Sirf Ruhi ke liye : IshRa Love (YHM) – Story Till Now

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Hey guys it’s Venus here and I know I am a little too late to update my FF but today I am here to give you a story till now with our ishra …so hope you enjoy….. I want your all support..

Ruhi playing in the playground
Ruhi: hello guys I am yours own Ruhi and this this ff which is titled sirf Ruhi ke liye: Ishra love is story of my Pyari ishima and khadoos papa sorry I am not allowed to call him like that (sad)

Ishita coming towards Ruhi
I: hey Roo so sad I am here and your papa will also be with you, I promise
R: pakka na
I: Ruhi pakka.
Roo kiss Ishita and run away

I : so it’s a pretty long time we have met but I still hope you haven’t forgotten me because of the current track in yhm…i am yours Ishita and here…it is a story of our friendship to relationship to break up

Raman : and confrontation again… why did you left that JKR..

I : what are you doing here Ravan Kumar..
R : I am here to check if you are lying to them… about anything as you are born to lie..

I :ey…(Pointing her finger at him)
R : what aah??(angrily)
I : nothing (scared) then sitting here..
She made place in the bench and both of them get together after long time…

I : So to start with I came to Delhi with Ruhi to claim her father
R : And I just disowned her (he looked at Ishita )
and you know why…
moving from the eye contact
Ishita : so my helper is my college bestie and brother Mihir
R : Who is my brother in law
I : Ok sir ji please
R :Oh I also have a help my sweet best friend Aarti…she is way better than anyone… I should have trusted her more than my love

Ishu broken inside..

I : Look she is also my bestie so don’t be oversmart…ok Raman Kumar

R : correction..was your bestie(smirked)

R :Hey in this ,there are many flashbacks there are flashback scene in flashbacks…that is past present (i agree they are confusing, don’t tell Venus..)
Me : hmm…
R : (scared) I was telling… they all add essence to our love story.. We do hate each other but there’s still something in our heart that connect our souls…

Ishita looking at Raman
R : Just being filmy… Don’t overReact…else Venus may hurt me..

I : the first episode starts with my Bala getting some flashes which is muted conversation with my Amma..he is looking worried..

R :added Aarti wife of Ashok Khanna and her life is horrible

In the second episode starts with me reach Delhi with Ruhi.. Mihir is my helping hand and we discussed about changes in…you Know who..(pointing at Raman)
And we reached his house

R : that’s not only the thing in episode 3 she stormed in to my house and told my father that I was her daughter’s father which is definitely not true…

I ahah..
R :aa
R : poor me I was relaxing on the mountains
I : relaxing or sightseeing of ladies
R : wow madrasan kya Sahi Pakda…
Ishita playfully hit him
R( in mind ) actually I was thinking about you you…my love..

I :Raman can we continue..
Raman asked her to proceed

I : In episode 4 … confrontation with Raman and here comes the flashback hero…where it is proven that we were college mates and I was even was invited in simis marriage you know

R : it’s because of your relation with mihir nothing else that day itself…I had announced that you have no place in my heart while my papa feeling sorry about you… allowed you to stay in my mansion..the true I am father of that kid

I :In episode 5
R :Oh wait wait madrasan I will see about that.. now go and bring some water for me…

I : haha I am not ur slave ok
R : but you once loved me please give me some but I will die out of thirst..
I : Oh drama king OK I will bring… hey guys don’t believe everything he said .. OK
Ishu goes inside the mansion

R : hey guys in episode 7 you may all know.. it is revealed that Shagun is my fiance.. if that Madrasan comes to know this..she will kill Shagun and go to jail
In that you can also see Our last meet FB… Where I was heartbroken
(a lone Tear escaped from his eyes..))

I : Hey here is your water
R : Best part of the episode haha (excited)Aarti slapped her hahaha..

Ishu remembering the slap and the after effect
I : haha so funny(irritated).

I : In episode 7 we can see that my best friend Aarti siding him..what the hell and best part of that episode where I on Kick on his back… Hahaha
R : Ye joke tha I don’t like jokes
I : don’t like you…
And both of them fighting pulling each others their hairs and stuck..

Me: guys camera is rolling

R : Oh sorry Venus she started it ask her to stop you made her an ideal that she is making it worse
I :Venus you know the thing na
Me : I know everything please continue…

R : Ok ok in episode 6 we can also see that we were in case on 13th feb 10 years before without no one knowing it only attended by my sujamma and the orphanage children?
(in mind ?you guys this year it was mine and shagun’s engagement date…)

I : Episode 7 had 4 parts is the wonderful part of our friendship and love… it was a flashback episode .. where it is seen our first day at college… our friendship progressing and his and mine confession after a lot of misunderstanding…
Raman remembering the slap and holding his cheek

I : In episode 8 it is revealed that Mihir and Simmu were husband and wife and Me revealing the engagement secret to Mihir
I was invited for shagun’s roka
R :It was mine too (in mind)

I : Episode 9 l…what happened in episode 9
R : Oh nothing… much don’t worry about that.. it’s so it was just a useless episode ( to audience the most important episodes me and Arati talking and planning to know the truth…)

R : In episode 10 I don’t know
(in mind ideas ideas and plans (winking at the audience))
R : you have to say something ishu..
I : nothing to audience
(in mind I found how much he loves me he still has that when I gifted him….)

R : In episode 11 it reveals about our after college life all for aam flat and work in the same company…
I : Also here Shravan and Ruhi missing each other…
Me (to the audience in Whisper) :and Bala leaving for Delhi

R : In Episode 12 had 4 parts… engagement day
I : whose??
R : I don’t know I don’t know( asking audience don’t tell her through expression s)
R : In the hall I’m met Khushi…a sweet sister of mine… she was really sweet and cute.. we shared many things and she even invited me for her wedding

I : how sweet… Calling khadoos Kumar like you…for auspicious occasion…. she is really sweet you know her..
R : you know her..
I : no
R : then just shut up
I : Mmmm
R : Here our best friends Aarti’s and mihir life was revealed..
Me : There were also some ishra moments…

R : In episode 13 Mine and Aarti bonding is seen and she (pointing at at ishu)was blo*dy upset with us… I don’t know why..
Ishita :(angry )you may?..don’t know why I know why..
Me : sad ishra moment that day

R : In episode 14.. It was a promo with our favourite song Main Phir Bhi tumko chahunga …it had many beautiful memories you know…
Ishu coughed..

R : Episode 15 plan ( spilled the beans..oh god..stupid me..)
I : Plan?
R : Ishu I forgot to tell… that girl was asking for you ok…
I : oh..I am going ..bye..
And Ishita goes from there…

R : Hey guys so I am Raman Kumar Bhalla your own Ravan Kumar…. you all me …know episode 15…onwards it’s our plan to find the truth…so now we are at the railway station waiting for one of my college mate for our planA but the thing is that I got memories of a first train journey which happen quite a long ago before Simmi and Mihir marriage…

R : episode 16 there are three parts .. them is already being shown…In the FB this seen that she and me has fought and she plan to go to Chennai…. I followed her… there we encounter with our senior Vivek and we are taken to another flashback… that is our college life… here last College day and we made a whole scene out of it… Many more Chennai tales are coming…. do stay tuned to know and unlock the hidden secrets.. there are many mysteries surrounding that girl and ishu ….so help me and Aarti to get it solved ..

Ishu came with broom stick
I : Hey Ravan Kumar… who called me you said you…liar…
R : ? I said…I thought that the girl called you… that’s it…nothing else… then why are you planning to clean the whole ground now
I : ??I am not here to clean the ground I am here to clean your brain…Liar…
and he hit him with broom ??
and he starts to rum…
R : hey pagal Aurat…stop it.. someone help me ..Venus..
Me : sorry Raman out of my control…?
R : then please pray for me for not beaten up to death by her…(and he runs)
I : ok bye guys… I have some cleaning works to do(she runs after him with broomstick)

Me : episode 8 it is also revealed that Shagun wants only money and want to take revenge from Raman through Ishita..while Ashok thinks Raman as Aarti’s bf..

Hope this helped you guys to remember something about my FF… Now so I will surely update the FF on 4th May…
so hoping to see everyone at that time….


BONUS : A Promo


Ishita (crying) : i can’t live without you …Raman pls open your eyes….

Is it from past or present stay tuned to find out…….

PS I’m sorry I had entrance and 12th examination that’s why I couldn’t complete it….and i know my english sucks please give feedbacks to improve it…..

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    happy to see u back.missed this very much.plz update regularly.cant wait 4 the updates

  2. VeNus2574

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    1. Jasminerahul

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  3. Superb will be waiting for update feeling really good seeing u after long time

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      Thq Jyoti..trying really hard to reach all yours expectations

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