Kriyam(Love, a beautiful relationship) Episode 18

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*****Next day*****
Krishna and Saiyyam both wake up. They didn’t said anything or looked at each other.
They both had a shower and joined everyone at the break fast table.

Suhani: So, did you all enjoyed the party.
Yuvaani: Of course maa.
Suhani: What about you. Saiyyam and Krishna.
Both together: Yes, it was nice.
( They both felt ackward).

They ate break fast and went back to their rooms. Krishna gets a call.
Krishna: Hello, who’s talking.
Os: I have arrived on airport and I will be their at your house.
Krishna: But who are you talking? Hello? Hello?

She cuts the call.
Krishna: Must be wrong number.
Saiyyam: Can you press my clothes. These are not pressed.
Krishna: Um.. Sure

She pressed the clothes and he got ready.

All the birla family was in the hall. Suddenly, there was a knock on door. Ramesh opened the door.

There was complete silence as she walked in. Suddenly Krishna shouts..

Krishna: Els, you here. What a pleasant surprise.
Elsa: Hmm..
They hugged each other.

Suhani: Who is she beta?
Krishna: She is my best friend. We were in college and than she to America. I call her els.
She greets everyone.

Elsa: Sorry, for disturbing you. I have came to India for some business and thought to surprise Krish.

Elsa was wearing a short knee length dress with hairs open. She had done a light makeup. (Guys, she is more modern than Krishna but are good friends)

Krishna: You have changed so much els.
Elsa: Of course, while living in America, we have to change our life style.

They talk for a while.
Suhani: So, are you married?
Elsa: No aunty, I don’t want to marry now.

She gets a call. She talks and cuts. She had a sad expression on face.
Suhani: what happened?
Elsa: Aunty, my booking in a hotel cancelled ad they told today that there are no room.
Krishna: Um.. So you can stay with me here. What do you think aunty?
Suhani: Its a nice idea. You can stay in guest room.
Elsa: No please, I don’t want to be a burden. I will arrange something.
Krishna: No, when your friend is here so why will you stay in any hotel. Please na stay here.
Elsa: If you insist. Then I will stay.
Krishna: Yayyy.
Suhani: Krishna, go and show her guest room and tell driver to carry her luggage.
Krishna: OK. Come els.

They both go to room. They talk for a while.
Krishna: Now you take rest and get refreshed. I will make your fav food.
Elsa: Thankyou for having Me live here .
Krishna: No need.

She goes while Elsa freshs up.
Time skips to night time. Whole birla family was sitting for dinner. Elsa was also there. Saiyyam comes there.

Saiyyam: Maa, who is she?
Krishna: Let me introduce you. Saiyyam, she is my bestie from college and els he is Saiyyam, my husband.
Saiyyam felt a happiness in his heart that finally she called him as his husband.

Saiyyam: Hello. Nice to meet you.
They both shack hands.
Els: Wow Krish, you made my favourite Chinese.
Krishna: Saiyyam also like it.
Saiyyam: Yeah, it is delish.
Krishna: Um.. Thanks.

Everyone did dinner and Saiyyam went to his room. He started to work on laptop. Suddenly, the flashback of last night’s happenings comes in front of eyes. How, they both were close.
Saiyyam’s POV:
I don’t know what happens to me. I feel so happy when Krishna IAS happy and sad when she is sad. What are these feelings. Maa always said, we close our eyes and whoever comes infront as image that is the true love.
POV ended.

He closed his eyes and all his moments with Krishna came in front of his eyes. How they fall, married.
He opened his eyes.
Saiyyam: So Krishna comes in front of my eyes that means. (He exclaimed in joy) That means this is love. I love her. I love her .????

He was so happy. Yuvaani comes there.
Yuvaani: What happened bhai. Why are you so happy?
Saiyyam: Yuvaani! At last I found my love. My life, my everything.
Yuvaani: Krishna??
Saiyyam: Yes.
Yuvaani: I am happy for you. So you tell her.
Saiyyam: Not yet but I will soon. But she just hates me.
Yuvaani: No, she don’t. I have seen care and concern for you.
Saiyyam: OK. I will soon tell her.
Yuvaani: Good luck for that.

While in Elsa’s room.
Elsa: Wow, that Saiyyam is so dashing and hot. How can he choose Krishna. She is so uncool.( guys, she just pretends to be Krishna’s bestie but hates her and is jealous) I will snatch him from her.

She gave an evil smile.

Episode ends.
Elsa trying to snatch Saiyyam and her plan.

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  1. That elsa?ahhh but good episode❤

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    Cool one… love it

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  3. Really nice…. loved it
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  4. AnahitaAnnie

    That Elsa is a witch ??. More than Saiyyam I was happy that he realised his love. Looks like jealousy track is coming up….like always ur episode was fantastic…keep writing and can’t wait for the next one…

  5. Shaani

    Thank god… Sayyam realized his love for Krishna… And this Elsa… She is very bad..
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  6. Sayyam’s love will nullify all of elsa’s advances. His pure heart and true love will never allow this modern damsel to succeed. If his love is strong then it will surely help him win over all opposition. After all his family is with him and this elsa is with him. Krishna has not expressed but it is true that she has a place for sayyam in her heart. This elsa is sure to make krishna realise sayyam’s worth and her feelings.

  7. Nice episode dear

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