I really love you(a twinj story) chapter 16

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Here is the 16th episode..


It was evening….girls were in the kitchen with usha….helping her to prepare the dinner…..after sometime usha went as the girls insisted that they wud prepare the dinner…
Payal asked twinkle and mahi dat which sabzi shuld they make…..mahi said
Mahi: payal bhindi ki sabzi banaye kya…
Payal: hmm dat wud b gud…wat say twinkle..
Twinkle:umm if u want u can make but i dont like bhindi at all….
Mahi:twinkle….tuje pata hai ye bhai ki favourite sabzi hai…
Listening to this twinkle looked at mahi in disbelief and quickly said..
Twinkle: no no bhindi ki sabzi hi banayenge…
Payal and mahi laughed at her….(guyzz bhindi is my favourite sabzi now?????)
They decided that mahi and payal wud make butter chicken and twinkle was making bhindi?????….
After sometime they prepared the dinner and went in the hall….
Kunj saw twinkle and asked her..
Kunj: where wer u??
Twinkle : vo i was in kitchen preparing dinner…
Kunj: ohh tuje khana banana bhi ata hai kya…
Twinkle: what do u mean…ofcourse i know….not like u…
Kunj: not like me..to fir to tuje pakka nai ata…coz i know to make food…
Twinkle: haha..joke of the decade..???
Kunj: dat was nt a joke….okay
Twinkle: achha…lekin muje to laga joke tha…
They quarelled for sometime and then twinkle went up to mahi’s room as she was calling her….

After sometime manohar came so all got settled at the dining table for dinner….
While dinner twinkle’s phone ringed…it was leela’s call so she went to recieve it…
After 5 mins she came back wid a sad face…usha asked her wat leela told…
Twinkle: umm mamma said dat day after tommorrow dad is going kerala for some work and yuvi bhai is also accompanying him so she said dat me n chinki hav to go back tommorrow at taneja mansion…
Listening to dis everyone got sad as they had quite gelled up good wid twinkle and chinki…
Usha: its ok beta…tum dono wapas ana ok…and tommorrow u both go after having dinner only..ur manohar uncle will drop u…
Twinkle and chinki nodded and then all completed their dinner…

All retired to their rooms…twinkle had a gloomy face…as she didnt wanted to go but she knew if not tommorrow den one or the other day she had to go to her house…
It was morning…after breakfast the girls went back to room as twinkle had to pack her stuff….
While packing twinkle was finding her charger but she was nt getting it…so she asked mahi..
Twinkle: mahi did u see my charger anywere..
Mahi: ur charger…ummm..ha i gave it to kunj bhai…he came to ask for one and i needed mine so i gave him urs…
Twinkle: yah dats fyn…but plzz can u go get it from him…vo muje bag me rakhna hai…
Mahi: u only go na…usme kya hai..
Twinkle: nai vo me ye pack kar rai hu na….soo tum le aao
Mahi: twinkle y dont u tell dat u don wanna face bhai..
Twinkle kept silent…
Mahi: speak up..
Twinkle: yes i dont wanna face him…agar abhi jaungi to mujse rona control nai hoga…and i dont want him to know abt all these..
Mahi: but why..
Twinkle: no jab tak me uski feelings k bare me sure nai ho jati…i wont say anything…(she said all this crying)
Mahi: achha leave all dis…u stop crying…i ll get the charger ok..
Twinkle nodded and mahi went….
She came after few mins nd gave the charger to twinkle…later twinkle completed her work and then she was jus sitting and talking to mahi…payal had gone to usha’s sister house who lives opposite to sarna mansion…

Mahi said twinkle dat
Mahi: twinkle its ok yaar…dnt b sad…tum chali jaogi..but u can still talk to bhai na..
Twinkle: no mahi..i cant..
Mahi: q..i mean u can talk on phn na..
Twinkle: vo i will give my phn to mom as again school is der..and i ve to concentrate…
Mahi: par twinkle….den wat will u do..
Twinkle: nthing…ab kya ho sakta hai…its ok leave it…if it wud b in my favour den i ll get ur bro…or else leave it to god..
Mahi: tu meri ek baat sunn…see i have a logic…look i met ur bro 1 year before and i liked him from then and after 1 year i m with him….soo tu to abhi abhi bhai se mili hai na..so after ur 1 year gets completed u wud also get bhai…….
Mahi said clapping her hands..
Twinkle laughed at her and said she is mad(seriously mahi is a dumbo..uske logics to usko hi samajh ate hai…but ye wala logic sahi tha?????)

They talked for a long time and then went down as it was time for dinner…while going down twinkle saw kunj…he smiled at her and she too smiled at him…

Then all gathered at dining table and sat for having dinner…
Usha: manohar ji…aaj to ladkiyo ne khana banaya hai..
Manohar:ohh dats really nice…well aaj to zyada khana padega..
All laughed and den started eating…while eating twinkle was just watching kunj…
He was eating only bhindi..
Twinkle’s p.o.v
Yaar isko bhindi itni pasand hai kya sirf bhindi hi kha raha hai kabse…butter chicken ko to dekh b nai raha..well achha hai he liked it….ab isko itni pasand hai to me b try kar leti hu…

Thinking this twinkle also took bhindi and ate it smiling at kunj…
After dinner all gathered in the hall and wer nw bidding bye to twinkle and chinki…
Twinkle was controlling hard to not cry…
She hugged usha and then payal and shreya…den she came to kunj…she saw him and tears brimmed out of her eyes…she side hugged kunj and den said a bye….and then they went outside…
Manohar was waiting in the car for them twinkle went near the car and again hugged mahi and then they sat in the car and left for taneja mansion…
In the car twinkle was just staring outside the window and was crying a lot remembering kunj and their moments…
They reached taneja mansion and then manohar also left and then the girls went to their room..


Precap: chinki to get know abt all..??

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  8. Fatima soo cutteee
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