Devon ke Dev Mahadev 15th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev Mahadev 15th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

All the Devas, Ganesh, Brihaspati teleport themselves to the place where Mahadev has opened his 3rd eye. Agni is getting weak uner that energy field. Ganesh requests Mahadev t calm down, forgive Agni, he’ll repent for his mistake. Indra, Brihaspati too requests Mahadev to calm down.
Brrhmaji tells Naradji only one person can calm down Mahadev.
Krishna is playing Chausar with Rukmini, he stops, wishes to worship Mahadev. Rukmini too wants to join. Krishna offers Milk abhishek, Bilva patra etc along with a Peacock feather on the Shivling.
Mahadev calms down. His energy gets converted in a Shivling. Later Brhmaji says it will be known as Agnieshwar Mahadev.
Agni has weakened a lot as Mahadev has taken away his fire. He falls at Mahadev’s feet, wants to surrender. He says he should have realized when Mahadev in disguise stopped him previously. Mahadev tells him, this surrender is out of fear. When one surrenders forgetting his ego, realizing all the facts, that is true surrender.
At shonitpur Banasur challenges Anirudhh to fight with him. Anirudhh denies as Banasur is his FIL but Banasur insists, if he wants to take Usha, Anrudhh must fight with him & win. Their fight surprises Banasur as Anirudhh is not getting defeated. Usha tells Vani Mahadev & mata Parvati’s blessing are with them. Anirudhh is fighting for love, so he is going to win.
Banasur uses his maya, power to trap & defeat Anirudhh. He orders to put both Usha & Anirudhh in prison. He says this insult is bigger then killing Anirudhh. Yaduvanshis will not be able to forget it.
Mahadev & Brhmaji meets. Discusses about the consequences of thes event, which will be a Maha yudhha. Mahadev says he tried his best to avoid it. Brhmaji says his devotees are given many chances by him but they fail to understand. Banasur didn’t understand true meaning of his Bhakti. Brhmaji wants a Senapati for Devas to be decided soon as in the war, the senapati will have to play an important role. Mahadev agrees.
Krishna realizes about Anirudhh being in Prison.
Mahadev is at Kailash, remembers his past war with Vishnuji. A peacock feather comes there. He extends his palm to take it in his hand.
Brhmaji smiles seeing this , says Mahadev will respect Vishnuji’s dignity in this avatar.

Precap: Krishna meets Banasur at Shonitpur, tells him he is here with proposal for peace. Gives him 1 day to decide. Tomorrow either Varayatra will come to Shonitpur or Yadav sena.
Mahadev tells all at Kailsh, there will be a Maha yudhh now, no one has witnessed such a fierce war till now.

Update Credit to: mnx12

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