Tumhari Pakhi 15th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Tumhari Pakhi 15th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Pakhi and Deepika settling in the room. Deepika says the room is good but there is no TV. I wanted to see Yaariyan pic on Life on. They discuss about the movie. Deepika hugs Pakhi and says I thin we will hang out well. She sees Pakhi’s clothes and likes her sarees. Deepika takes pics of Pakhi and her clothes. Deepika says she came here to calendar shoot, then she will marry Prateek and spend good life with him. She asks Pakhi about her husband. Pakhi takes out Lord’s idol. Deepika is happy seeing it.

Deepika says aunty did not come till now, she maybe coming now, she might be ill, coughing, she may have a problem with us, it would have been fun if she is young, she might be boring. Pakhi asks about Prateek, does he not live with his mum. Deepika says what. Pakhi says nothing. Anshuman comes in his room and sees Pakhi’s letters. He hugs and kisses them. He keeps them in a drawer and sees Pakhi behind him. She smiles and he imagines his routine life with her. He smiles and sees her keeping his clothes.

Anshuman changes his clothes and sees her making the bedcover clean. She makes Anshuman rest and touches his face. He closes his eyes and opens it to see she is gone. He touches the bedcover and smiles. Pakhi could not sleep. Anshuman reads her letters again. Pakhi feels restless. Anshuman hugs the letters and sleeps. He looks at their family pic. Its morning, Lavanya and Girish come to meet Anshuman. Anshuman says I have hurt Pakhi, she does not want to see my face, she did right, I deserve this, but I will bring her back, I promised myself and Ayaan.

Lavanya says but now you don’t know where is she. Anshuman says Pakhi waited for me 18 years and she did not know I love her or not, but I know she loves me, she always taught me how to live life, this time she is hurting herself to teach me. He says love happens or does not, love and hatred can’t be together. He says I will clear my feelings, I m ready to do anything for Pakhi. He says a woman is a mum, a wife, a daughter.

He talks in favor of his mum and says Pakhi was right, if I could not understand a mum’s relation, then what will I value wife’s relation. Lavanya says are you ok. Girish says yes, he is fine, I feel he is going right today. Its true till heart gets hurt, relations does not get strong. Girish says we are with you, tell us what to do now.

Anshuman says I want to start from my mum, to understand Pakhi and her love, I want to respect my mum, by finding her. He says I want to meet mum, hug her, and tell her that we love her a lot, we made a big mistake. Anshuman’s mum is shown playing music. Pakhi and Deepika get up and see a lady giving training to some dance students.

Lavanya says where will you find her, we don’t know where is she. Pakhi smiles seeing her. She says hi, I m Anuja, your room mate. Pakhi and Deepika are shocked to see such a fit aunty. Anshuman says we will get mum, she might have missed us a lot, I promise you I will find mom. Lavanya smiles and hugs him. Anshuman says I don’t remember how mum looked, dad threw her pics, do you remember how she looked. Lavanya says its strange mum identifies her child, and children value her after she leaves from their lives.

She says I don’t remember much, but some memories. She says she used to put sindoor, and touch Papa’s feet every day. Lavanya says her name was Devki and she used to wait for dad for dinner. Anuja is completely opposite of Lavanya’s description. Anuja says she did not marry till now. Deepika says how can this happen, every woman wants a family. Anuja says I don’t feel so. Anshuman says mum might miss us.

Lavanya says yes, for her, her family was her life. Anuja says I want to be free, not bound by relations. She says hope breaks and it hurts. She asks Pakhi am I right. Pakhi looks at her. Anuja talks to Pakhi. Deepika says she came here by her husband’s permission. Pakhi looks on. Deepika says did you leave your husband, why. Anuja talks in favor of woman. Anuja feels Pakhi’s pain. Anshuman says mum and Pakhi’s fate are same, but I will find them. Anuja says she has travelled all over the world. Anshuman says I will find mum before Pakhi. Lavanya hugs him.

Anshuman’s uncle tells him what his dad did with his mum. Anshuman says I promise, I will bring her back. Deepika says the agent asked us to leave this house. Pakhi is tensed and says if Bhaisa comes to know this……

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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