“That Unknown Feeling” – Chapter 1: Guilt

Hey Guys! Most of you guys know me as “kriyam rocks” in the comments 😉 This is the first chapter of my first ff ever, so I’m pretty excited. The first 2-3 chapters will be more of an introduction or prologue to get to know the characters. Also, in this ff, Sayyam will be a bit more mellow and softer on the outside (read: less evil than he was at first). So here it is:


‘No…no’ thought Sayyam, as he reeled back, as if he’d been punched square in the chest. His thoughts scattered into a flurry of emotions. He glanced up at the picture on the screen. That picture. The pain visible on Suhani’s face was raw and tangible. He had trouble breathing and looked at his mother, shattered. What had he done? He knew exactly what he’d done. He had trusted his father; trusted that man who had caused nothing but pain to her. There was a tear rolling down her cheek, and, Sayyam felt the need to wipe it away, to tell this beautiful woman how much he loved her, respected her, how much he felt the need to protect her. He stopped though, thinking bitterly ‘what was there to protect Suhani from, except himself?’

He remembered her words to him clearly, just a few moments ago, telling him that he was the result of his fathers’- he squeezed his eyes shut. He could not be more disgusted with himself, than he was now.

He began to step away, and as if on cue, Yuvraaj gave him a pointed look, and said something that made Sayyam hate the very blood running in his own veins; “People who cannot respect women are not allowed in my house”.

Sayyam turned around and started to leave, when he heard his mother’s pain-laden voice, stopping him in his tracks. He turned his head to the side, not having the courage to look at her directly after everything that had happened; and what his mother said completely ripped apart whatever parts of his heart were still intact; “Get out and don’t come back…I never want to see your face again-’


“Nooo! Maa!” Sayyam jolted awake. His hands were shaking and sweat was trickling down his neck. He had been reliving this moment every night; again, and again, and again. The memory never seemed to let go of him, wherever he went, whatever he did; the guilt killed him…but it was the last thing his mother had said to him that had affected him the most this night. His breathing was heavy and he was curled up in a fetal position, when Suhani burst through the door of his room.

She looked at him, pained to see her son in such a state and knew he was remembering the day she had lashed out at him and told him the truth of his birth, almost a month ago. She had felt so proud to find out that he had gone to the police station to confront his father that day- but it killed her at the same time to know that he blamed himself and hated his very existence because of the pain he had caused everyone.

She inched towards him, and extended her hand to rest on his head. Slowly, he lifted his head to look at her, as if the burden of all Sambhav’s actions and all the pain she had given him, rested on him alone.

“Beta-” she caressed his face tenderly.

“Maa”, he started to cry in front of Suhani for the first time, “Maa, I’m sorry”, he rested his head on her lap. “Please don’t leave, stay with me”.
“Always beta, Hamesha” she smiled a bittersweet smile through her own tears, stroking her son’s hair back away from his face, watching him fall asleep for the first time in twenty years.

Also, this ff will focus on Kriyam, but I’ll have little snippets of the Saisu bond, because the relationship between Sayyam and Suhani has so much potential that the cv’s never really chose to explore. So, yeah! Constructive criticism is appreciated!

Love ya guys!

  1. Aaravjaikar

    Good one .. keep going e..

  2. It was awesome. Beautifully written. Saisu bond was great. Loved it to the core

  3. I loved the saisu bond very nice?

  4. AnahitaAnnie

    Wow… The episode was beautifully written Shreya..loved it from core… Keep writing and can’t wait for the next one…??

    1. Fanficwriter

      Thanks! I’m so glad you liked it?

  5. Shaani

    Nice started… Looking forward for more… Keep writing…

  6. Confusen hai kuch improvement karo

  7. Welcome shreya
    The story cannot be described in mere words. It surely needs something more. All the emotions expressed and unexpressed were supremely well-presented. Its a window to the millions of emotions buried down in a heart that we would surely like to know more about. The episode was perfect in every aspect…

    1. Fanficwriter

      Thank you so much! It means a lot, I’ve always noticed how detailed and sweet you’re comments are on all ffs…glad you liked it! ???

  8. However I meant to ask you…
    How did you fare in the exams shreya? Hope you did well and all of them were smashing. All the papers were fairly easy and good for me. They were truly good.
    How were all your exams?
    Especially maths?

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      Yeah, the exams were good, I liked Literature and Math a lot…but they were all awesome?
      Good to know that the exams were ‘smashing’??
      All the best for your results??

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      Do you know the exact date when the results will be out?

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      I heard it’ll be close to the first week of June…I’m not sure though?


    I was soo excited to read this and im glad i waited for this because it was so stunning. It literally became one of my favourites within seconds. I dont think i have the vocabulary worthy of praising this work just i just have to say how much i loved the mother and son bond and how beautifully you depicted it. Im in love. Hats off name twin ???

    1. Fanficwriter

      Thnx ‘name twin’?
      It really means a lot, cause you are an incredible writer yourself (especially when you’re expressing the character’s emotions?) so I’m glad you liked my writing?

  10. Fidato

    Shreya…No words to express… Absolutely.. Fabulous.. nice start.. really ryt about saisu bonding.. want to see more.. .
    Amazingly written…

  11. Saisu bond was really superb…(I lyk the name u gave to there bond saisu ?)…Beautifully written shreya… Superb epi…u expressed their bond so beautifully …no words I am in ? wid this chapter

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