Pyaar the feeling of love (part-21)

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I’m back after loooong time. hope you still remember my ff……..
Sorry for taking long break, but it coz of personal issues.

Link to previous part: Part 20 Here

Now its 4 months that raglak are married. Everything is perfectly fine. Ragini and Anjali are maintaining the family, whereas lakshya and Arjun are involved in expanding their business. All elders are happy seeing their children happy. And of course they are having happy family time, dp’s late night ice-cream treats , dadaji and lakshya’s nok-jok. Arjali, raglak, swasan, riyush(riya and aayush) hangouts.

@night mm
All are having dinner, ragini and Anjali are serving them. Then Anjali also sits next to Arjun, but poor ragini is waiting for her lovely hubby.
Dp: you also join us, lakshya will be late today.
Arj: ha laado , he will be late today. Its not good for your health, come and have your food.
Rag: no bahiyya. Its ok I will have it with lakshya.
Arj: but……
Anj: offo Arjun. Let her wait na. she wont listen to anybody. You know nowadays ragu has become more stubborn and lucky has become more workaholic.
Rag: babhi lakshya has become workaholic for sure, but I am not stubborn.
Anj: ha, ha I can see that.
Rag: bahiyya………….
Arj: ha anju, laado is not more stubborn(ragini grins ) but she is less stubborn.
All laughs out aloud while ragini pouts.

Later at night, almost 1am.
Lakshya enters mm all exhausted. With loose tie, top two buttons of his shirt was open, messy hairs, bag in his hand. As soon as he entered, he saw ragini who was sleeping on sofa in sitting position. It took no time for him to understand that his wife has slept waiting for him. he went to her, caressed her hair and gave a lovely kiss on her forehead.
Lak: ragu wake up dear.
Rag: hmmm(in sleepy tone)
Lak: ragu lets go to our room, then you can sleep as much as you want.
Ragini slowly opened her eyes, then she saw lakshya, and straightened herself. The sight of lakshya all tired and exhausted pinched her heart. Next anger took over
Rag: go and get fresh and come I will arrange the dining table
Lak: no ragu. I am tired. Lets go and sleep
Rag: for your kind information Mr. Maheshwari, I did not asked you. I am telling you to do it.
Lak: ok ok cool. Why are you getting angry. I will be back in 2 min
Rag: better.
@dining table
Lakshya came and saw Ragini arranging two plates. He understood she dint had her dinner. Now it was his turn to get angry
Lak: so you did not had your dinner
Rag: hmmm(sensing that he was mad at her)
Lak: you…….
Before he could say anything or rather scold her, she hugged him and chirped a sorry. He hugged her back and sighed.
Lak: ragini you know i hate it when you neglect your health. But still….
Ragini broke the hug and kissed his cheeks
Rag: exactly the same way I hate it when you neglect your health lakshya. I am happy that you are responsible and taking care of all of us. I know you are working for us. but its important to take care of yourself too. I feel guilty, coz somewhere I am the reason for you becoming workaholic. I am not able to take care of you. I am failing to be a good wife.
Lakshya hugged her immediately
Lak: ragu plz don’t say that. You are the best wife ever a man can get. Plz don’t blame yourself. Ok from now on I will not work late night, but you should promise me that you will not skip your meals and you will not wait for me if I am late.
Rag: ok I will not skip my meals but I will wait for you and you cannot stop me.
Lak: ragu…
Rag: no more arguments.

Their nok-jok continues. Then had dinner and went to their room. This was all seen by arjali.
Anju: Arjun have you ever thought out lucky would become this much responsible. I even doubted that he would join office, let go taking care of our business.
Arj: hmmm. You know what anju, love has that power to change a person. Our lucky is not an exception.
Anju: hope they support each other like this in every thick and thin of their life.
Arj: of course they will. But whats bothering me is lucky’s growing arrogance and possessiveness. When it is the matter of laado, he wont think twice before acting. You know yesterday in office, one of our business client saw ragini’s photo in office. He took that in his hands and caressed it and said beautiful. And was about to kiss her photo. To his bad luck I and lucky came there and lucky, he made that person’s condition such worse, if we dint stop him then that person would have been dead by now for sure. I know what ever that person did was not right but this was not the way to sort it out. I am just worried for him… if this continues then…
Anju: Arjun let it be, and I don’t think lucky was wrong. Will you be quite if it was my photo?
Arj: obviously no. but lucky acted to the extreme extent. It anything would have happened to that person then lucky would have been in danger. There were other ways to deal with it.
Anju: hmm. Don’t worry he will understand.

Percap: lakshya’s growing possessiveness. How will ragini react to it…..

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