Udaariyaan 12th May 2021 Written Episode Update: Fateh convinces Rupy

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The Episode starts with Tejo saying I have a way to convince our dad, its simple, don’t worry. Jasmin asks her how. Gurpreet and Amrik worry for Fateh. She thinks where did Khushbeer go in the morning. Khushbeer comes and says I will have breakfast with my son today. Fateh comes and meets the family. Amrik hugs Khushbeer and says love you. Fateh says dad agreed for Jasmin also. Amrik says congrats. Fateh is still hurt. Khushbeer recalls Fateh’s words. Tejo tries to convince Rupy. He stays upset. She says sorry, I should have not hidden this from you. She says there is no problem, Fateh is going to Canada, he belongs to a good family, he loves Jasmin. Rupy says but his family doesn’t accept Jasmin. Bebe says his dad is strict, he will never agree for the marriage. Harman says Khushbeer hates Canada. Rupy says no, he ousted Fateh, a marriage can’t work if there are no elders’ blessings, I can’t send Jasmin in that family. Fateh and Amrik give the good news to Simran. Fateh says I will soon come there and stay with you. Amrik says Jasmin’s family is going to shift there. Simran worries. She ends call. She says no, I can’t let this happen, I won’t let him know this truth ever.

Jasmin says they can hate me, what’s Fateh’s mistake, he is alone there because of me. Tejo smiles and says finally, you fell in love. Jasmin says fine, but I can’t leave Fateh alone, I m going to meet Khushbeer. She goes. Fateh comes to her house to meet her. He greets the family. He asks for Tejo and Jasmin to give them a good news. He says I need to talk to them. Bebe says bless you, you aren’t well, you should take rest. Fateh says I m fine now, my family will make me fine soon. Rupy asks him not to lie, Tejo told us everything. Fateh sees Tejo. Abhiraj says she told about Jasmin and you, and about your dad. Fateh says I m saying the truth, dad came to take me home, I swear, we have patched up, when you know the truth, I want to share a good news, dad is ready to bless Jasmin and me. They get glad. He says I love Jasmin a lot.

Rupy says no need to say anything, your family should come to ask for girl’s hand, I don’t accept this relation, don’t misunderstand me, you are a diamond, the girl who marries you will be very lucky, but the marriage is between two families. Tejo says but Fateh said his family agreed, Jasmin and Fateh love each other. Rupy asks am I Jasmin’s enemy, I care for her happiness, we didn’t know that Fateh is MLA Khushbeer Singh’s son, Khushbeer values his country a lot, Jasmin and Khushbeer’s thinking will never match, he agreed for his son’s love, but he will be upset in his heart. Khushbeer says I m really upset, but I agreed for my son’s sake, I told yes to Fateh, but I will never accept Jasmin as my bahu, she is the reason who brought conflict between us, she doesn’t value our Punjab, I will not step back. Fateh says I m sure Jasmin will win everyone’s heart, you would trust my faith.

He ask Bebe to explain Rupy. He says I came here happily to share my joy with Tejo and Jasmin, Jasmin is my life. Satti smiles. He says I promise you all, you won’t face any problem from me and my family’s side, we will keep her very happy, my dad will come and ask for Jasmin’s hand, you can talk to him. Tejo asks Rupy to agree, as he says lucky people get love, I trust Fateh, he will keep Fateh happy, think what will we better for her, she will stay happy with him, please agree. She cries. Rupy smiles and hugs Fateh. Tejo says congrats. Fateh asks where is Jasmin. She says she went to meet your dad to tell him to get you back home. He worries. Jasmin comes to meet Khushbeer.

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  1. It’s getting interesting…but I wonder what will happen with Tejo…will any new lead come opposite her?…….and also I wanna know that how Fateh Tejo and Jasmin’s fate will get entangled!!
    ……when I saw it’s promo….I started watching it bcoz of this only……

    1. Sabnish Shrivastava

      I think Tejo and Fateh may get married in this marriage after some circumstances.. But cant say anything, story is indeed beautiful.. All the leads have played at their best

    2. Maybe tejo will marry fateh

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