Ishq Mein Marjawan FF # Ishq Nahi Aasan ( Chapter 14)

Episode 14:-

It’s night now.Samika(Alisha) is at her room.She is looking at rose given by Dev.She goes near the window and enjoy the gentle breeze.She smiles reminiscing the moment spend with Dev.( Ishq Mein Marjawan song played).Then Samrat knocks at door.She turns hearing it.He comes in. Samika-“ Bhai , you came early today. That’s nice “. He looks at her and smiles. She doesn’t understand , why he is looking at her like this. Samika- “ Bhai , Why are you looking at me like this?” Samrat-“ You look different, I think you are Ok”. Samika-“ Yes , Iam absolutely fine. Why are you behaving so weird?” Samrat-“ Really! What do you think, that I won’t be able to understand what’s happening to you?” Samika-“ What is happening?” Samrat-“I think my sister is caught with love fever!” Samika gets shocked. Samika-“ Bhaiya , Are you out of your mind? How stupid? Greatest joke of the year!” Samrat-“ Samika, are you sure that you are true to your words? “. Samika-“ Yes , of course”. Samrat-“ So, you mean that you are not in love with Dev”. Samika-“ Yes, we are good friends. Love is not my thing, Bhaiya”. Samrat-“I wish that it remain same until you get a job”. Samika-“ It will. One minute! Did you met Riya? “. Samrat gets stunned . Samrat-“ No”. Samika-“ Liar! I know that she is the one who shared this stupid thought. Let me ask you something”. Samrat-“ Yes”. Samika-“ When will you tell about your love fever to Papa?” Samrat-“ Don’t change the topic”. Samika- “ This is relevant in your case . Let me help you . I will tell Papa about this”. Samrat-“ No. Let’s leave this topic. Ok”. Samika-“ Ok”. Samika smiles.

Next day, Samika and Riya is going to college. As they get far from home. Samika stops and hold Riya. Samika(seriously)-“ You won’t change na? What did you told to my Bhaiya? “. Riya tried to make her cool and hold her hand. Riya-“ Samika, Don’t be angry. I just said it casually. My intention wasn’t….” Samika-“Riya , I cleared it to you that there is nothing like that between Me and Dev. Then , why did you? “ Riya-“ When we met , I talked to him about it accidentally. I swear!” . Samika-“ Ok. Fine . I wish you won’t  make such accidently statements next time. Otherwise I will  confess some true things to everyone”. Riya-“ You are blackmailing me ,ha ? “. Samika-“ All your fault”. Samika smiles & Riya looks at her . They continue to walk.

Now , they are at their class. Samika gets a message from Dev . It reads -“ Iam waiting for you outside your campus. Just look through your window”. Samika looks and see him. Dev waves his hand . She gets surprised. She message him back -“ Why are you here now ? Now I have class” . Dev messages her-“ Can you please come out ?” Samika replies back -“ Now it’s not possible “.  Dev – “ Ok , I will wait then. Please come out once this lecture is over”. Samika reply back-“ Ok”. Riya sees this and teases her. Samika looks at her angrily. Dev is waiting. He is looking at her. (Ishq Mein Marjawan song played)She looks at him between class. Lecture is over . She tells  Riya and go out. Dev see her coming and smiles.Samika-“ What is the matter? “. Dev-“ Actually, I felt like meeting you”. Samika-“ Thats the reason you called me out during my class ! Don’t you have any work today? “. Dev-“ Samika, wait. Iam leaving for Mumbai for 3 days . So I thought to meet you before I leave. Iam not that silly as you think about me  to call you out without any solid reason”. Samika-“ Oho. Iam Sorry. Actually I was little upset . That’s the reason I…” Dev- “ What happened? Is everything fine? Did anyone…” . Samika-“ Don’t worry, everything is fine. It’s just a silly thing . Riya was teasing me on your name”. Dev gets shocked. Dev-“ By saying what?” Samika-“ She thinks that we are in love . How stupid?Right?” Dev relax and say-“ Yes. Yes”. Samika-“ Leave it. She is completely filmy. Why this trip to Mumbai?”. Dev-“For a meeting, If I could crack the deal. It will be a great thing for my company. Please pray for it”. Samika-“ Iam sure that you will get it . Anyway happy journey and All the best”.  Dev -“ Ok . Then see you”. Samika-“ Ok . See you “. He leaves and she smiles.

Precap:- Samika is little restless and walking in her room.She thinks-“ What is happening to me? Is Iam in …. “She gets in dilemma. She says to herself-“ Not possible. Iam just overthinking. Someone is looking at Samika’s photographs outside campus , coffee shop, party etc. It is the same mysterious girl(Nia) .She smiles wickedly.


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