Uttaran 10th June 2014 Written Episode Update

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Meethi wakes up and turns to wish good morning to Akash but doesn’t find him there. She calls out for him and finds that the door is open.

Akash dons and apron and chef hat and starts cooking. Meethi is pleasantly surprised to see him in that avatar and laughs. He takes charge of making her favourite breakfast for her. She wants to help but he reminds her that she dint help him when he had come to work at her home for those 21 days. She remembers it well. He makes it clear that he did it with all his heart. I am your chef Akash Chatterjee today. She loves it. she tells him to be a little careful. His finger gets burnt by mistake and he shouts in pain. She instantly goes to his side and nurses his finger. Maiyya was passing by from there and is happy to see that the couple has come closer again. My son has taken my words seriously. Now I will get my heir very soon. Akash hugs Meethi who tells him to leave her as someone might come. He is sure no one can come but she notices Maiyya standing at the door and breaks the hug. Maiyya gives them aarti and Prasad. She shares her happiness and hopes with them. Meethi feeds him Prasad as Maiyya leaves.

Tappu is having pain in her neck so Rathore starts massaging her neck for her. She is worried thinking what if someone comes and notices them thus. He is sure they will feel that he is intelligent enough to take care of his wife, loves her. She smiles in acknowledgement but is still embarrassed at the thought of being seen by any elder. He shushes her. She is sad as she thinks about Mukta and Meethi and what they both are going through in their respective lives. Mukta stops at the door to hear their convo. We have never faced such difficult days before. When will the sun shine on these girls? When will they be happy in their families and we can go home and talk for hours. When will these days come? Mukku turns and realises that her parents are somewhat stuck in all this because of her. They too would want to spend some time with each other. They aren’t happy because of me and Vishnu. now I will have to do something.

Akash feeds Meethi with his own hands. She loves the food cooked by him and tells him thus. She gets Mukku’s call. Akash goes to bring water. Mukku tells her that her parents got married but they haven’t got time to spend with each other because of our problems. We are mature enough to face our problems on our own. They need to be with each other too. Meethi agrees with her. Mukku shares that she has two plans in her mind.

Mukku comes to talk to her parents. She wants them to go out of station for some days. Now Vishnu is here so there is no need to worry. Tappu doesn’t want to go as their mind will be stuck here only while thinking about Mukku’s and Vishnu’s health. Mukku turns to her father. He understands what she is saying. We have spent our lives vacationing individually. We enjoy staying together and will live where you will be. Mukku realises that her parents are more stubborn than her. She decides to work on plan B now.

Akash lovingly helps Meethi in wearing the mangalsutra and applies vermilion on her forehead. She is touched by his gesture. He is not going to office today for her wants to make up for the mistakes that he did in the past few days. Meethi’s phone rings. He notices Mukku’s call. How much do you girls talk? Meethi replies that there are too many secrets between both the sisters which they cannot share with their husbands. She takes the call. Meethi is sure they will be successful in Plan B. They end the call.

Akash covers Meethi’s eyes and takes her to their room. The whole room is set romantically with flower petals, candles, etc. She loves the surprise. He has planned many more and shows her a wall where he has put the same photo frame that he had ordered for her birthday. Few romantic lines are also written on the wall and they both read it one by one (beautiful lines). It is about a new start of their relationship. He picks her up in his arms and shares his feelings with her. I could only see the loss of losing our baby. I thought that there is only darkness around me. He makes her lie down on the bed and holds her hand. Maiyya told me Krishna ji’s story. Pain and happiness are a part of our lives. We should never give up when in trouble. Our happiness is in our hands only. Our dream can still come alive. They share some romantic moments.

Next morning, Meethi wakes up and smiles shyly as she looks at the flower petals on the bed. She looks for Akash who comes there holding an idol of Bal Krishna. He hands it to her. Take care of him and he will take care of our baby. Our baby should be as naughty as he was. He has seen a dream of having their baby in this house. I want happiness and love in this house. Our dream will come true, right? She nods and they share a hug. She assures him that all their dreams will come true.

Maiyya is sitting with a priest who explains the significance of keeping a fast / puja tomorrow. She shares it with Meethi and Akash. Maiyya tells Meethi that she wants a grandchild in this year only. Akash and Meethi smile. Priest points out that tomorrow’s puja is very tough. Maiyya has full faith in Akash. He assures him that he will complete the puja however tough it is. We don’t mind if it is a baby or a girl but we want our baby to be healthy. Maiyya does not look too pleased with it but ignores it. Priest gives him a list for the ingredients to be used in the puja. Maiyya leaves to make tea for the priest. Meethi and priest are alone now. Priest reads Meethi’s forehead lines and finds that she is worried over something. He looks at her hand. He tells her to do puja with full dedication and everything will be fine. She feels that he is hiding something from her. He tells her that he cannot see any chances for her in future (regarding a baby). Epi ends on Meethi’s thoughtful / worried face.

Precap: Meethi has come to consult with the doc. She is distraught to know that she can never become a mother again.

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