its hurting, she shouts to leav my hand, paro comes there and says major sahib, rudra leaves her hand and looks at paor, paro comes to him, Laila leaves. rudra sasy why you came here, if you would slip, paro sasy what Laila said that you held her hand? rudra looks down, paro sasy you are not looking at me, he sayas lets go in room, paro sasy I can go myself, but answer me 1st, rudra sasy okay go on your own, I will not answer you as I am not liable to answer anyone, I havnt given you right, he leaves. Laila comes there and says should I take you to room or call jija.

Scene 3
rudra thinks about Laila’s words and how paro asked to answer her, he says why should I answer you, who is she to me, he then remembers paro said that she is his wife, he remembers their moments spent together.
Laila brings paro in room and gives her water, she looks at red bangles and sasy these are beautiful, paro says rudra gifted, Laila wears it, paro opens her bandage, laial ask did you have fight with rudra, paro says nothing like that. paro puts drops in eyes, Laila sasy why don’t you wear mangalsutra, paro;s eyes burns, Laila takes bandage and throws it, paro sasy our marriage happened quickly so we couldn’t make it, I wear this thread and I am used to it, Laila says but its symbol of husband long life. paro ask what were you and rudra talku=ing, were you fighting, Laila says nothing like that, paro sasy no you are hiding something, Laila takes sindoor box and say you feel like it, I can understand that you are tensed to see right, you wan to remove your blindfold to see everything clearly but will you you be able to see it, paro is confused, light goes off and paro opens her eyes, laial goes from there, paro calls her name.

mohini is blabbering as hw light went off, samrat comes there and burns candle, mohini taunts why your wife didn’t come, samrat says no I was doing work, mohini says what work? he sasy I am thinking that we colors cloths if we start embroidery then it will be good, mohini sasy you cant cope up with new work, stay in what I give you, she leaves. dilsher listens all this.
paro is calling fro Laila, rudra comes there and ask how you came here? paro says Laila brought me here, rudra ask did she say something? paro sasy no but she said
that when bandage will be removed from eyes then I will see clearly everything, rudra says before she tell you in some other manner I should tell , pro says what is the secret tell me, whats happening, rudra says she wanted to say that.. Laila comes there and says I was saying that when bandage will come off from her eyes then paro can see everything, should I tell her something else? rudra ask why are you wearing her bangles, Laila says sorry I didn’t know I cant wear it, I am sorry that I came when you both were talking but I will then you can tell paro what you want to, rudra sasy not here, come with me he takes paro.

laial in porch is happy, mohini comes there and says you are happy and that stone rudra went out with his wife to enjoy weather and you are standing it, ;Laila sasy weather is good for me, I am enjoying darkness, you are aged you don’t know what this darkness can do, what rudra must be thinking should he tell her about our past or not,

PRECAP- rudra tells paro that I used to go to her every night, there was no demand no ties, only one relation that even you and me doesn’t share and it was Laila, paro is stunned at his confession.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. oh my god that laila…. Hey laila go to hell devil

  2. the way rudra taking care of paro is awesome yar and ofcourse i wish to put that liala in hell and thanku for updates

  3. what paro will do …..i am so eagerly waiting…..paro will understand rudra or nottt,its vry interesting….but plzzz paro donot leave rudra

  4. Kya bakwaas episode hai .. ab ye stupide writer will write .. Paro should forgive Rudra even after sharing bed w/ liala for 8 years … wow ,..,.does it make any sence
    which woman in real world will accept her husband’s this kind of relations even if those were before marriage ….

    Man .. this writer is going to write the story; making Paro forgive Rudra .. is a shame in 21st century …and its a shame for a woman’s pride to forgive this act of her own husband

  5. Paro should forgive Rudra even after sharing bed w/ liala for 8 years

  6. please dont drag these story lines – it will be like watching any other hindi serial where story goes on and on and evil winning over good – becomes predictable and boring – this is such a wonderful programme it keeps viewers interest – just love the chemistry bewteen parorudra- like when he calls her PARO in that deep voice

  7. Mr or Mrs Miss or Ms absent- you all have a past so yes she should forgive him its not like he cheated on her

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