KAATIL ~{ A Revengeful Love} S2 SHOT 8

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Shot 8 …
The Episode starts with kunj seeing the pics he got to know that it’s was the same envelope which he had kept he looked behind the pillows and didn’t found anything he looked at twinkle angrily and ran towards the table to take water jug he poured whole jug to calm the fire but it was too late the pics had already turned into ashes …..

some of the pics left unburned which was of kunj only he took the pics in his hands and looked at Twinkle angrily with blood red eyes …

What the hell why you did this twinkle he shouted his lungs out while twinkle looked at him with what I did expression while he showed towards the ashes …

Now tell me why you did this ??? He asked again while twinkle looked at him
What I did Mr Sarna ???? She asked innocently making kunj go more angry

This he shouted handling over her some unburned pics while she smirked and looked at him ..

Oh my god I didn’t knew this was your important thing I just thought it to be scrap so I burned it twinkle said with hatred filled voice while kunj looked on ..

He pulled Twinkle with a jerk and pinned her hands behind her back tightly while twinkle winced in pain as her bracelet sharp edges pierce through her wrist she decided to stay quiet …

Why twinkle why Haan so much hatred towards me Haan when did you started hating me this much he asked while she looked at him ..

The day you murdered the old me the day you broke all of your promises she replied with same tone as that of him …

I broke promises hah he let out a faint laugh seriously don’t act so much innocent we both know what happened that time hah you will behave innocent only after all you are the blo*dy Leela taneja daughter he said while twinkle got angry listening ..

Dare you point finger on my mother or else you will see the worst of me she said while he looked on …

I am already seeing the worst of you what’s more I need to see Haan tell me he said while twinkle stayed quiet blood was oozing from her wounds ..

What ???? Got sealed what will you say Haan See twinkle I am warning you before itself don’t you ever do this if I am staying cool that doesn’t mean you provoke me daily okay let just pass this few months with peace kunj said helding her hands more behind her back while she winced in pain and this time shouted unable to bear the pain ..

Ouch she finally said and jerked him while kunj sees his fingers red by her blood and looked at her hand which had a big cut and blood all over her hand he was shocked for a moment …

Twinkle removed her bracelet and threw it aside and take out the piece which pierced through her skin while kunj came forward …she stopped him showing her hand …

Stop your melodrama no need go from here she shouted while kunj looked on guilty she went to washroom while he decided to give her space and left the room after keeping the first aid box on bed ..

Twinkle came after sometime and looked at the box kept there and she dresses her wound with much difficulty soon kunj words Rang in her mind …

What does that mean ?? Why he blamed mom ?? She is not even in this world huh these all are too difficult to understand she laid on bed and slept with in no time
Next scene :::
Aditi was simply sitting in room as she had no mood to have home made food she decided to go out and have lunch she calls twinkle but it wasn’t reachable …while she dialed Ali hoping atleast he would come with her but he denied saying he will meet her later as he had some work she being sad went in kitchen to have food when thought something and called yuvi …

Heyy aditi how are you ??? You called me it’s actually a miracle yuvi spoke from other side while Aditi smiled ..
Yeah I am fine wo …she wasn’t able to frame words ..

Wo ..???? Yuvi asked her while she looked on …
I am going for dinner if you want you can join me she finally said while yuvi smiled widely ..

I would love to come with you he said
So yeah let’s meet at restaurant she ended while yuvi said no ..

You get ready I’ll pick you from home let’s make it special he said while she smiled confusingly ..
What ?? She asked him ..

No no nothing just get ready I’ll pick you he said and both ended the call ..
Officially first date yuvraj Luthra yuvi spoke smiling and got ready soon he reached her house …she was looking too cute he opened the door for her and both went to restaurant ..

While they ordered their food and started talking to each other in these two weeks they became really close to each other working together and was now fully comfortable with each other …

Soon their food came while yuvi served her and she smiled and served him too while they both started having it …stealing glances of each other yuvi was cracking jokes to which she was laughing having fun together they had their dinner and went for desert ..
@ Sarna house :::
Kunj was sitting sadly in the lawn as he remembered what happen sometime before why everytime these happens mom why she doesn’t understand that I’ll never break the promise for one promised I had to break another I behaved very badly with her she should have too understand na she burned all my pics I collected with so much love …

Don’t know hows her wound does that deeply cut her no I don’t think so …he stand up from there and went inside when ani came …

Kunj Baba she spoke while kunj looked at her …you didn’t have dinner ??? She said while kunj nodded in no ..

I went for some work today and twinkle Bhabhi made food for you she asked to serve it on table still the food is there ani said while kunj looked on shocked ..

“SHE PREPARED DINNER FOR ME “??? he asked shockingly while ani nodded in yes ..

Yeah see it by yourself she made all of your favourite food ani ended while kunj went near dinning table she was right it was all of his favourite food while ani left from there kunj sat on the table his eyes filled with tears …

I couldn’t understand you one time you hates and the very next time you do something for me still you remember what I likes he said having the food with tear filled eyes soon he had his dinner with much difficulty ..

He called ani and aksed her to serve the food among all the servants as he didn’t wanted anything to get wasted …he knew that twinkle was on her diet as he heard her Saying to ani that she will not have dinner for few days …

Ani nodded and left from there while kunj went back to his room he sighed standing Infront of door and opened it slightly and sees twinkle sleeping it was quite late by then he went to his side of room again guilt filled in his eyes seeing her wound ..

He sees it was not dressed properly so without disturbing her sleep he dresses her wound a tear from his eye escapes and falls on her hand she shifted in sleep while he quickly turned …

After few hours still he wasn’t able to sleep while twinkle too wakes up and yawns she sees the time 2:20 and was shocked …

When did I slept ??? she got up from there and sat on couch holding her stomach she went downstairs and checked for food ..

Sadu sarna Saaara Khana kha Gaya ??ufff why I started dieting when I can’t live without food now what I should do ..

She went back to her room and was roaming here and there as she was in no mood to prepare anything still kunj behaves like sleeping but was watching her each n every action ..

What happen to her why is she Roaming like chudail ?he thought …
Idea twinkle said and messaged soon she got reply back and she went from there kunj got up and went behind her twinkle took the car and left ..

Why she left at this hour he thought and took another car and followed her …
Soon she reached Ali cafe where Ali and Aditi was already present and was waiting for twinkle she joined and hugged them …

I am starving badly twinkle said while Ali laughed and he went to prepare something the Trio was having fun while making food …

Kunj sees her from far away “OH HER MIDNIGHT CRAVINGS” HUHUH SHE IS SUCH A FOODIE SHE CAN’T DIET ?”kunj though watching them ..

Soon the dinner was ready and the trio sat while Aditi said she had dinner already and Twinkle and Ali started having twinkle was eating very fast ..
Oyee eat slowly Ali said while Aditi looked on …

Let her have it Ali pata Nahi wo kunj Kitna torcher karta Hoga she said …kunj who listened to her make faces ..

Pata Nahi konse janam me issey panga liya tha Maine mujhe to nark Ka jallad hi samjhti hai ye he spoke

Ali feeds twinkle while kunj burned standing there lo beta iski hi Kami thi ek ye Aditi pehle se hi meri sautan thi ab ek aur huh babajiii he said and left from there …he went in a flashback …

Kunj was waiting for twinkle in canteen while she came afterwards ..
Uff I was waiting for you where were you Haan he asked while twinkle.lipped him sorry ..

I was working for some files so got late ..she said …
Acha leave that now get ready we will go for date kunj winked at her smiling ..

Kunj .. baby listen na twinkle said holding his hands while he looked at her with what face …
Wo me and Aditi are going back to Amritsar na so we are going to shop something for maa today twinkle said …

Huh not again you became my girlfriend officially but doesn’t listen to me huh even I am leaving for London Yaar spend some time with me kunj said ..

Yeah I know plzz today I can’t deny Aditi we will go tomorrow pakka my cutipie she said and kissed his cheeks while he looked on shocked ..

Aditi comes there and coughed while twinj separates and looks at her ..

Twinkle I think we are getting late so shall we Aditi spoke glaring at kunj while twinkle nodded and Aditi held her hand and left taking Twinkle while she turned and looked at kunj held her one ear and lipped sorry while kunj smiled …
Pakka meri sautan hai hai ye Aditi he spoke …

Kunj came out of flashback when he bumped with another car ..
What the he said shocked …
Screen freezes …

Precap : Nahi bataungi ???
So how was the shot ????
Thanks to all soo sooo much for liking disliking and commenting guys ????????
Do share your views ???
Enjoying the story ???
Still waiting for flashback wait wait sabr Ka fal meetha HOTA hai ???
Bye love you all ???

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  1. Superb episode today u posted so early so happy yaar
    I think kunj loves twinkle but is not telling her because he had made some promise to usha n because of that only he left her don’t know I’m right or wrong but guessing it
    Twinj separation is because of usha I think so
    Post soon n I’ll wait for flash back

  2. Awesome update??
    Loved it ??
    Aditi and kunj…??
    Kunj burning with jealousy…???
    Kunj feeling guilty for hurting twinkle somewhere yells he is not the reason for their separation
    Excited for next
    Post soon dear
    Love u loads❤❤❤
    Stay blessed??

  3. superb episode
    i guess kunj leave twinlkle because usha tell him something about twinkle mother
    love uv and aditi sence as well as the sence at the cafe and kunj burning in jealousy
    want to see more sence of kunj and aditi taunting each other lol
    update next soon

  4. I loved every bit of it…..plss post soon

  5. Vibhu

    Amazing yaarrr
    That tashan ✌✌
    Flaaback dekhne ki besabri badhtii ja rahi haii ???
    Post soon

  6. Anusha

    Awesome episode dear
    Loved it so much
    Kunj and aditi????
    Yuvi’s first official date?
    Kunj burning in jealousy ???
    Kunj’s guilt
    Everything is perfect
    Eager to know there past
    Post soon
    Love u

  7. Shalu Choudhary

    Nice episode dear post sooon

  8. Anaya_Ali

    Episode was Awsm…?
    This time u r early I am so happy…
    Kunj still luvs her…
    Uffff I don’t even know that what I write in cmnt…
    Episode was fantastic it contained everything twinj scenes.. Avniel scenes… Twiditi so it was perfect episode
    Plzzzzz post nxt also soon
    Like this…

  9. Omg such a brilliant piece of writing kunj and twinkle scene as such a touchy part can’t describe and kunj and aditi jealousy part was awsm kunj getting jealous of aditi and Ali really funny and I think kunj has bumped with UV I think but I know really want to know what as twinj s past really eager plss jaldi post Karna Sam I can’t wait for your episodes take care psot soon

  10. Awesome epi

  11. SSK

    Amazing episode dear. I am loving it so much. Please post soon. 🙂

  12. Kiya1234

    What a episode yaar.. ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
    Kunj anger ufff.. twinkle ???????:.
    Why she did this…. still kunj care for her..
    Twinkle make dinner for him awww❤️❤️♥️❤️♥️♥️♥️????????.
    Twinkle craving uff.. love her both
    Buddy.. ????.kunj get burning from ali heheh?????epic…
    Fabulous episode yaar
    Post soon amazing story too don’t worry about comments mere liye tu duniya me best writer hai and others too on telly updates…

  13. Awesome Amazing superb
    Bas yahi word shai
    I’m out of words

  14. Sammu sammu yrrr superb fabulous episode dear
    Hahaha kunj jealous h aditi se awesome
    Twinj scene awesome
    Flashback scene amazing
    Luvvvv u sweetheart

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