Office Romance (OS) by Monaa

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“Ohh God!!  What am i going to do with this Man?? He again forgot to take his lunch..” Twinkle mumbled to herself as she checked the lunch box to make sure everything was in it…

She dashed out of the kitchen and ran towards the main door, and quickly got out of the house towards the car where the driver was standing reading a newspaper… And asked him to take her to Kunj’s office..

She didn’t know that she was going to be returning home with hickeys on her neck and a red face…

Kunj sat in his office feeling frustrated. Why? Because he was missing his wife ofcourse.

It has only been an hour since he arrived at the office, and he was missing her already. He closed his eyes and rubbed his temples, when images of him and Twinkle in an intimate position flashed in his mind..

“DAMNIT!… I told her not to send me office.. But madam being admant send  me here.. away from herself.. Grrr”  he said out loud as he was frustrated..

“Mrs. Twinkle Kunj Sarna.. Tonight you are going to get your punishment  tonight for sending me away from you” he thought with a slight smirk…

Just then he saw Twinkle enter the office with an …angry expression?..

Then he saw the lunch box in her hands..

“Oh shit!…crap i forgot my lunch again!…?..damn ..Kunj.. Today you are gone for sure…” he said to himself before quickly sitting back in his chair and pretending to look busy …

“MR KUNJ SARNA!!!…” he looked up to find him self looking at the beauty of his wife, even though she was completely angry at the moment..

“Vo Twinkle.. I am sorry..i know I forgot my lunch…” he said calmly…

“This is the fourth time this week Kunj… how can you be so careless..?? ” she went on and on as she made her way towards him and put the tiffin on his table and kept her hands on table in Anger..

“Why should i care, when i know i have my Twinki with me to take care of me.. Haina?” He said romantically comming closer to her…

He put his hands over hers and smiled at her..

“To hell with your Twi.. ” She was interrupted by a sudden kiss from his Man.

She was first too shocked to speak or move. Then she slowly started kissing her back when se felt demand and desire in his kiss…

Oh how he had been missing her all morning and here he got the opportunity to be close to her again.. Thank to this lunchbox which i forgot in the morning..

He grinned in between the kiss as he started moving forwards, taking her backwards until they fell on the couch.

He balanced himself on his hands as he came on top of her completely, still not leaving her lips..

She moaned his name as he plunged his tongue into her sweet mouth to taste her.

She moved her hands all over his chest and then finally grabbed his hair as he bit her bottom lip and then sucked on it…

“I love you Twinkle…you drive me crazy..” he whispered as he broke the kiss and continued his sweet assault on her jaw and then her neck.

He lightly bit her throat then soothed the reddening area with a flick of his tongue.

He continued to suck and kiss her neck, throat and now bare shoulders until he was panting for breath and let her go…

He looked over at her and saw her chest and shoulders marked by him as his territory and he didn’t miss her swollen full lips either that were only his to touch and kiss. Their eyes met and they smiled at each other..

Kunj placed a light kiss on her lips and murmured “mine”..

He then began placing kisses all over her face and kept whispering “mine”
He moved his lips towards her visible cleavage and began placing open mouthed kisses on it..

“Kunjjj..” she moaned out loud…

“See Twinki…you are getting punished for sending me to office in the morning without my morning kiss…” he said in between his kisses..

She shied sensing his teasings and hugged him hiding her red face in his chest..

He couldn’t resist his red tomato but to eat it… (wink). He parted from the hug and again kissed her hungrily..

They continued to kiss each other all over the places…as they moaned each other’s name…

Completely blocking out the world, they kissed and made out as if it was their last day on earth..

They were two bodies and one soul who could never become apart..

They loved each other immnesly, greatly and deeply…

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  1. wow mona is back with other os….
    twinj romance was outstanding….too hot
    luved it ….
    plz post more os….
    luv u

    1. Monaa

      Thank you dear.. Wilk be posting os as and when i will get time

  2. Cheena2001Cp

    Monaa darling, you have no idea about how much I am loving these shots by you!!!

    It was beautiful and sensuous!!! ??

    Do write more!!!

    1. Monaa

      Thak u so much darling… And u have no idea how much i m loving ur comments… Will write as and when i willbe free.. Thank u

  3. Love it
    It was sooo hot ??
    Plz post more one shots
    Love u❤❤

  4. SSK

    Another amazing OS by you, please do write more. I am loving it. 🙂

  5. It was cute and romantic

  6. Superb hai post next new os soon little longer is please it’s my request ?

  7. Vibhu

    Do write more.

  8. Baby

    god monnaa diii ?
    i love u so much ?
    n these chotu chotu shots are becoming cuter and hotter day by day ? ? ?
    loving it and this one was toh super se bhi upar
    awesome keep posting and keep smiling ??

  9. Shalu Choudhary

    Superb dear and come soon with another

  10. Awesome os hot hai sorry for not commenting all twinj ff writers actually Iwas out of town forgive me

  11. Hi monaa dear thanks for a great os keep writing and entertain ur writer but sorry for saying this but I felt it was a bit short but it awsm their romance and everything was awsm thanks for posting dear love u could write some this type of ff too ple u can write many nice ff if u try ple accept my request a nd lots of love

  12. Woooooooow.
    I love your os as well as you. ???

  13. Presha

    Osm di

  14. Awesome os dear
    Plzzzz write more
    Luvvv u

  15. Awesome

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