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Here the episode starts
Anika and shivaay has feelings with each other ,but they just think its all friendship nothing more than it …
Om start liking kanishka ,but never tell her and kanishka also have a sweet corner for him in his heart but she never think of liking him becoz she thinks she is already divorced and she can never back all the happiness which she had
One day before shitia marriage
All functions are going on…
Anika thinks billu ji marriage function are going on why I m feeling restless ,I m feeling like something special to me is going away from me,why I m thinking all this then she thinks oh bête ki after billu ji marriage I have to find new job that why I m feeling that much restless ness …..
In shivaay room
Omru suggesting sherwani to shivaay but he is also restless so not concentrating on omru
Om-shivaay r u ok
Shivaay-hmm don’t know I m doing all this thing right,I m little bit nervous I m feeling like something is missing
Rudra-shivaay singh oberio or nervous how can this be possible
Om shut up rudra
Om –rudra u go and call anika here
Rudra-ok O and he leaves from there
Om-shivaay r u happy with this marriage…yes afterall tia is nice girl I will be happy with her
Om-do u love her?
Shivaay-om u know na I don’t belive in love and all

Just then anika comes and ask did u call me
Shivaay-yes …I have something for u….
Anika-for me?
Shivaay-gift anika a mobile phone and says this is for u
Anika-but how can I take it
Shivaay –u know these typical girls like talk don’t suits on u so take it
Anika-take it and says thank u
Om smiles….
Shivaay says I have to do a urgent call so I m going and saying this shivaay leaves…
Om about to but anika stops him and says om I need to talk to u something important
Om-ya say what do u want to say?
Om-anika u can ask without hesitation
Anika-ok then tell me do u like kanishka di….
Om –shocked by her question and says I don’t anika what kanishka feels about me and I m also confuse no..i m confused but I think I like her to be state forward
Anika-ok thank u and leaves from there
Anika calls kanishka by her new mobile and told her everything that billu ji gifted me phone and all
Kanishka-anu may I ask u one question
Kanishka-do u like shivaay?

Anika gets shocked di its nothing like between us we r just friend and he is going to marry and u r asking me this
Kanishka-don’t worry he will run away from marriage for u if u this
Anika-di why r u talking nonsense he is the great shivaay singh oberio for him respect and all r very important he will never do all this and why will he do this for him I m only just his friend nothing else,ok tell me one thing if u get chance to do second chance to marry will u marry again
Kanishka-don’t start again anu this will never happen and the thing what r u saying daal ji will never agree to it so think much of it
Anika-if he agrees then…………
Kanishka-anu I think u r wedding planner u have lots of work to do so do it and don’t waste ur time…..
And she cut the call
Anika sees all the arrangement and do her work,
Next day the day of marriage

At anika house
Daal ji calls kanishka and said we got to know abot anika and she is in Mumbai today I will not leave her lets go u r also coming with us
Kanishka get shocked listening all this and says daal ji I will just come actually my mobile is in room
Daal ji ok u go we r waiting for u in car just come fast
Kanishka go to her and calls anika
Anika picks up call
Kanishka-anu …anika
Anika-di r u ok
Kanishka-anu u just run away from oberio mansion daal ji got to about and we r coming oberio mansion u just run away from there and she start crying anu go anywhere but just run away
Anika-ok di….
Just then shivaay asked anika all ok
Anika-ya ofcourse everything is ok,so today is ur marriage with universe ki dukaan r u happy?
Shivaay-r u happy?
Anika- ya today I m most happiest person and thinks today I m going to do the biggest siyapaa of my life
Shivaay- if u r happy then I m also happy,anika why do run from marriage
Anika-why r u asking this u want to run away
Shivaay-no not at all ,
Anika-then focus on universe ki dukaan ,do u miss me billu ji if I go from there
Shivaay-u r going somewhere
Anika-ya ofcourse I have to search new job ,new siyapaa of my life
Shivaay-u r not going anywhere u get that
Shivaay-becoz i………… I mean u can job here only we have many jobs in oberio industry
Anika –ok if easily get this opportunity then how will I create siyapaa in life
Shivaay-u love siyapaa very much
Anika-ya becoz with out siyapaa there is no taste in life to live ok u go chk ur dresses and I m going to universe ki dukaan
Saying this she about leave but shivaay says anika I will miss u becoz u r important for me don’t know why but u r important.
Anika-I will miss u too billu ji
After some tym
Dara singh ,daksh,and kanishka reaches oberio mansion
Dara singh-shout anika……..
Kanishka-thinks thank god she run away
Dara singh again shouted anika

All the people gathered listening just then anika comes in between the people
Kanishka gets shocked seeing her
Daal ji go near to her and gave her a tight slap….
Anika about to fall but shivaay hold her and kanishka shouted anu….
Kanishka-go to anika what I have I asked u to do I asked u to run away from here and she started crying but u already think that u will never agree to me anika I said go from here rightnow
Anika-di kb tak bhagti rhugi I have to face them
Daal ji-so u know kanishka that she is here and u didn’t tell us
Kanishka-why did I tell u becoz I know very well what u will do
Daalji-kanishka I didn’t expect this from u and u anika u never think of our respect why u always do ur own
Daksh-anu…why u run away from marriage u know very well I love u….
Anika-u know daksh I was waiting for u becoz I know u will come in search of me that’s why I did all this u know in life there should be mirch masala,and daal ji I want talk u I want to say sorry to u but not infront of anyone
Daal ji and anika went to a room
Daal ji-anika puttar its not late yet I can forgive u but u have to marry daksh…
Anika-ok daal ji I will marry daksh ,but u have do something else
Daal ji-what
Anika-u have to convince di for second marriage
Daal ji-how can this be possible I will never agree to that
Anika-ok then I also not interested in doing marriage with that langur and u know very well me so its better u agree
Daal ji- ok
And they come out of the room
Kanishka-anu ..u ok…
Anika-di I m first class and hug her
Anika-daksh why r standing there keep my things in ur car becoz I m coming to marry u

Listening this all get shocked
Kanishka-what did u say
Anika-that I m marrying daksh ….
Kanishka-but why when u want to do this marriage the why ran away from there u r not doing right tell me what daal ji said to u u need not to fear
Anika-di no one forced me and u know very well I don’t have any fear
Just then shivaay hold her hand and take her to his room and pinned her to the wall
Anika-billu ji what r u doing leave me
Shivaay –first u tell me what r u doing?
Anika-I m doing what I want she said without looking his eyes
Shivaay-anika look at me and say I know u don’t want to marry that langur
Anika-want to cry but control herself who said I don’t want to marry daksh
Shivaay-then why u run away from marriage and come in life
Anika –why r affecting that much even u r getting married I said anything
Shivaay-toh say,when I stopped u?
Anika-shivaay I need to go daksh is waiting for me
Shivaay-oh so now u r caring for langur that much….
Anika-don’t call him langur he is my would be husband
Shivaay-ya he is my would be husband go he is waiting for u
And anika leaves from there and shivaay hit his hand on the wall in anger
Anika go down and hug every one and said thank u what they had done for her
Anika-pehlwan why r u crying today is ur brother wedding and u r crying see I have done all arrangement there will not be any problem.
Rudra hug anika and said don’t go didi
Om-anika u should once again
Kanishka-om u need not waste ur tym in advicing her becoz she will never listen to anyone,she will do what she want
But kanishka left from there in anger and sit in the car
Anika –also move to leave she had tear in her eyes want to cry as much as she can but she had to pretend that she is the most happiest girl
Then anika ask about billu ji
Om-I will call him he go to his room and said that anika is going
Shivaay-then let her go h kya meri nothing
Om comes down and said he is not coming
Anika went to his room and said billu ji I know u r angry with me but I ur friend will u not say bye to ur siyappa queen
Shivaay slightly push her and said u r not my friend but anika hugged him and start crying and said I will miss u billu ji and then she about to go but she come back and kiss him and I wii missu
And she go from there and sit in car and leave to batinda

Precap -shitia taking phere

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