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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 10th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Romi accepting his mistake infront of the college board saying Bala is innocent. I have framed him. Vandu and Bala are glad. Romi says I m ready to get punished. The board scolds Romi and says you should go to jail, you are expelled. They apologize to Vandu and take her back in the college. Vandu says what about Bala, he was trying to bring the scandal out. They say it was wrong to take this step without telling us, we are sorry, we can’t keep Bala back. Vandu says if Bala can’t join then I don’t think I will…….. Bala stops her and says no. Romi says don’t punish Bala for my mistake, take him back. Vandu leaves. Bala goes after her.

He asks what happened. She says this is no way, this is wrong, why are you being punished, what about your career. He says I m proved innocent, I will get a job anywhere. She cries. He says I know why are you crying, as I will take rest at home and you will work here. He hugs Vandu and says be patient, this phase will pass on soon. Simmi cries and talks to Parmeet. He says even we wanted to do the naming ceremony, let it happen. Simmi says you have to be here, else it won’t happen. She says you have to come, I will see who stops you, tell me will you come.

Ashok comes and Parmeet says I will talk to you later. Simmi says the baby is not getting his blessings, this is wrong. Ishita sees this and gets a call. She says fine, I will come if its emergency. Ishita thinks I m sorry Simmi to go now. Ashok asks Parmeet whats the problem about the naming ceremony, so you are afraid of Raman, lets send Raman out of city, you will get a good chance to go there. Parmeet says you are great, you did a lot for me.

Ashok says don’t worry, I will support you till the end. Ishita treats a little boy and removes his tooth. His mum says I was tensed about him, but you did it so easily and sweetly, thanks for coming in emergency. Ishita says I gave this case to Dr. Batra, my mum met with an accident. The lady asks how did this happen. Ishita says a careless man, did rashless driving. The lady says I heard the similar case, my neighbor told me, the car bumped into a tree. Ishita is shocked and says its my Amma’s case, your neighbor can help us, will you make me meet her. The lady says she is the witness and has all the details, she is leaving for Dehradun today.

Ishita says let me meet her when she is back, thanks. Ishita comes home. Ruhi says we were waiting for you. Ishita asks Raman to come with her as she has to talk to her. Appa comes to them and says Amma is……. They rush to see Amma. Amma gets critical. Raman says I will call the doctor. The doctor says he is in Bangalore. Raman says Amma is having feats. Ishita talks to him and asks for medicines. She writes it down and asks Raman to bring it soon.

Amma sleeps. Ishita tells Raman that we can’t keep Amma here, we have to take her to hospital to keep her under observation. The nurse asks everyone to go out. Ruhi asks will Amma be fine. Ishita says yes and asks her to go and sleep. Appa asks Ishita to go. Raman says I think Ishita should stay here. Ruhi says I want to stay here. Mrs. Bhalla says come home. Raman asks Ruhi to come with him. Ruhi asks are you feeling lonely with Ishita, fine I will sleep with Papa and then Ishita can come tomorrow. Raman watches cricket. Ruhi asks him to lower the tv volume. He says you became like Ishita, now sleep.

She plays with his hair and says I like playing with Ishita’s hair, but your hair is short. Raman tries to make her sleep. She says sing a song for me. He sings Sojaa Ruhi. Ruhi laughs. She says tell me any story. He says I don’t know. She says read from my book. He says bring the book. She gives him. He reads out to her. Ruhi sleeps. Raman sees her and smiles.

Raman comes in the balcony. Dil kahin rukta nahi……….plays…………. Ishita is also in her balcony. They see each other and smile. He asks by sign can we go for a walk. She signs no, feeling sleepy. She then signs fine, coming. Raman smiles. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein…………..plays………… They have a walk. She says now you know how tough it is to make kids sleep. He says Ruhi got spoiled with you. She says girls go on their Papa, she is like you. He asks why, is she rude like me. She says no, stubborn like you. He says I m not stubborn, but somewhat.

They sit on the bench and talk. He asks who is with Amma. She says walkie talkie. They have a talk and start arguing again. He asks you said you wanted to talk to me alone, really or was finding excuse. She tells him about info related to Amma’s accident, she says I will tell you the details once I know. He says I will ruin that man’s life once I get him. She says how can someone be so careless. She says I was unable to bear seeing Amma’s face.

Raman says don’t be senti, you have to take care of Amma. He says its naming ceremony tomorrow. She says yes, we have to do it well, to make Simmi happy and not feel lonely. He shows her some silver bowls pics as Mrs. Bhalla wants to gift this to guests. She says for a change, very good choice. He says thanks for not insulting my choice gaudy, was that necklace really gaudy. She says no, the gesture was really very sweet. He says come, getting late. She smiles. Raman leaves.

Its morning, Mrs. Bhalla sees some dresses for the baby. Ishita brings a pink frock for the baby. Mrs. Bhalla likes it. She says we will give you a name today. Raman comes and says I spoke to pandit, I paid him, he will bring all the items. Ishita says I spoke to the catered and decided everything. Mrs. Bhalla asks Simmi does she need anything. Simmi thinks lets see what they do when Parmeet comes.

Ishita talks to Raman and asks him to bring Parmeet. Raman says I don’t want him to come here. Shagun says even if Raman goes, Ishita won’t allow you to attend the function. Parmeet smiles.

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