The unknown feelings – Part 14


abhi: I’m ready

he look at pragya she was lost . abhi shaked her .pragya came back to sense .

abhi: where you lost ?

pra: it just …. I was thinking about him.

abhi: who?

pra: what his name…… we met at shopping mall.

abhi: oh arjun.

pra: ya… arjun.

abhi : pragya ….. what happened.

pra: abhi ….I didn’t saw him before and I don’t know him before…….

abhi: pragya …… what’s this ? let me remind you one thing I trust you.

pragya hugged him .

pra: but why he hugged me and he called me dear also.

abhi: pragya ….. just leave it. do you forget we have to be on time .if not your brother…

pra: ya ……( she look around) where is alia.?

abhi: she is not coming today .she will come tomorrow .its, staying to be husband house….

pragya snakes her head upside down

pra: but how we leave her here alone?

abhi: she said she will go to her house .

pra: then no problem .

alia: I’m ready let’s go

pragya looked at abhi in confusion.

abhi: I said her I will drop.

pragya smiled.

pragya was sitting in balcony with a cup of tea and thinking about the shopping mall incident .

.she thought , i feel he a genuvin guy then why should he lie and am I know him before.

her thought was disturbed by prabha’s call.

prabha: why are you here alone .do you forget today is their day we have plan a surprise for those two?

pra: oh ya ,come sit here.

prabha sat next to her .

pra: do you have any idea?

prabha: for purab I got a surprise.

pra: what’s that?

prabha told her.

pra: that will be a super gift.

prabha smiled brightly : ya it is .but what will we gave for praya?

pra: ………..hey I got it.

prabha: what is it?

pra: I’m not sure.

prabha: tell me.

she told him .prabha became surprised: what?

pra: I’m not sure .but if it is then it will be the best gift for her.

prabh: you are right.

pra: so let’s go.

prabha: OK.

the next day at 12 am.

abhi thought to wish her first so he place e an alaram and it ringed .he suddenly got up from bed and looked at pragya .but she is no where .he thought to call.but he didn’t .he checked her in the room and went out side the room ..he don’t want to disturb others so he didn’t call her name he then went to balcony hoping as she will be there. his hope became true .she was there but not alone with her dear siblings . he watched from distance .they cut the cake and feed each other .he first thought to go there but at the moment he don’t want to go. he don’t want to interfer in in that special moment of their. yes he wished that he should wish her first but now he don’t .he came back to his room .he is sad he thought so many things when he first wish her but it all gone vain .he then lie down on the bed.

morning ,

pra: good morning abhi

she place the coffee on the table of their room.

abhi: ….good …morning.

he get up and took that coffee mug .

pra: …….abhi………

abhi: what?

pra: mmmmmmmmm………..thanks.

abhi: for what

pra: night?

abhi became surprised how she know.

she took alaram and show it.

abhi smiled .

pra: so where is my gift?

abhi: not now .I will give you tonight.

pra: tonight?? but why?……oh is that I celebrate with them at night?

abhi: hey no.

not like that.

pra: then I had a surprise tonight for you?

abhi: what’s that ?

pra: surprise is always surprise.

abhi looked at with a sad face.

pragya shake her head as no.

pra: go today evening we have a party.


sarala : pragya praya …… its time to cut the cake.

pra: yes mom .we are here.

the cake is arranged and the 4 took there place and began to cut .people began to wish them. firstly they feed each other and then sarala .pra a feed abhi prabha feed bulbul. now the surprise time.

purab and praya : where is our gift?

pragya: on minute.

she go inside and come back with a thing which is look like a card is packed .

pragya and prabha together gave that to purab.

purab opened it .it was his wedding card his and alia s marriage card .alia came there.

pragya prabha: so this is our gift for you.

purab hugged them and thanks.

now gift for praya.

prabha go inside and come with a wheelbarrow .it is  decorated and in that barrow a large sack and something is in that sack .praya became surprised.prabha placed it in frond of prayaga.

pra:open it .

prayaga slowly removed the thread at that moment something in the sack began to raise .praya scared and took some step backward .a man came from that sack and

man: happy birthday dear.

praya: arjun?

abhi surprisingly looked at pragya.

pra: yesterday he thought me as praya.

sudddenly arjun fell into his kneel and asked: will you marry me dear?

praya smiled at that moment she went back and said: but we are friends ,right?

all became shocked .purab and prabha turned to pragya’s side .pragya is super shocked .she thought, oh no now this two will kill me. but he said they are in love .

praya: guys no .i was kidding .i want to know who’s idea is this.

pragya sighed in relief.

she turned to arjun and smiled.

arjun looked at her .purab: its yes my brother in law.

pragya: and one more thing we arranged your and purab marriage on the same day.

all smiled .

pra: praya when you said you two are friends huuu i was………

prayaga smiled .: i know that if i say like that sure the one who planned will be center of all the sights .

purab: now why didnt you share this with u. for that you have punishment?

praya looked at him

purab: ok…i also done the same but you gave me punishment .did you forget?

praya: i thought to share this with you in today but from yesterday  evening he didnt pick my calls and didnt replayed any of my messages.

arjun: its because of you.

praya: me .how?

arjun: you didnt told me that you have a lookalike sister.accidenly yesterday i bumped with pragya and she introduce her husband to me.

praya: im sorry.

prabha: but its end only for good right.if not we have think for another gift for her.

bulbul: look praya he dont want to think for you gifts.

praya looked at him angrily

prab: not like that…i…

bul: look he dont have answer.

prabha angrily looked at bulbul.

bulbul: bhai look he is scaring me

abhi: you are the reason baby.

bulbul: nowadays you dont love me (she show fake anger)

purab : guys stop it now lets go for dinner .im hungry.

they went to dinner.

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