Twinj ff – Woh Mera Dil Tha (Episode #03)



Kunj come back from office. Entered in room and searching twinkle…

Ku : where is twinkle….
Twinnkklee….. calling her…

Twinkle wipes her tears clean her face and breath heavily.
Twinkle comes from balcony…

Tw: Kunj when do you come..

Ku : just now…

Tw : but you said you and siya were going for a date…
And you will come late..

Ku : siya has cancelled it…
She has work that’s why she have to go out of town…

Twinkle in her mind : yeah yeah ofcource she has work she will be busy with other mans…

Kunj snaps his fingers : twinkle where are you lost?

Tw : no nothing Kunj…
Looking here and there…

Ku : twinkle look at me.

Twinkle looks down


Kunj held twinkle chin and face him. Kunj was shocked seeing twinkle face puffed eye lids red and swelled eyes.

Ku : twinkle you were crying…

Tw : no kunj why will I cry…

Ku : don’t lie twinkle…
Is everything alright?

Tw: yeah kunj… everything is okay… why will I lie… it’s just umm i… i was chopping onions And I had rubbed my eyes that’s why…

Ku : ohh okay…

Ku : twinkle…..

Tw : what happened Kunj is something bothering you… you are looking disturbed…

Kunj was shocked : how do know.

Twinkle smiled : by reading your face…

Kunj thought : till this date siya have never understand me like twinkle.

Tw : Kunj…

Ku : hmmm…

Tw : you go get fresh up… till then I’ll make your coffee… And I’ll bring your food…
Twinkle turns to go but Kunj held her wrist…

Ku : twinkle I want to talk to you….

Tw : Kunj first fresh your mind then we will talk. okay.

Kunj nodded.

After Kunj had his dinner.

Ku : twinkle…

Tw : what happened Kunj… you are looking tensed…

Ku : today siya had came to my office. She told me move in our relationship.

Twinkle is confused

Ku : means that night when we… I mean me and you… that’s why siya wants me to get..

Tw : I got it…
What you want to say.

Ku : you have always a way out  of my problems. And I’m hell confused now what should  i do and what should I not do.

Tw : Kunj just remember one thing I’m always with you no matter what the situation is.
But in this path you have to listen to your heart whatever you would decide take your decision with cool mind don’t be in hurry.
Ku : you are right twinkle… But siya…

Tw : you make her understand Kunj…

Kunj hugged twinkle tightly…

Twinkle get surprised

Tw : Kunj everything Will be fine….. caressing his back

Ku : don’t know why twinkle I get peace in your embrace….. whisper s. His chin on her shoulder.

Twinkle and Kunj break hug. And Kunj keep his head on twinkle lap. Twinkle massage Kunj’s head. Kunj feels different and a satisfied and mildsmile appeared on his face. With in no time Kunj was in deep slumber.
Twinkle carefully put his head on pillow.

Tw : I just hope one day you will reciprocate my feelings Kunj. Kissed his forehead and sleeps.

Next morning
Kunj was standing infront of mirror lost in his thoughts. When someone hug him from back Kunj smiled and turns twinkle is standing carrying her beautiful smile showing her  dimples. Kunj is mesmerized looking at her. Kunj tucked her hairs behind her ears then kissed her forehead then one by one on both of her cheeks Kunj lean towards her lips
Suddenly someone jerks him.

Tw : Kunj… kuunnnjjj…

Ku : haa yeah what….

Tw : What… what are you thinking?

Kunj in his mind : Kunj what the hell was that. That was my imagination why after that night  I’m inclined towards twinkle I’m imagining her everywhere all of a sudden I want to be close to twinkle… please babaji give me strength to take right decision.

Tw : Kunj..

Ku : no nothing…
Twinkle get ready by 8 I’ll pick you directly coming from office.. we are going in malhotra s party. They have invited all of us.

Tw : okay.

At night. Sarna Mansion

Usha and Manohar were discussing something.

Manohar : usha you have to make understand twinkle. I want my heir as soon as possible.

Usha : not only twinkle but Kunj also. I’m observing something  since they have married. Kunj is behaving like someone has a affair.

Manohar : Usha what are you saying… if by mistake this would have done then no one Will be worse than me. You also make Kunj understand in your language.

Twinkle was getting ready infront of mirror.

Twinkle was controlling her tears.

Tw : you know what miss so called Mrs Twinkle Kunj Sarna. You are just a trash no one cares for you why… but I have to think where I have failed as a daughter in law as a daughter and if we talk about wife…. what would I say yaar…. chuckles.

That night was the best night only for me for Kunj that was a mistake….. chocked…

FLASHBACK  Before 1 month

Bebe had sent twinkle and Kunj on a dinner in five star hotel. Kunj didn’t want to go because siya want to do shopping. Kunj reluctantly went only on bebe’s insistence.

(This all planned by bebe to bring Twinkle and Kunj close )

Twinkle and Kunj was having their dinner in silence. After their dinner one of waiter from their hotel starf came with drink and deliberately spilled on twinkles dress Kunj get angry after alot of heated argument between Kunj and that waiter their manager gave them a key to room for change. When twinkle was taking off her clothes she realized she had nothing to wear Twinkle tied a towel around her body. Twinkle hesitantly comes out of washroom Kunj turns and loose his senses after seeing twinkle. Kunj slowly takes his step towards twinkle and twinkle steps backwards both twinkle and kunj falls on bed. Kunj intertwined their fingers and lean down then the screen is shown blurred. Twinkle and Kunj get intimate.

Next morning when Kunj and twinkle gets up kunj was shocked seeing their positions after seeing their naked bodies under blanket Kunj curse last night.
Kunj and twinkle get fresh up.

Ku : twinkle see I’m so sorry I couldn’t control last night don’t know what happened to me. We have to forget last night. For me it was just a mistake… don’t know how I’ll face siya now.


Twinkle wipes her tears.

Tw : now no more tears. Just then her phone rings… kunj’s name appeared on screen.

Tw : I think Kunj has come..

Twinkle takes her clutch rushed downstairs. Kunj was waiting for twinkle in his car. As soon as Kunj s gaze fall on twinkle he gets mesmerized by her.

Twinkle s dress.

Tw : let’s go Kunj.

Ku : you are looking beautiful…
Not in sense..

Twinkle blushes…

At malhotra s party venue.

Party was going on full swing. All were dancing with their partners Kunj and twinkle were forced to dance. Kunj put his hand on her waist and twinkles hand on his shoulder. Both Kunj and twinkle were maintaining their eye lock. Both were feeling happy contented. New feelings were rising in Kunj.

In back ground romantic music was playing making ambience more romantic.

(Tu Heer meri, tu jism mera
Main Ranjha hun libas tera
Tu Heer meri, tu jism mera
Main Ranjha hun libas tera
Aa yoon karib tu choo lu main teri rooh
Bin tere main hun benishan
Samander main, kinaara tu
Jo bikhroon main sahara tu
Samander main, kinaara tu
Jo bikhroon main sahara tu

Pehle thi bewajah phir aake tu mila
Khaabon ko zinda kar diya
Apne wazood ka hissa banaa diya
Katre ko dariya kar diya
Shirin hai tu, tu meri zuban
Farhad hun main alfaz tera
Aa yoon karib tu choo lu main teri rooh
Bin tere main hun benishan

Samander main, kinaara tu
Jo bikhroon main sahara tu
Samander main, kinaara tu
Jo bikhroon main sahara tu

Sehra ki dhool thi toone kubool ki
Main asmaani ho gayi
Jagoon na umra bhar jo mere humsafar
Baaho mein teri so gayi
Tu Laila hai nigah meri
Main Majnu hun talash teri
Aa yoon karib tu choo lu main teri rooh
Bin tere main hun benishan

Samander main, kinaara tu
Jo bikhroon main sahara tu
Samander main, kinaara tu
Jo bikhroon main sahara tu)

Screen freezes on twinkle and Kunj s face….


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