Featuring Ajay Devgan as Dev, Juhi Chawla as Sudha, Sharukh Khan as Raj and Madhuri dixit as Rekha….. A tale of life’s shades…..Stay tuned….

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Sudha : I am done with these sort of things, Maa. Pls don’t make me a show piece any more. Better keep this doll with you and show this to so called “Ladke -waalas”. Good Bye.

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Dev : Sudha, again you’re on phone only ?? You arrived damn late and we haven’t discussed anything about the project

Sudha : I am sorry, sir

Dev : So what about the concert ? I need a detailed report of the musical instruments , musicians and the kind of…..Sudha…..

Sudha : Yes sir..

Dev : I am talking to you, better you focus on work, If you find music is just a time pass then quit this job and leaveImage result for ajay devgan old photo

Sudha : Sir, why are u talking like these ? I mean i accept that I didn’t listened but it doesn’t mean that you can degrade my passion as mere “time pass”Image result for juhi chawla

Dev : Oh Really ? What’s the meaning of passion ?

Sudha : Sir!!

Dev : The words have sounded as rude but what I told is the  bitter truth only…I can’t tolerate an assistant who is far away from rhythm. Mind can certainly disturb a person, but if passion is alive then it will embalm the scattered mind.

Sudha : I am a normal girl, sir…Not a scholar like you…

Dev : You may leave……Related image

Sudha : Sir, Pls don’t smoke…..

Dev : I said leave…

Sudha : Sir, passion is able to embalm so many things, then why are u fuming yourself in this hazardous smoke ? If you need to burst feelings, then do it…..It’s just my suggestion only….Image result for juhi chawla emotional pics movie

Dev : Better you find passion in it’s sense and then meet me……

Sudha : I will bring the report by tomorrow itself, sir….Sir pls take care of yourself..

Dev : Care, concern and advice …..I really hate them…..You may leave

Sudha : But ….

Dev : Pls leave me alone…….Related image




  1. Fenil

    Amazing ?

  2. Jasminerahul

    i am surprised that you are writing a ff on 90’s actors.can I know what inspired you to write a ff on them?
    it seems that sudha doesn’t want to get married though the pressure is there on is such a rude boss.but he needs perfection I think.I loved sudha telling him not to smoke n if he wants he can burst out his feelings.but dev is not bothered.does he have any bitter past which made him indifferent?nice to see ajay juhi young pics.

    1. Renimarenju

      I am back to TU after ages and thought to write some thing new as it was so hard to continue the ff which I left almost 8 months back . I really miss the childhood 90’s and mid 2000’s intense stories of bollywood and especially ajay devgan , though he is doing varities I miss certain roles and it’s just an attempt to put back the level of emotions and while writing rest of stars came easily whom I like to the most. That’s all. You have to wait for getting answers .. Thanks for reading…..

    2. Jasminerahul

      please complete ur other stories plz.i am waiting

    3. Renimarenju

      Sorry, but for now I can’t update them….Will try once I gets enough time

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