Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 15th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 15th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Avni thinks about Raj and Payal together. Raj comes there, she drops the vegetable basket. Raj asks did she like Payal. She is annoyed and says she doesn’t know. Raj tells Avni Bhawna allowed him to come here anytime. Payal comes there and says they are going to search a hostel for her. Raj insists she would live with her. He begins to leave but Avni asks is he leaving without saying bye.
Raj celebrates with Payal, jiji and jija about the success of plan and Avni’s jealousy. Avni calls him but jiji doesn’t let him attend. She is annoyed and calls his land line. Jiji picks up the call and tells her Raj is busy setting his room for Payal as she is going to stay with him in his room. Avni is worried hearing this all, Raj takes the phone. Avni asks where is Payal going to stay. Raj says he will sleep in the hall downstairs. Payal’s voice come from the back. Avni forgets what she was saying and tells Raj to speak. He says he has no time for it and hangs on.
Samarth was talking to his father about the dates from Shastri ji. Avni comes there. Samarth asks she looked drained. She says she couldn’t sleep at night. Samarth says that he was thinking he, Avni, and Raj and Payal should go for an outing together.
Avni was saying good bye to Suket. Raj comes there and says hi to her. He comes towards her but crosses her and goes to greet Payal. Payal says she brought gifts for everyone. Bhawna and Sanvri were sitting inside. Raj and Payal comes inside and Payal gives them their gifts. Arpita comes there and says she never knew Raj is so romantic. Payal tells Sanvri they had taken Salsa classes together. Sanvri asks them to perform some good salsa step together. Avni resists but Raj asks her to play the music as they do the dancing together. Avni stops the music and goes by handing the cell phone to Arpita. Raj points Arpita to go after her. she asks her didn’t she like the dance. Avni says she never saw anyone with Raj but she liked Payal’s dance. Raj comes there and begins appreciating Payal to Arpita. Arpita joined him while Avni stood her face towards the wall. Raj asks Avni shall he ask Payal to marry him. Arpita says Avni said yes to Samarth so easily, you should also ask him. Avni leaves saying she has some important work to do.
Sanvri shows Avni the dupatta Samarth won her. Raj comes and tells Payal they are going to dine out. Payal asks shall they take Samarth and Avni along. Avni says no but Sanvri says she must go there. Samarth comes there and says he was also thinking the same. Raj tells Payal that there is a beautiful restaurant nearby. Samarth tells him to message him the address; he will be there after some important work. Avni also leaves listening to Raj’s talk with Payal.
Shastri ji and Samarth were talking about the dates. He sees Raj and Arpita and asks he is still here. He thought he would have left coming here following what happened last month. Samarth asks what happened last month? He tells him he brought the proposal of Raj for Avni but Suket fixed the proposal somewhere else. Samarth asks is he sure this is that Raj. Shastri ji says he is sure but this talk is of no use now. He leaves while Samarth is thoughtful.
Avni is worried and tells Devika she doesn’t understand what has happened to Raj. She is about to fall down when Raj holds her. She says how it will affect him if something happens to her. Samarth comes and asks are you busy. Avni goes inside but Raj tells him to come. They sit. Samarth tells Raj what Shastri ji told him. Raj stands in shock and denies it. Samarth says this is what he is thinking how this is possible. Raj says his jiji and jija are after him to get married because they didn’t know about Payal then. He leaves saying he is going to meet Payal.
Payal and Arpita are in the kitchen. Bhawna comes there and tells Arpita to pack some muttery for her. Payal says she cooks it just like her mother; she is also from Umad Village. She says she has seen Bhawna in an album of Shusma masi’s wedding. Bhawna is worried.

PRECAP: Avni comes to the restaurant all dressed up. Payal suggest they must go camping. Avni denies, Payal says they both will have to go alone. Avni says no, all four of us will go there.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Avni is jealous!!!!

  2. I have never seen any serial as pathetic as this one!
    Actually I do not see it anymore, just read the story…Why will any girl reject any boy as good as Samarth? What is so special in Raj that Samarth doesn’t have?Girls like Avani don’t exist anymore, people are more practical. And that Avni has no sense of realization at all, don’t know which world she belongs to…phewwww

  3. These b*t*hes ain’t loyal

  4. u are right palak…. this is the worst serial ever…, and avni is extremely dumb..and stupid…
    that raj is such a despo….and all other characters so damn irritating…ugh!!! crappiest serial ever!!!

  5. Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya is just like/similar to Meri Yaar Ki Shaadi hai movie…..the serial story line and movie story line is same…

  6. Hey samarth is smarter and richer than Raj ,and this Raj looks like mickey mouse and that avni has chapati face idiots.

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