Udaan 9th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Suraj escapes from goons’ clutches

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The Episode starts with Chakor checking the bag. She sees the money inside. She checks her phone. Imli asks Nisar did she disappoint him. He says no, you made me happy, I got the money. She says its your turn now, do what I told you, sadden Suraj. He calls Chakor and says you have checked the bag when I asked you not to do so. He threatens about Suraj. He asks her to do as he said and ends call. Chakor comes to the garden. She says maybe they will punish Suraj for my mistake. She says Suraj, I m coming to take you soon. Suraj thinks of her. Mahiya….plays….. Chakor gets a call and follows Nisar’s instructions.

She says I just want to talk to Suraj once. He asks her not to waste time and ends call. She drinks the water and feels dizzy. She falls down there. Someone changes the bag. Some man is shown in a dark cell. Suraj shouts for help. He asks for aid. The man says I think Suraj is going to die, but his wife didn’t place the bomb yet, we have to keep him alive till then. Suraj gets shocked. The men free Suraj. Suraj takes the gun and aims at them. He asks where did you send my wife, tell me fast, else I will shoot. He shoots. Nisar and men hear the sound and come to see. The man says Suraj has run away. Nisar slaps him. Chakor wakes up. She looks around. She gets Nisar’s call again.

She says I want to talk to Suraj. He says you can do the work and then meet Suraj, you have to keep the bag in the school, just make sure no one sees the bag, then Suraj will be in front of you. She asks will you free Suraj then, will I get him back. He ends call. She says I m coming Suraj, they will free you, I will not let you go away from me. She leaves. Imli calls Nisar. She asks did anything go wrong. He says no, Chakor has no idea that we have swapped the bag. Imli says Chakor will shatter when the bomb explodes, the death of those children will kill Chakor a thousand times, just kill Suraj, so that Chakor doesn’t have any shoulder to rest and cry. He says your enmity looks deep, anyways we will do as you want. He asks his men to find Suraj.

Imli meets Bhuvan. She asks Girja to get tea for them. Bhuvan says we just came to ask welfare. Imli asks him what’s the matter. Bhuvan says we didn’t know anything about Suraj and Chakor. She says but I got Chakor’s call, they are enjoying a lot there. Her hand gets cut while cutting fruits. He asks her to take care and goes. She says very soon I will ruin Chakor. Chakor comes to the school. She gets Nisar’s call. He asks her to keep the bag and leave. Chakor worries and thinks why do I have to keep this bag here.

Chakor gets shocked seeing the bomb. She challenges Nisar and says I will surely defeat you. She sees Suraj captive. He shouts to her to throw away the bomb before it explodes.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Interesting episode
    Sukor’s heart connection was evident in their monologues ❤️️
    I wonder who the mystery man is? I hope he’s evil, the show needs an interesting villain instead of the two clowns we have now.
    I loved when Imli hurt her hand when Bhuvan said Chakor is his only daughter.

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