Choti Sardarni 12th May 2021 Written Episode Update: Meher’s memory goes in 2010

Choti Sardarni 12th May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Meher sings a lullaby, she forgets it. The kids continue it for her. Meher smiles and hugs them. Meher falls asleep with them.

Sarab comes and sits next to Meher. He says when you get a kiss before bed tea, the taste of tea doubles.. He comes close to kiss Meher. Meher shoves him.. She gets scared. Meher shouts who are you? Sarab is confused. Meher says where am I? Sarab is confused. Meher says who are you? Where am I? Sarab says listen.. Meher says stay away. She says what is this place? Meher picks a vase and says stay there. If you come near me I will smash your head. She throws the vase at him. He says bandri ji.. Meher says how dare you to call me bandri. I am Atari’s lioness. Sarab recalls what doctor Naina said. Meher picks her dupatta. Sarab says it’s not what you think. Meher says you sedated me? What did you do to me? How did I come here? Who are you? Did you kidnap me? sarab says do I look like a kidnapper? Why would I bring you tea and bring you to this house? Meher says what did you mix in this? He says milk water and tea. Meher says don’t act smart. What did you mix in it? Meher says to drink it then.

Sarab drinks the tea. Meher says to drink it in one sip. Sarab says it will burn my mouth. Harleen says Sarab.. Meher is holding a vase to hit him. Harleen says what is this Sarab? Meher says so your name is Sarab? Sarab says yes Sarabjit Singh Gill. Meher says who is she? You both kidnapped me right? Why did you bring me here? You messed with the wrong people. My mummy ji is Atari’s Sarpanj. She will kill you both. Harleen says no one kidnapped you. Meher says so what am I doing here? Harleen says you.. Meher says to stay away. Harleen says you came here to teach the kids. Meher on the bed sleeping? Sarab says you came to use the restroom and you fainted. Meher says to lie. I have BA exams. I have to pass my exams. I don’t have time for tuitions. Jagga said if I get the first grade he will get me a jeep. I want to go home right now. Harlene says let me ask the driver to drop you. Meher says I can go on my own.

Meher comes outside and sees the kids. She says who are you both? What are you names? They tell their names. She says my name is Meher. Ask your mama to teach you the rest, I have to prepare for my exams. Karan says, mama.. Sarab stops him. Meher leaves. Seher says what will happen now? Karan says will mama never recognize us?

Scene 2
Sarab calls Kulwant. He says mummy ji Meher is coming to Atari. She has an Amnesia attack. She thinks she is a college student. She thinks Jagga and Amrita are alive. she is in 2010. Please don’t give her any shock. She’s coming there. Kulwant says don’t worry I will handle everything. Kulwant says where are Jeeto and Ginni? Bitu and Rana say they have gone to the market. Kulwant says to remove all the new calendars. She removes garland from Jagga’s photo and says forgive me my son. Bitu says what are you doing? Kulwant says Meher has lost her memory. She’s in 2010. We have to talk to her like she’s in 2010. We don’t have to give her any shock. I will fix Meher’s room. Change everything the way it was in 2010.

Sarab says Meher’s memory can switch between 2010 to 2021 anytime. Seher says what will we do now? Sarab says we have to switch with her. We have to change what we call each other. Karan says not okay. He cries and says I will call mama, mama. I can’t live without her. Sarab says we have to treat her this way. Please cooperate. Seher says yes Karan. Karan nods. Sarab says thank you.

Bitu, Rana and Kulwant change everything in the house. They fix Meher’s room. Meher comes outside and says mummy ji.. Kulwant says did you explain everything to your wives? Rana says we forgot. Meher sees Jeeto. She says who are you and what are you doing here? Kulwant says my back hurts and you have exams so I thought let’s hire a maid. What are you looking? Go do the laundry. Rana says go make tea for me. Bitu kicks him and whispers she’s my wife. Rana says for now she’s a maid. Kulwant says go cook food and do the laundry. Meher says when did I go to Sarab’s house to teach his kids? Kulwant says I dropped you there. They told me you fainted there. They are very nice people. Specially Sarab, he’s a diamond. Meher says no. I would break his head. He was calling me bandri.. I told him I am Atari’s lioness. I was about to hit him.

Ginni comes in and says what are you saying? She says mummy ji look at both of them.. Kulwant gives her a broom and says you come late. Start cleaning fast. Meher says another maid? Rana says there’s a lot of work. Mummy ji has back pain and you have exmas. Amrita bhabhi has gone to her mother’s place. Rana says clean your room. Kulwant says clean the house. Bitu says Meher you had to return my 100 rupees. Rana says and my 200? Meher runs after them and says you, liars.. Kulwant tells Ginni and Jeeto about Meher’s condition. Meher runs after Bity and Rana hits them. Kulwant video calls Sarab and says see Sarab, Meher is just like how she used to be. Active, playing, and all fun. Life’s struggles made her so serious. She is back to her fun self but I am upset that she forgot you and her kids.

Seher sees Sarab upset. She says attention, please. Everyone says I am mama’s copy. It’s my order that no one will be sad in this house. Papa says if you make a problem a game, it becomes fun. So now we will all play I like a game. Smile everyone. They all smile. We will win this game. Deal? everyone says deal.

Episode ends.

Precap-Seher says papa it would be so much fun if mama knew you in 2010 as well. Sarab says that’s a good idea. What if I become friends with 2010’s Meher and make her fall in love with me and mary her? Then there would be no worried.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. It’s fun watching Ginni and Jeeto like this…. 😂😂😂😂

    Seher is truly her Meher mumma ‘s copy… Tttttooooo cute…. 😍😍😍🥰🥰🥰

    1. Right dear

  2. Was watching the episode…. it hurt to see the kids suffering and the pain behind Sarab’s smile….
    But precap is 🥰🔥🔥🔥
    Sarab looks so 🔥❤️
    Meher will fall for him n the story will repeat…but the oscillations will be though for sarab to handle…

  3. We all saw this coming and yet it was not any easier to watch!! I feel truly awful for Sarab. He just got his Meherji back and now he’s going to have to go through losing her (mentally at least) periodically throughout this track. It’s too soon to see sad Sarab once again!!
    The win for me in this episode was Seher! She knows how to cheer people up and keep everyone hopeful. I absolutely adore her and her approach. If anyone can keep Sarab happy during this track, it’s his little princess!!!
    Based on the precap, we may get our college romance after all! I wasn’t sure where the makers were going to go with this track after realizing yesterday about the oscillations Meher will go through, but I will remain hopeful 

  4. Well , the Precap seems interesting . Can’t wait till tomorrow

  5. Radhika Purohit

    Okay… now could I be any more happier??? No!!!! Lovely precap …. though upsetting us for a few days and tarnishing our hopes about college romance the makers finally revealed their plan!!! Now we can all sit back and relax and enjoy the show… mehrabs lovestory gonna be redefined from one that arose from a forced marriage for their kid’s benefit to one that is gonna build up between 2 individuals who meet, become friends, and fall for each other ( though our sardarji is already deeply smitten😜😜) this is gonna be interesting… but honestly how they are gonna plan all this is a mystery…. one with excitement!!!!
    It tore my heart to see sarab trying to keep his emotions in control but yet that kissing the phone so reminded me of his monologues with mehars photograph😪😪 but honestly i enjoyed the mehrab scene ….poor sarab!!🤣🤣🤣 anyways with task of wooing mehar at hand now there is less time for sarab to be sad!!! 🥳🥳
    One thing I disagree with is that sehar is mehars carbon copy !!! Seriously??? No!!! Sehar is what her name suggests ( sarab +mehar) understanding and loving like sarab , bold and courageous like mehar …. this is my analysis on sehars character…. even in kashmir track the makers showed that sehars jestures are mimic of sarabs!! Then why change it now…But we all know that it was sarabs dream that his daughter should be a chota model of mehar….and looks like makers wanna fulfill sarabs wish🙈🙈🙈 not ours🤭

    1. I am super excited about how Sarab will win over his 2010 sherni 😂🤣 I’m also excited that we have the fiery old sherni back! She already doesn’t have a good impression of him, so our sardarji is going to have to work even harder!! I am absolutely going to love this track if the makers focus on this college romance! Even though Sarab knows everything and kind of has an unfair advantage, they both deserve to fall in love at a time where things were less complicated. I’m sure Sarab will get help from his kids to win Meher over too 🥰🥳😍

    2. Vaise Meher ko patane bohot mushkil hai na😅😅

    3. Absolutely @snowflake 😂😂 I would rather have Sarab divert his attention to winning 2010 Meher’s heart than him crying and waiting for her to oscillate back to 2021 Meher or whatever year is is in CS!! This is going to be a fun track. I am super relieved and back to being so pumped 🥳🥳 The only person that can perhaps spoil this is Harleen, but for now, I will not let her ruin how happy I am about the precap!

    4. Ik….
      We simply take stress for no reason..this track ought to be fun…
      Mr jatt will surely win over her…
      But just imagining if suddenly she comes in 2021 n sarab is pataoing ( sorry for that)her… what will she think?
      Imagining the no of lies n excuses that r coming…

    5. But suppose she falls in love with him(college style)..n then what about the kids?
      Just my thoughts…

    6. I think the same. Sarab could lie about kids but when meher knows she will be mad I mean meher 2010.

  6. Radhika Purohit

    @MD.. Rather than saying she doesnt have a good impression its more apt to say that she has the worst first impression one possibly could have about a man!! He being so close to her when she woke up directly made him have negative marks right at the beginning!!! Then the bandriji pushed him down still further!!! But no worries…. our handsome jatta will surely win his jattis heart!!! And honestly what kk said today was true… the mehar after marriage was a different mehar … getting the fun mehar back also implies getting a more romantic mehar i hope🤞🤞 i just hope that my hopes come true🤭🤣
    But if mehar remembers the first meet with sarab at gill mansion she will also know he has kids🤔🤔🤔
    I think mehar will probably forget this first encounter with sarab at gill mansion… and he will act as if her batchmate or a senior in college 🤭 just a hopeful prediction

    1. Great prediction! Sine Meher’s amnesia is causing her to lost both short-term and long-term memory, she is likely to forget her first encounter with Sarab, so there is potential for a fresh start! OMR If we get a more romantic Meher for our Jatt, that would be the ultimate win during this track! I hope our lioness also gets to take jabs at Harleen, given that she will now be a stranger and not a SIL to Meher, giving her the freedom to not holding her tongue!

    2. Also…If Meher loses her memory often, I wonder how many second chances it will take Sarab before one of his tactics actually work, haha! This could also be a fun approach the makers could take! What won’t this man do for the love of his life?! Once again, he climbs higher on the tall pedestal I’ve already placed him on!

    3. Radhika Purohit

      @MD.. probably that pedestal will reach sky but still there is no stopping our sardarji!!!

    4. That’s 💯 true

    5. Let your prediction come true ..
      Meeting sarab at the college would really be funny.
      But i have a doubt ..
      @Radhika as you said that meher might forget meeting sarab with the kids at gill mention then she can also keep forgetting sarab after falling for him …
      So i don’t think that ahe forget that
      And meher’s first impression on sarab became bad . So this is a sign that she will start loving sarab as much as she hates him from now on …

  7. Guys! I think as her memories went back to 2010, she could be still in love with Manav! How can you forget this. As she loves Manav, it will stir up many troubles for our Sarab to win on Attari’s lioness. And Meher had hidden her affair from the family so she may try to look up for the dhabha and investigate given its sudden dissapearance.

    1. Radhika Purohit

      @Shruti … Mehar has gone back 1 or 2 years back from manavs death… so she may not yet be in a relationship with manav yet!!! Main reason being with maharashtra govts lockdown in place all the serial shootings are in different places and serials have restricted the characters present in the show…. and hitesh bharadwaj who played manavs role is a part of another show which is shot in some other state… and his term with CS is over long back and he cannot leave his current show ( in which also he has an important role) and come for shoot here and neither can he do up and down between states amid the pandemic… so technically impossible .. and about looking up that dhabha…. that dhabha probably doesnt even exist now!!! Its been 10 years… so sit back and relax… this is the mehar before falling in love with manav!!! So we are all safe and so is sarab!!

    2. Radhika Purohit

      And also even if she knows manav she will still fall for sarab!!! There is no doubt in it!!! Mehar and sarab are soulmates!!! When manav died mehar had no idea that he is alive…. but when mehars death was proclaimed sarab knew very well for sure that mehar is alive !!! They are soulmates.. with manav or no manav , mehars heart will always belong to sarab😍😍

    3. Well said @Radhika 👍👍👍they are really soul mates ❤️ That ship is sealed. Beside who has nerve for him.

    4. I think at this point, it’s safe to say that the sun has set on Manav/Vikram. The purpose of this track is to have Meher fall for Sarab all over again. What the makers could do, for comic relief, is to introduce some other college boy who is interested in Meher, not so much as to create a love triangle, but more to see the jealous and more competitive side of Sarab. All in good fun though.

    5. Radhika Purohit

      Yes all in good fun!!!🥳🥳🥳 i am in such good mood today @MD and @ayni that even harleen cannot ruin it!!!🥳🥳🥳

    1. Here we go!!!!! Out Jatt cannot stay away from his soulmate for even one minute! How fun is this track going to be??!!! Our lovebirds get to go back in time! I love how everything happens in reverse with Mehrab’s love story. Thank you makers!!!

    2. Excitement level 💯😀😀😀

    3. So after seeing today’s precap and the new promo there is a clear idea about the new track … Hurray ..🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳..
      As per our wishes we all gonna have funny episodes of our mehrab …

  8. Thanks for sharing new promo😍😍😍😍
    Excited 💃💃💃💃🥰🥰🥰👏👏👏
    Can’t waiting for love story of Mehrab❤❤❤❤

  9. Where is param🤔? I missed him in todays episode. And yuvi? Precap is promising and i am smiling ear to ear 🌞😀🤗 for the upcoming event. Even tragedies can turn to comedy & to happiness. Sarab’s enthusiastic action after he sees hope and grasp it, reminded me of the “film LA vitta e bella”

  10. @Shruti you are correct.

  11. Truly genuinely missing Manav. Seriously Yaar. But kya kre. Miss hee Karna padega. Oh no shit. Manav Meher ki Jodi my most favourite amnesia Wala track Kitna pyara hai, uff. Kaash Aisa amnesia lamba chalta but afsos

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