Ek kaahani Saathiya (Part-16)

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Recap: Ragini says to her mom that she got a job she hugs her her moms face is not shown

In Ragini’s house
Ragini says to her mom that she will get freshen up and come
Ragini’s mom goes to a dark room and stands in front of a photo
She says Raghav I am sorry even we hav lots of properties I am sending our daughter to work
(Harshad Chopra’s)photo is shown. She says if they get to know we are here then they will kill us so we are living like common people here emotional bg music plays . she says its 17 years u left us I am missing u a lot I am not able to give our daughter both father&Mothers love she cries only her eyes and lips are shown.

In modi Bhavan
Kokila brings Urvashi home
Jaggi: maa u here
Kokila: Jaggi from today u both will live here only
Jaggi: maasi but
Kokila: no more questions I want to correctmy mistake and I want to give urs right
Urvashi sees ahem’s photo and says jaggi&ahem exactly look same
Kokila gets emotional thinking abt ahem
Gopi comes there
Kokila make gopi meet Urvashi they greet each other
Urvashi sees gopi and Jaggi talking and smiles

In Suruavanshi House Morning
Priyal asks vidya I want ice cream maa
Vidya: priyal you should not eat ice cream in morning
Priyal: maa no I want to eat now only plz take me to ice cream parlour
Vidya: priyal no
Priyal goes near meera and say maasi plz tel maa to give me ice cream
Meera: vidya take priyal to ice cream parlour na
Priyal: maasi call medha&Arav also
Meera: no priyal they have light fever and cold so they cant eat ice cream u go
Vidya and Priyal leave in car
Driver is shown driving the car some4 goons is shown following them in bike
They reach ice cream parlour vidya gets a call and answers a call
The goons who came in bike calls priyal she goes near them
Goons show her ice cream she gets happy but they go back they lifts priyal and run
Vidya sees that and screams priyal and runs behind them
Goons stop and surround vidya they laugh loudly
One goon comes near vidya and tries to touch her priyal shouts maa
Vidya shouts plz some one help us
One woman comes there and spray pepper to every ones eyes all goons screams plz stop it its hurting
Vidya closes her eyes
The womens face is revealed its(RUCHA HASABNIS) hey mohan giridhari song plays in back ground

Precap: some one is shown slapping the goons very hard Goons says sorry some one sprayed pepper into our eyes so they escaped

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  1. Asra

    awesome dear…

    1. Siddharth

      Thanks a lot Asra?

  2. Riana

    OMG!!….I knew it will be Awsome today❤❤❤…RUCHA is backkkk….Precap is Gooooood ?????

    1. Siddharth

      Thanks a lot Raina?.

  3. Riana

    Hey Sid…pls share ur view in my Senk ff…i will be waiting ???

    1. Siddharth

      Hi Raina i have commented in Saathiya ek nahi kaahani ?.its good and Congratulations for completing 1 year???

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