Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 10th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 10th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Devyaani talking to Bau ji. He asks do you need anything, if yes, you can tell me. She says no, I just wanted to treat some patients if my dad is not here. He says ask Bhabhimaa. She says I will work from my dad’s house. He says we have a shop, you can start the clinic there. She says no, people know my dad’s house. He says as you like. She thanks him for his support and says don’t worry about home, I will do all my duties well. He says I know this, I will always support you. She smiles.

Its morning, Naitik postpones his meeting to spend time with Naksh. Akshara smiles. Rohan meets all the students and tries to find Naksh. Naksh does not come to school this day and he thinks where did that boy go. Rohan asks the trainer about Naksh. Devyaani talks to Bhabhimaa and she allows him to go to treat patients.

Muskaan asks shall I come with you. Devyaani says no, be here with Naksh. Devyaani leaves. Shaurya is upset as the rackets are damaged. Omi says you should have told us, we would have brought new ones. Ananya brings mosquito killer rackets and everyone laughs. Shaurya and Ananya play with it. Muskaan and Akshara bring Naksh to the park. Naksh says I don’t like these baby games. Akshara says we will play hide and seek and they start. Akshara and Muskaan hide.

Naksh counts and looks for them. He sees kids playing football and gets it. He plays with them. Akshara scolds him asking him not to play as he is getting tired. Rohan comes there and sees all this. He meets Akshara and asks her is she Naksh’s mum. He asks why are you stopping him from playing, he plays well, I m the new football coach, I m Rohan Rajput. He says he was playing alone in school, as his mum does not like his playing football, he might be scared of you. Rohan scolds her.

Akshara wants to tell him Naksh’s problem but he leaves taunting her thinking she wants Naksh only to study and not play. Naitik calls Akshara and asks about Naksh. She tells him that without knowing anything, Naksh’s coach has scolded me. She says I will go to him and talk to him. Naitik pacifies her. Akshara and Muskaan try to make Naksh happy. Naitik hears him on the phone and smiles.

Akshara makes some flower bands and makes Naksh wear it. Naksh likes it. Muskaan says Naksh is looking prince. They take some cool pics. Devyaani comes late and apologizes to Bhabhimaa. Bhabhimaa says its fine, Akshara did everything. Akshara comes home and asks Naksh to go to school tomorrow. Naksh says no, I m not well. She says no, I know how much ill you are. Naksh says I can faint there, no one loves me. She says you are going tomorrow.

Naksh talks to Ananya and Yash. Muskaan asks Devyaani to teach her work to her as she wants to help him. Devyaani asks her to help Akshara here. Muskaan says don’t worry, I like doing this. Devyaani says this house has given me love and respect, all thanks to Akshara. She praises Akshara. Muskaan says I will take care of her and hugs Devyaani.

Rajshri gets a call and tells Vishwamber that someone is doing blank calls to her since evening. He says don’t keep your old pic, remove it, that’s why people are calling you. He calls on the number and scolds the man. The man says I m Ratan. He says what Ratan. Rajshri says Ratan. Vishwamber apologizes to her and asks Rajshri to talk to Ratan. Rajshri laughs. Akshara says she has kept an alarm to give injection to Naksh.

Naksh comes and sees the injection. He gives it to Akshara and says give me the injection. Akshara cries and says I can’t. Naksh says you have to, I will not trouble you, promise. Everyone get upset. She gives him the injection. Naksh plays in his room. Naitik and Akshara come to him and see him. Akshara says can’t we do anything for him. Naitik says don’t know. Naitik says I m thinking to go to school and talk to his coach, if he tells anything to Naksh, then Naksh will think wrong. Akshara says it does not matter now.

Its morning, Rohan trains some kids. Akshara brings Naksh to school. She meets Rohan. He taunts her again. She gets angry on him. She says stop it, what do you think, life is like a football match. She scolds him and cries. She says Naksh loves football like you, but he can’t play, you are his inspiration, he saw your match which made you Rohan Rajput. She says Naksh wanted to be like you, as his life is important, he has diabetics. Rohan is shocked. She says doctor asked him not to do anything which is tiring.

Naksh goes to meet Rohan as he wants to select him in his team. Naskh is happy.

Update Credit to: Amena

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