“What changes do you want in this room Annika”- Shivaay Singh Oberoi asked,”This will be your room after three days”.
Annika looked at her Billuji. Then back at the room. The white curtains,the blue back ground glowing with the reflection of pool water,the pool side,orange couch…every thing looked so perfect.
“No change is needed here”- Annika whispered,”Its perfect just the way it is”.
“Just like you”- Shivaay said.
“No like my Shivaay”- she claimed him as her for the first time.
“I want to change only one thing Annika”- He hide his amusement,”the bed is too large. I am ordering a small one today”.
“You besharam “- Annika accused,”Shameless Singh Oberoi”.
“Bhaiyya!!”- Rudra entered,”I want help from bhabhi for decoration of main hall. I am taking her with me now”.
“After three days I will lock her with me in this room and no one can take her away”- Shivaay consoled himself,”We will be a married couple then”.
“Rudra..”- Dadi shouted,”Come soon”.
“I am asking help from Annika bhabhi for her own marriage”-Rudy smiled,”She is the best wedding planner after all”.
Shivaay smiled sarcastically and pulled both the ears of agent Ruddy,”I am calling love Angel for our marriage”.
Dadi arrived then to witness the delicious kawab with a skeleton in between them.
“Chal khotiyya”- Dadi take her Ru away from the couple,”I am tolerating this for now. after marriage you will not come here”.
“If this continues even after marriage”- Pinky put her hand on her head,” Oh my maatha is not far it seems”.
“Pinky”- Shakti asked,”How did Rudy did your Oh my maatha?”
“This khottiya is always interfering in between Shivaay and Annika”- Dadi informed,”the dream Pinky had for her kanji eyed grand son is far away when he is there”.
“I am also eager for that Dadi”- Rudra protested,”I want to become a Chotey uncle soon”.
“What are you doing soon Rudra?”- Tej entered,”I also want to know your interest”.
“Nothing ….I want to become nothing”- Rudra ran away,”I am better at what I am already”.
“Ha ha…”-All laughed out as Rudra became afraid of his Amresh Puri father.
“Chulbul bring that roses and orchid here”- Omkara ordered.
“This is so beautiful”- Gouri took the flower near her jatadhari hippi,”Omkaraji here is the flowers”.
“Now go to art gallery and see if they complete the statue I asked them to paint with colour”.
“Which Idol “- Chulbul inquired,”I mean I need to know about it to supervise the progress”.
“Parvathi devi”- Omkara gave information,”I want to surprise all on the wedding day”.
“I am going to art gallery now”- Gouri went away soon.
The smile,happiness,
shouting,pulling legs,teasing,arrangement all is new to her..
“This is what people felt during marriage..environment of a happy marriage house”- Gouri muttered,”I never saw it.. this feeling is priceless”.
“Hey Shankarji”- She fold her hand in a namaskaram pose “Bless bade bhaiyya and Annika didi with all the happiness in this world”.
“My jatadhari will be happy if his family is happy”-she resumed ,”I will be happy at his happiness”.
“Chulbul”-Omkara sounds worried from the other side of the mobile,”you reached safely or not”.
“Haan haan Omkaraji…I reached here and the statue is almost completed”.
“Did you see the statue”- He asked further,”now tell me the name of the idol there”.
“Gouri”- She answered,”the statue is more then perfect and beautiful”.
“Gouri…”- The name remind Om of a girl almost covered with blood.. still a brave and smart girl…
“Gouri”- he whispered,”wife of …”
“Wife of Shankarji…”- She hided her tears behind her stupid smile and white glowing teeth.
“Take care Chulbul and come home soon”-Om show his care to his best buddy…
“Wife is the only best friend for life”….
“Hello…”- Rudra entered the studio,”I want to meet Love angel”.
“She is not here…”- the girl at reception informed,”leave any message for her”.
“I came to give this to her”- Rudra showed the wedding card in his hand,”I am here to invite her for my brother’s marriage”.
“She will not come on the mentioned date”- the girl informed,”Its her brother’s marriage on the same day”.
He took the address from the same girl and left soon to meet his love Angel…he badly need to…invite her to his brother’s marriage… her brother can marry on some other day….
“Is there any more thing you want to do in our marriage Annika”-Shivaay sat on the same couch where she was sitting,”any desire for your marriage”.
“Marriage was the last thing on my mind till the time I met you”-Annika stiffened in her place..his nearness.. damn his nearness…and damn her reaction to his presence…
“She was busy in doing the barbadi of others..”- Saahil is a naughty kid.. and more filmy when needed,”shaadi.. barbadi”…
“You are a sweet and cute darling”- Soumya pulled the chubby soft cheek of Saahil.
This time a full packet of cadburry shots burst on his face….
“You are also an angel”-Saahil complimented.
“Angel…”- Rudra shouted after sitting on another couch after returning from his important work of searching love angel…
“My Love Angel is coming for your wedding Annika bhabhi”- Rudra shared his feelings,”its her brother’s marriage on the same day but I will search and make her come here for your wedding ceremony”.
“You gave her the invitation”- Shivaay chuckled at the craziness of his brother,”Is she coming sure?”
“She was not in the studio today but I got her address from the reception”- Rudra gave him the paper with almost all the care of this world….
“What the wuck!!!”- Shivaay trued to tore the paper,” this address is fake one”.
“You are a very successful business man bhaiyya”- Rudy cried,”but there is no logic behind this as I gave my full details there they verified me from Google and gave the address”.
Shivaay gave him the paper back,”go and check your own address Rudra.. both you and love angel are from a same resident and same house … which is not possible”.
“They played very bad joke with you Ru..”- Dadi felt sad for her small grandson…
“Chalak lomdi…”- Rudra closed his one eye at the failure of his effort.. of finding love angel…
“Duffer”- Soumya leaved her breath,”cry baby…”.
“We will find her soon Rudra”-,Omkara consoled,”she will be here for Shivaay’s wedding for sure”.
“She will come sure Rudra”- Soumya laughed,”She will come for sure… for bade bhaiyya’s wedding”.
“Two more days to go”- Shivaay had became perfect in mathematics while counting days for his marriage,”and four more rituals to go..for the final ritual”.
He dragged Annika to pool side.
“Not four Shivaay”- Annika counted,”Sangeeth, Mehendi and Haldi .. three rituals before the main ritual of marriage”.
” Three before marriage but four before the main and important ritual.. “- Shivaay reminded her,”its Sangeeth,Mehemdi,Haldi and Shaadi … all this is in a line before Suhaag raat”…
“You are blushing Annika”- He teased,” you are one smart wedding planner but doesn’t know about all rituals clearly…
“I know every thing clearly”- Annika fought back.
“Well I will see after Marriage…”- Shivaay stood up ,”how more clearly do you know about the post wedding rituals”….

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