Udaariyaan 3rd December 2021 Written Episode Update: Riya comes to Angad’s house

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The Episode starts with Jasmin saying my luggage is left in the flight, I missed the flight, give me my luggage back. The man asks for ticket and passport. She says I don’t have it, check my name in the passenger list. He says sorry, I can’t help you without the boarding pass and passport. She says return my luggage. She is taken away by the police. Fateh thinks how will I forget you Tejo. Tejo is on the way with Angad. Fateh falls down on the road. Judaai…plays… Tejo says Fateh…. He sees her and cries. She asks him to walk carefully, where did he get hurt. He forwards hand. She disappears. He cries.

He says you stay happy Tejo, you won’t get hurt because of me, I will go far from you, I have hurt you and did a sin, I have to repent now. Angad gets Tejo to Maan Villa. He says its cold here. He covers up Tejo. She says this house is… He says its like Chandigarh’s house, my mum had designed that, we try to keep all the house designs same to get mum’s feeling. He meets the caretakers. He asks them to make the house ready. He says don’t get surprised, I know what you like and dislike, special arrangement for you, our outhouse, come. He shows the outhouse and says you will be comfortable here. She thanks him. He says its a perfect place for you, safe and private. She says yes, but what will I do here, is there any academy or college nearby. He says I have thought about it, we will talk tomorrow, I will come to take you for dinner. She says you didn’t remove ring till now. He recall their engagement. He says I will remove tomorrow, let me enjoy today. He says I hate sad faces, smile. She smiles. He goes.

Rupy gives prasad to Satti. She asks where is Tejo, did she stay at Khushbeer’s house. Navraj asks did you leave Tejo there, no, I will get her. Rupy stops him. He says Tejo left. Bebe asks where did she go. He tells them everything. They get shocked. Rupy says she did all this to make us attend Jasmin’s marriage, Angad was also involved. Angad sees his daughter and hugs her. He recalls the accident. He asks what are you doing here, how did you come. She says I was missing you, I want to come here. He asks how did you come. He asks the servants about her. They say Riya baby… Tejo thinks who is this girl. Riya says I want to stay here, so I have come here myself. Angad asks how did you come. The man says I went there to give clothes and she came along. Riya says I came in the car, they didn’t know. Tejo thinks she is Angad’s daughter. Angad asks what did I say, you have to stay in hostel, why don’t you understand. He scolds the man. Bebe and Satti cry for Tejo. Rupy says Angad and Tejo have pure friendship, Angad will take care of her, I trust them, Angad is a nice man, he is good hearted. Angad gets the call from Riya’s hostel. He says its not my plan, I will drop her tomorrow, yes, I promise you, don’t tell them, my problems will get high, really sorry. Tejo looks on. Angad asks Riya to just go. Tejo calls him out. She asks what are you doing. He says don’t interfere in my family matter. She asks how can a dad behave with his daughter like this. He says its none of your business. He goes with Riya. She says I didn’t see this side of him, does he have some tension.

Rupy burns few things. Satti cries. Bebe says let him burn the dreams, which ruined our happiness. He recalls Jasmin’s words and ignites the plane model as well. He says you have burnt our dreams and now you would be happy, Jasmin…. Tejo thinks Jasmin and Fateh would be reaching Canada now. She calls Rupy. He answers and says I was thinking about you, you have a long life. She asks how are you. He says fine, its cold, I was igniting fire for warmth, how are you. She says I m okay, Angad gave me a good welcome, you remember your promise, right. He says yes, I explained everyone, take care. He ends call and blesses Tejo. Someone knocks the door. He says its 11 now, who has come at this time. He goes to see. He gets shocked seeing Jasmin. She cries and says Papa…. He stops her and ask what are you doing here. She says please keep me here, let me come in, Khushbeer won’t keep me in his house, I did much wrong, but I m your daughter. He asks where is Fateh. She says I don’t know, Fateh left me alone at the airport. Fateh is crying.

Tejo’s bag falls. She sees the dupatta and recalls Fateh. Jasmin says Fateh cheated me, he didn’t marry me, he burnt my passport, don’t know what happened to him. Rupy laughs. He says Lord has proved it, you got punished, I have burnt all the shallow dreams, Lord has done justice, I m really glad, you got punished for your deeds.

Fateh says promise me Buzo, you will never tell anyone about me. Jasmin goes to Virk house to meet Fateh. Fateh says if Tejo asks about me, tell her that I m enjoying in Canada with my wife.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Good to see angad today but surprised to see his second side.

    1. Maybe he don’t want to involve her and wants her to focus on himself, i think it is custody battle between him and his wife or wife’s parents. But the way he said indicated that he may become negative in future which will be wrong on so many levels

    2. Herself not himself

    3. Nope don’t think so. People are protective of their kids so can be rude to others especiallyif a situation is complicated. HELL I am rude to people if they try to ask too many questions about my personal life.

    4. @renu it was needed you remember he was not allowed to meet his daughter until court permit his and as we all know tejo if angad take it lightly with her she will get involved in his problem which angad don’t want

    5. Well Angad was right from his perspective, Tejo is his friend and he must be really in some tension to say such a thing. He is a father and he has full right to say it, provided that he met Tejo few days back only not that he knows her for years. Even I would be offended if a person ask me such personal questions who I have met few days back no matter how good he/she is.
      Coming to the serial well what ever Fateh did was good and great but not enough to be forgiven because he freaking cheated Tejo. I agree with one thing said by Jasmine that Fateh is not a kid that she can manipulate him, Cheating was Fateh’s choice and no matter what Cheating is not to be forgiven. So for me it is a big no to ❌ Fatejo ❌. Tejo should be shown as head strong and independent woman, She deserves a man like Angad and not Fateh. #Tejang Forever.

  2. Rupy did right ✅ hope it was done earlier

  3. I hope writers are not trying to make angad a negative character, the way he reacted today and talked to tejo was indirectly hinting towards the negativity as if he is dual face, jasfa ke saath jo karna hai karo par please angad to negative mat karna, let him be strength and and support system of tejo no problem if his character is shown dead or out or country later in the story but please keep him positive, usi ke wajah se show dekhne ka man karta hai

    1. ShraddhaSharma392

      we all hope🤞🏻🤞🏻 only 3 things now, so that we can watch this show:-
      1. Tejo move on, either unite with angad or not
      2. No more fateh and tejo
      3. Writers don’t turn Angad negative

    2. Fatejo🥰🥰🥰🥰

      Nope not all hope for this I hope fateh And tejo get together and angad become negative I’m #fatejo forever 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰💕fatejo🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰😊 I still have hope for fatejo I don’t like this angad dud

    3. no one cares if trp drops because of fatejo everyone will stop watching then sit there with your fatejo and watch the serial end midway with a bad ending

    4. Chulhe mai jaaye fateh

  4. One one side rupy was praising Angad n said that he doesn’t has two personalities n he is genuine n straight forward parallel side Angad showed his never before perspective.

  5. ShraddhaSharma392

    1. Well, writers could shown that Fateh send Jasmin to Canada and let her stay there (kuch time me canada wale hi deport kar dete usko, kaam toh aata nahi hai isko, and paise jo hote, vo kab tak karch karti) and Fateh didn’t go with her..
    After all itna karcha hua tha shadi aur ticket mein😄😄
    2. I felt today episode was just an addition, no progress toward anything..😑😑
    3. I think🤔🤔 either of 2 things regarding Angad:-
    A) Angad fighting custody case of her daughter as his wife died, and his wife family claiming her custody blaming angad for his wife death..
    B) His wife is alive, and fight case, because of their accident and she consider him wrong..
    But today’s rude behaviour was not good, and hope🤞🏻🤞🏻 he doesn’t turn negative.., but yes it was required as well:- becoz Tejo keep herself down to upbring family, it might give reality check to her ans she think about herself more than her family and cheaters….
    4. I just hope🤞🏻🤞🏻 tejo move on soon, rather than thinking of fateh and jasmin

    1. I hope angad is not turned negative in future, itv ki yahi problem hai positive character introduce karenge phir use negative dikhaenge taki main leads to ek kar sakein i hope is story mai aisa na ho

    2. ShraddhaSharma392

      @shubh yes, we all hope🤞🏻🤞🏻 only 3 things now, so that we can watch this show:-
      1. Tejo move on, either unite with angad or not
      2. No more fateh and tejo
      3. Writers don’t turn Angad negative

  6. One one side rupy was praising Angad n said that he doesn’t has two personalities n he is genuine n straight forward parallel side Angad showed his never before perspective.

    Hope angad doesn’t stay with this rude attitude

    1. Hope so he remains positive till the end

  7. Fateh ka victim acting kabhi khatam naii hoga

    1. Kabi nai man child hai ek no ka

  8. The way angad smiled when tejo asked about the 💍 😇 it was a real killing one when he said that let it be for today

  9. i am loving Rupy


    1. its the same Buzo

    2. No… He has come after long thats why he changed a bit…

  11. Well I don’t see anything wrong the way angad react I think there is problem which is not allowed to meet his daughter and as we all know tejo she will like to get involved and it’s might bring problems for her too and angad promised to take care of her and not involved her in his problems

    1. In one episode he was taking to riya’s hostle warden where it was revealed that he is not allowed to meet his daughter untill court orders, which explains his reaction, he is also shown hesistant to share about his past, he was happy to see his daughter but as soon as he remembered the accident he got upset maybe he blames himself for the accident

    2. ShraddhaSharma392

      @mimi even I think same..
      Its all about custody mainly either with his wife or with wife’s parents: who think Angad killed his wife..

    3. All i am saying is that maybe he blames himself for that accident

    4. ShraddhaSharma392

      @shubh when it was shown that angad took riya to hostel?? As i don’t remember since his entry…🤔🤔

    5. He was talk to warden on phone i think it was shown during fake engagement preparations

    6. ShraddhaSharma392

      May be though i didn’t noticed that… But i might be wrong even..

    7. @shubh the episode where tejo and angad were practicing their dance for engagement that’s was when he received the call from the hostel

    8. Hmm i am rooting for angad i hope he is not turned negative in future

  12. This episode felt like a filler episode. Rupy did the right thing and he won’t take Jasmine back. It’s certain, the way she goes to the Virks in tomorrows episode.
    I’m just hoping that Tejo forgets Fateh as soon as possible and moves on. I also think through the bonding with Angad’s daughter, they’ll probably get closer or Tejo feel better and lighter. I really liked Fateh’s character but I can’t anymore. Few of you were right, it sounds or looks like he gets victimized. Like really, he did this all for Tejo but after he got to know the truth from Jass. Before that, he probably didn’t care and yes, he regrets but it totally looks like he’s trying so hard (well the makers) to show that Jasmine alone did all the sins. Yes, she deserves punishments because she did more than one sin, but Fateh willingly started an EMA with her.

    1. @sl I couldn’t agree more he now acting like he did everything for tejo but no he only did it to take his revenge after knowing the truth but before he was everything for his blind love and didn’t care about tejo feelings I just wish to see them moving on

    2. I wish they show the both moving on

      I had kanika Mann will be entering I don’t know how true is it

      I wish kanika Mann meet fateh and help him like angad helping tejo and they fall in love
      And tejo and angad fall in love too and get their daughter custody

    3. I think rupy is a bad parent. both to Tejo and Jasmine. He did not care about Tejo and did not teach Jasmine the right thing. it’s not the nature of Jasmine to be a bad person. It is her upbringing which made her so. Tejo is not a mahaan person by heart, she was raised to be a mahaan person. Even though Jasmine did many wrong things, it’s not correct for Fateh to ditch her after making her hopes up to marry her. And Fateh Fateh Fateh he was born as a chutiya

  13. scene of the day Rupy laughing at Jasmine Karma he is the same like my mom if u live by the sword u die by the sword and if Karma bites u it bites hard

  14. Inorder to bring thejo n fateh together will they turn angad in to a negative character?? Will they try to make fateh better than angad by ruining angad’s character🤔 n make us feel disappointment towards angad??☹️😣😣😣
    Oh.. please dont do that.. dont make angad a negative character.. dont destroy such a nice guy(angad) to make a untrustworthy, cheap🤷‍♂️ character best(fateh).🙄🙄🙄
    Thejo dreaming about fateh🤢🤢🙄😏😏 She will never be happy although she goes back to fateh.. bcz of jasmine.. so pls dont make the end as fatejo.

    1. ShraddhaSharma392

      we all hope🤞🏻🤞🏻 only 3 things now, so that we can watch this show:-
      1. Tejo move on, either unite with angad or not
      2. No more fateh and tejo
      3. Writers don’t turn Angad negative

    2. Yes we do

    3. 🙏🙏🤞🤞

  15. ShraddhaSharma392

    1. Does anyone also think that for the behaviour of Jasmin, main culprits are her family (expect tejo): who always filled mind to go to canada, And
    Even badsha song showed this: that she needed only Visa for Canada, but never asked to fulfill dream herself..🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️
    2. While Fateh behaviour is due to liberty he get from his family blind love, especially from Gurpreet (expect khushbeer: who kept him under control)🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️
    Basically due to families liberty and execessive love, ruined them and their lives..

  16. Is it EMA season on ITV or what? 🤔We have anupama where the protagonist keeps her self respect so high that she won’t leave her in laws home despite them being a bunch of chameleons,☻ imlie- same trash but make the hero spineless, boneless, heartless… and heroine who chants a lot about self respect and gods but is willing to stay as a maid to gain the wifey rights 💪💪#girl power, I don’t even know what that heck ghum is even upto? I guess pakhi screaming virat in her sensuous voice wasn’t enough for our hero that our IPS officer took an another zimmedari home.🥴 I can’t understand why not just declare the great chavaan nivaas where contrarily girls are harassed on a daily basis, a dharamshaala instead???😬

    Coming back to this show, why not just throw fateh into a washing machine filled with bleach,🙂 and my priya jasmine let me please touch your feet before I go berserk….that guy who can’t decide if he wants vanilla or mango or both how come you just blindly believed that he will fulfill your kanede dream which I still can’t understand why can’t you fulfill yourself if you have enough money to plot and plan🧐……with that being said tejo or should I say scapegoat, I hope your job is doing good and I guess since you have a lot of free time why not just for once make your mind like for final that the grass is greener on your side, latch onto that thought before the makers apply a speedbrake to that too.😴

    1. Well said

    2. @martha they are just acting as if being a woman is a crime 🙄🙄 that’s why I’m asking if the stories are for 18th century because I had back then that’s how women are being treated

    3. yes that ghum show it has no progress whatsover

    4. @Mimi
      I guess stories of the 18th century were better than of now, like we had the legacy of jane austen and who can forget the brave females in our rooted culture and history,why not make shows on them and promote individuality and independency🤷‍♀️ ….even the shows of the early 2000s were far more better than that of now’s we had neena gupta’s saans,maryaada, sarabhai vs sarabahi and what not, yeah there were some shows which were typical and mediocre but it wasn’t as trash as of nows’….looking at the state of shows right now, I don’t even know what has ITV got in store for us in the future???🤔

    5. @Martha apparently EMA sells in the industry. I think the only semi decent serial was afsar bitiya

    6. Completely agree to all ur points😌🙌

  17. And why is fateh proven to be so dumb he used his life sevings for revenge? How he is going to survive🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

    1. Dear when has ITV ever used sense and logic in shows, if one goes by logic then the prime debate should be as to how these people are surviving without going to work and on the top of that are even apparently able to host functions and wedding in every week or so???🥴

    2. Fateh Singh Virk, gigolo at your service 😂😂😂

    3. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I mean as we all know fateh didn’t have his own company the academy was his father’s own which it’s was tejo work hard there while he was busy buying gifts for his lady love from the profit oh man we even forgot to mention this that was painful wife working husband using money to buy gifts for mistress 😢😢😢and everyday this girl carries shopping bags

    4. Yep, son of the year went and burned daddy’s money at the ‘airport’ too. Like I feel shame to even think of asking my parents for a single cent and I haven’t asked them for anything since I started working so when I see someone like Fateh I see failure. Jasmine is just as useless. Though Fateh could possibly enter the world of illegal fighting

  18. How can any father leave his daughter destitute… he can tell her to stay for a week then find her own accommodations. Jasmine is a shallow witch but Satti and Rupy made her the way she is, they basically made her a living ticket to Kanede through marriage. No one deserves to be homeless… today I lost a friend, he went through many struggles in his short life, his mother remarried and kicked him out on the streets just before he turned 18… he struggled long and hard in his life and now he’s gone and my heart just can’t accept I’ll never speak to him or hear his goofy weird laugh when no one understands his jokes… I’m crushed…. Dude was in his mid thirties, he was getting his life together after his divorce and now… just makes the fragility of life so real… back to the show, I don’t think Angad has a dual face I think the situation rattled him, if he’s fighting a court case and they think he’s not following court orders then he could be in trouble. People are protective over their family and Tejo is only a friend and not his family. The child is staying at a hostel so I think the mom is no more and he is battling the state for custody, it’s possible he may have had some issue for which the state took away his rights maybe he was into drugs or something, in that pic with his wife and daughter Angad looks like one of those high class powder pushers. Tejo is an outsider to him, he even put her in the outhouse and not in the main house – he isn’t in love with her at all, I think he’s been jilted by love and wanted to be a friend maybe help Tejo heal herself. Fateh can go cry a river not interested in him and his illogical nonsense. Apparently Fateh is going to explain everything to Rupy and dumbass dad of the year is going to say FateJo is meant for each other 🙄 and Jasmine will take the police to the Virks cause their useless son doesn’t think his actions have consequences. His whole drama was overrated. I will never see Fateh as a victim, he didn’t feel bad when he was romancing Jasmine and they were both making Tejo a fool, he only felt bad when he got caught. I wonder if Sarghun would forgive Ravi if he strayed, probably that’s why they are putting this out into the universe. My thoughts are all over the place 😔

    1. It’s just fool what you are just saying
      She was the one to break all relationship with her parents and even stopped his father’s hand
      Insulted everyone in family
      And still defending jasmine
      Get yourself checked

    2. I am the one who commented just now and don’t know how to delete it
      I am sorry for what i commented i didn’t read the entire message

    3. Haha I figured, I’m not defending Jasmine, she actually belongs in a jail cell but… no one should be homeless, no one should be deprived of a space to rest their head and shelter especially by their own father. Satti and Rupy selfishly placed their dreams on Jasmine, she’s a product of their machinations

    4. Metin

      i dont get it.
      tejo and jasmin are sister.
      if you say
      ”she’s a product of their machinations”
      than what is tejo?
      with same logic fateh ???
      this logic is nonsense.
      the homeless part:
      family members make a home home.
      jasmin never acted as a family member.
      she has no right on there if we call spade a spade.
      they are guilty for giving wrong ideals.
      and most of us have brain to decide right or wrong.
      she intentionally choose almost in every case the wrong path.

    5. Her mind was made to choose such paths by her stupid father

    6. @Metin, Jasmine was raised to be a living ticket to Canada, she was taught that as her purpose from the time she was born, Tejo was raised to be the third parent for Jasmine. If she left Jasmine to work hard on her own instead of just handing things to her then she wouldn’t be as spoiled. Tejo was more like like a blind parent to Jasmine than either Rupy or Satti. Jasmine is wrong and should be in a jail cell not homeless on the streets. Fateh could have got her arrested and left it at that but nope the writers are hell bent on this FateJo nonsense of them ‘sacrificing’ their happiness for each other. KSV implied there won’t be romance between his character and Tejo he’s just there to temporarily keep her and Fateh apart 🙄

    7. @Jade, a child who doesn’t care for her own family and had done more to hurt them than the devil himself deserves to be homeless at least for a few days. She on her own cut ties with her family and given all she’s done to hurt them, I’d rather they gave shelter to a 🐍 than her. She needs to learn her lesson and some tough love might just be what she needs.

    8. I totally agree about that stupid idiot nalayak dumbass rupy. He is NOT AT ALL a good parent. Just fake-wishing for his daughter’s happiness. He himself ruined Tejo and Jasmine’s life. And as for Tejo, if she didn’t want her life to be ruined twice, who tf stopped her from taking legal action against forced marriage. She’s the biggest dumbass ever seen. Jasmine was raised in a environment where she was made to see every as her competitor. She was made such way. By who that £v¢k!πg rupy! And Fateh was born chutiya to ruin lives. Who tf gave him the rights to make a person get married to him and leave them stranded. He first ruined Tejo’s life and now Jasmine’s. And he laughs. That dumbass rupy laughs.

    9. Metin

      according to this logic being adult , independency, progressing etc… means nothing.
      according to this logic every killer , thief parents child should be killer , thief etc…
      do you see the flaw?
      parents have their respectfull share but people have brain , logic , morals , free thinking and deciding power. every human has the power to change to be good or bad.
      your logic is even against the god.

  19. They are repeating simran’s story .

  20. I’m even surprised that when fateh fall down tejo didn’t feel the pain 🤣🤣🤣 you know in indian series when the hero falls or something happens to him the heroine will feel it no matter how far away she is 😂😂😂😂😂 some of them will even be blading there is nothing we can’t see in India series

    1. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 sure writers have forgot that

  21. So I had the ultrasound and enteroclysis. Reports have come too.

    The ultrasound shows that I have the same infection again. Enteroclysis was fine, but stomach infection is there.

    My pain intensified in two days. I had a check up as well. It hurt when the doctor pressed my stomach. And well, I have been admitted to the hospital again.

    They want to carry out a detailed examination of my stomach this time because getting an infection twice in a few months seems to be a matter of concern.

    1. Hi basil
      Had read your earlier health update on this forum n choti sardarni but unfortunately couldn’t reply back.
      Your test shows concern.pl take care .
      I wud suggest u to follow some home remedies too for stomach infection along with your prescription.

    2. @Bacii: Get well soon.

  22. Now i just want to see #FATEJO again 😍


  24. Riya was damn cute when she said
    Tum done ko to mai dekh loongi

  25. Fail to understand why fateh wanted to do fake marriage n waste loads of money in arrangements n clothes n jewelery.etc…
    When real face of JASMINE was exposed on diwali party then he should have exposed TRASHMEAN in front of both families.

    Well then the story would not have been dragged 🙃 🙄 😕 😐 🙂 😒

    1. It’s easy it’s Daddy’s money not his. Daddy’s academy which Tejo was running while his mistress just shopped

  26. Udaariyaan 4th December 2021 Written Update Separation Rupy tells Jasmin that he was wrong to fill up Canada dreams in her mind, but now he has realized his mistake and burnt up everything that connects them with the Canada dream. He is actually glad that Jasmin learnt a big lesson, she got punished for her bad deeds. He tells that he has ended his ties with her long time back, she has come back and proved that she is really selfish. He wishes that he did justice with the family before. He tells that justice has finally happened because Jasmin got punished for her sins. He asks Jasmin to leave and find another place to get a shelter. Jasmin rushes to Virk house to find out if Fateh has come home to meet his family.

    Fateh’s sorrow to depart with his family was real, becaue he really planned their separation, he really made up his mind to never return to them. He thinks Jasmin’s return to Sandhu and Virk family will not alert them of his reality. He stays in an illusion that he can hide the truth from the families. Jasmin thinks did Fateh come back home. She secretly enters the house to find him. Fateh gets spotted by Buzo, who is shocked to see him in the village. Buzo asks Fateh didn’t he go to Canada with Jasmin. Fateh reveals the truth of the fake marriage and fake trip just to take his revenge on mean Jasmin.

    Buzo is shocked to know that Fateh has ruined himself as well while attempting to destroy Jasmin’s evil. Fateh makes Buzo promise that he will never tell anybody about his presence in the country. He tells that he will leave the village and go somewhere far. He asks Buzo to lie to Tejo and curse him in anger if she asks about Jasmin and him. He wants Tejo to hold the anger and direct it in the right direction to move on towards her future.


    Fateh is also making a similar sacrifice like Tejo, that’s to leave the family and go far from them just for Tejo’s happiness. Tejo also decided to go away just for Fateh’s happiness. Fateh and Tejo miss each other and shed tears. How will Tejo find out Angad’s troubles and sort it out to unite him with his daughter? Does Angad see a happy future with Tejo that he doesn’t want to let go their engagement ring? Will Fateh and Tejo bear the pain of separation or land up at the same place to start a new love story? Keep reading.

  27. Metin

    1- fateh spent a lot of money on revenge.
    lost everything.
    all your relationships
    stop and think about money?
    2- If its angad, he has a definite right reason.
    it’s disgusting if fateh does it.
    fanaticism in full swing.
    they engaged , even its fake, they are sharing that much strong trust bond.
    he said wrong.
    3- people make mistakes and learn from birth to death.
    life is a learning process.
    The number of unforgivable mistakes are very few.
    Depending on the reason of cheating, it can be forgiven or not.
    its about the person , who experienced it.
    i personally dont know , if i would be capable to forgive.
    but one thing is important.
    from a different perspective;
    fateh desired tejo and they got together.
    Fateh didn’t get together with Jasmin despite many opportunities (also before jass)
    its like he had to see the end of his blind love.
    i have seen it on many people.
    if they arent finished the issue in their mind, it can get their control of life .
    ‘i end my relation with my friends who are cheater’ is in one hand.
    ‘i believe redemption’ is on the other hand.
    “All generalizations are wrong, this one is too” if anyone hasn’t heard the phrase, now there is no one who hasn’t read it before 🙂
    please if you dont like the idea , politely Criticize the thought , not the person who says it.
    if you attack the person, you look like , you dont believe in you.
    i like @lilou lilou ending.
    i can live with tejang 🙂 , but not the one we know. to this point he is just a party boy , who wants to get the girl. he said everything ok without process , without questioning , without progressing in relationship. i know many guys like this , almost all of them are womanizer.
    if fateh will be a drop of Layla & Majnun’s Majnun, or zain of aaliya in Beintehaa , etc…, it can be too.
    its just fiction.
    take what suits you.
    what matters is i , you , we, friendship , opinions , entertainment, friendship…

    1. @metin that’s the problem we have in this life we are living in a world where being kind is question if you are being kind people will say there is motive behind it angad understand tejo because most happen in his presence like on diwali party he got to know what tejo is going through and secondly tejo was the one who seek for his help and he questions her he didn’t just said okay without question

    2. @metin fateh choose to lost his family he was planning in runway with jasmine before tejo find out

      Secondly when he requests tejo to move out and she didn’t he chose to move out with his lady love leaving his family behind

      I understand you give your opinion but angad questions tejo when she comes for the proposal of the fake engagement but tejo plead with him to help her

      And just like mimi said that’s the world we are living where being kind is a plot and fateh who were romancing the two sisters at the time same and manipulating tejo wasn’t a playboy?

      And angad didn’t declare his intentions in wanting tejo in any way he just understands her pains as it looks like he has painful past too

    3. Metin

      he made a move to a married women, when they first met.
      ”Manager shows Tejo to him. Angad smiles. He goes to her and asks her to say. She says I have work with Angad, not you, I m Tejo Virk, I came from champion academy, I have a meeting with him. He says he is busy. She says he gave me 11 am time and its 12.15 now, tell me where is he, else you go.”
      this move has even a name.checking if she is available.
      he said this at second time to someone elses wife.
      ”They see Angad fighting. Angad falls down. Angad asks Tejo to give her hand. Fateh asks him to come. Angad says Tejo’s hand is enough.”
      off course angad fans clapped. 🙂
      he made a move in almost every time.
      we know fatejo condition at that time, he doesnt know it.
      i feel awkward to explaining this things.
      in real life angad would beaten a few times 🙂
      this happens in india in a village in indian serial. in real its not being kind.
      you know better than me. im not indian.
      but fans were amazed for new actors entry.
      they didnt think about these.

    4. Lol does that that him womaniser? Well your point view like I said everyone has their opinions angad didn’t try to create any lifts between them in fact when they were getting closer and jasmine tried to interrupt he didn’t allow her he even enjoyed watching their romance 🤣🤣🤣 I’m not saying your opinion is wrong don’t get me wrong we all can’t have same opinion

    5. @Metin is trying to project itself as some woke species. I haven’t seen any womanising from Angad, his manager explained the kind of person he is. Lots of people in inner turmoil use false cheer to hide what’s going on on the inside. I’m not entertaining this individual going forward. If they are defending cheaters and mistakes it means there is a common ground they have with the characters that are being defended. Anyway good lucky to you in your sad and boring life of Fateh defending

    6. Metin

      i wrote here at first cheating act time ,fateh is not a man.
      he was just a human being.
      at that time fateh was immature and weak.
      tejo was fatehs missing parts at living, remember winning the fight, academy , eating together…
      he made many mistakes.
      he saw the real in reel.
      tejos pure love and suffering started him groving up to a man.
      fateh choose to sacrifice his family ,his money ,everything for tejo + revenge.
      he take a big first step.
      we will see him after many episodes as a mature after redemption.
      at that time incidents will happen and we will watch tejo choosing.

    7. That’s where you wrong extra marital affair is not a mistake fateh sacrifice his family since long time and didn’t even Remember what tejo did for him and remember it’s was not an revenge plan since the beginning he started revenge plan only after knowing jasmine truth he was ready to leave his family for his lady love before he knows the truth and if he didn’t find out the truth from jass he will have definitely married her and leave his family for her

    8. Metin

      actually your life is sad and problematic.
      i explained many times , that i have only bond with tejo after cheating.
      can you read or your past problems dont let you to read opposite ideas?
      you have insulted many real people here with word tricks.
      i think every reader can see it in your latest comments clearly.
      you couldnt get what you want in real, you insult people in reel.
      if you continue insulting , i will think that you are incompetant.
      i hope god gives you new chance and redemption opportunity sincere and you will heal.
      please present your opinion without insulting.

  28. https://www.instagram.com/p/CXA-BhMgeo3/?utm_medium=copy_link
    See comments people are rooting for tejang I hope they are not giving us false hopes

    1. Snowflake

      He said in the live that he himself doenst know how long he will be in the show… all depends on people and trp! And of course writers

  29. @metin don’t get me wrong like mimi said we have different opinions if people can still defend jasmine definitely some can also defend fateh let just hope they don’t give wrong message to the society is either all of them leave alone and fucus on their careers or the got new partners and everyone stay happy and love you @metin 💋💋

    1. Metin

      teddy you made a move to me with those lips.
      dont,im straight 🙂 (joke)
      ”wrong message to the society”
      too late. nowadays society doesnt accept messages.
      they only choose ,what they like without morals etc.
      maybe i didnt made myself clear.
      i dont care about todays fateh.
      i guess with the facts etc. how it will be.
      i care tejos happiness.
      i care my friends wish for fatejo.
      i care meet & meet s romance.
      i care pure love with loyalty.
      in short:
      difference of looking and seeing
      every person looks to the same thing
      everyone sees different thing .
      its life you know.
      no way ,i wont give a kiss 🙂

  30. I actually pity jasmine now. Even though she did so much wrong, it was much much much wrong for the Fateh to ditch her at the airport, after making her marry with him this stupid much much worse than kumkum bhagya.(what am I comparing with) die and go to hell Fateh. Tejo you can go to hell for mahan log and Jasmine Jasmine Jasmine go and f*** ur self

    1. The whole Trio are just wrong for each other. Jasmine needs to see a psychiatrist and get away from that pind as well. Tejo needs to pursue her profession, I would like to see more of her doing her actual work. As for Fateh, I don’t care he can go ask his father to arrange his marriage with a girl from an affluent family cause this bozo doesn’t know how to make money, he’ll bankrupt his family

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