Preetan FF : Truth Of Life Part 56


Kritika gets ready to meet the stranger near the rosky club. She puts pepper spray inside her pocket for safety.

Joe : should be leave the client might be waiting for us

Kritika : yea lets go

Both reaches the rosky club but are not able to find the stranger. Kritika gets call from the private number from Dhruv unknown to her

Dhruv : are you looking for me?

Kritika : what kind of person are you? first called me to meet at Rosky club and now you are not anywhere around

Dhruv : actually you know my girlfriend has been spying on me so I thought maybe some another place

Kritika (irritated) : okay fine where?

Dhruv : the place where you are right now take a left from there and get a cab

Kritika : what?

Dhruv : please ma’am i promise there will be no harm and come alone you don’t need the bodyguard with you

Kritika : excuse me? he is not my bodyguard why am I tell you this?

Dhruv : madam please don’t waste time and get in the cab tell  him to drop you at the King center

Kritika : fine (shouts)

Dhruv is enjoying irritating her after long time and calls to a nearby haunted area.

Kritika starts panicking seeing the deserted area but controls herself.

Phone beeps

“Hello she says nervously

Dhruv shouts from behind scaring her to almost death and starts laughing

Kritika nearly have heart attack with his serious prank

Dhruv : oh my god look at that face I am loving this how was it

“Dhruv you removes her sandal to beat him

Dhruv : hey wait what are you doing? violence on small kid

Kritika :really? when kids make mistake elder have to show them way

Dhruv : wait please its hurting

Kritika : okay take a break now tell me the reason behind this immature and stupidest prank ever

Dhruv : what do you mean immature? did nobody every played prank with you

Kritika : shut up, you and karan bhai ware biggest problem in my life, I should have known in india bhai would play this joke and here only this doctor can make such things

Dhruv : this is your punishment for following me here, you were missing me right

Kritika ; do I look stupid from face, I might be but I am not alright

Dhruv : you don’t have to say but you are biggest idiot, first you came here and then didn’t even tell me

Kritika : as if you told me where are you living (pushes on floor)

Dhruv : you have become so bold that pouncing on a boy’s honor

Kritika : oh god help me with this, I am leaving from here bye

Dhruv : wait wait (runs behind her)

Ek lakh nakhre re re re re re…
Lakh lakh nakhre rehne de,
Chale naa tere koi paintare
Lakh lakh nakhre rehne de,
Chale naa tere koi paintare
Sandli badan waliyen,
Sandli badan waliyen…

Lakh lakh nakhre rehne de

Lakh lakh nakhre rehne de,
Chale naa tere koi paintare
Lakh lakh nakhre rehne de,
Chale naa tere koi paintare
Sandli badan waliyen,
Sandli badan waliyen

Baba ka bag le ke chali kahan guiyaan,
Maslegi heel neeche kiska dil ooi maa
Baba ka bag le ke chali kahan guiyaan,
Maslegi heel neeche kiska dil ooi maa
Teri ankha da lashkaara,
Tere lakh da hulaara
Teri ankha da lashkaara,
Tere lakh da hulaara
Mujhko daalte hai daana daana,
Lakh lakh nakhre rehne de,
Chale naa tere koi paintare
Sandli badan waliyen,

Dhruv : okay I said sorry na now you also apologize to me

Kritika : excuse me for what

Dhruv : for following me here

Kritika : yea sure why not (hits on his leg) did you got your sorry idiot

Dhruv : ouch what has she eaten?

Kritika : and if you want to talk with me don’t call me on radio find my number

Dhruv ; there is nothing I cannot do in this world I will find you again

Both walks on opposite side


Shrishti thinks about the packet Rocky too inside but wants to make sure if that was not something inappropriate.

Shrishti : what should I do? (paces and bumps with Sameer’s head) so sorry

Sameer: you should be first you make mistake and then say sorry

Shrishti : you? for your information Mr Luthra you say sorry only after making mistake

Sameer : who am I arguing with? the whose upper side of brain is empty

Shrishti : oh and look who is saying this, who have zero logical sense

Sameer ; listen I might have less logic but at least I am not problem magnet like you

Shrishti ; what do you mean by that?

Sameer : did you hear something else? you always mess up with wrong things and wrong people at the end who have to pay for that poor Preeta and Sarla aunty (looks at her shocking face)

Shrishti : how mean you are, like seriously even my didi have never told me like that

Sameer : because she is very sweet, did not wanted to break your heart

Shrishti ; you are right my Preeta di is very sweet but not like you who is full of arrogance

Sameer : arrogant? ask anybody in office or house each person knows how simple and innocent I am

Shrishti (starts laughing) : million dollar joke simple and innocent words are not in your dictionary and never could be

Sameer : I know why you are doing all this to trouble me right but this time I won’t be trapped in your pranks

Shrishti ; I was not planning for that but now I will make sure you are trapped

Sameer : go try it but that won’t work with me this time

Shrishti ; don’t forget I am the even coordinator here, I can change anything anytime

Sameer ; fine do it I will be desperate to see your losing face


Preeta tells Roshni about her meeting with luthra family

Roshni : how were they?

Preeta : honestly they are really nice in my whole life I never saw such family who take care of outsiders so much

Roshni ; you might have heard that saying if you share love you will receive same, if you share hate then world will also pay you back with ignorance

Preeta : you are right, I am missing my Shrishti I don’t know where she must be right now

Roshni : I am sure she must be fine and you see god will help you with that too

Sahil : mom I am going to studio and I will late today so you have dinner

Preeta : why don’t sit for breakfast and we will go together

Sahil : I am getting late, you can have it take your own time

Preeta ; I am not asking you (makes him sit down) don’t you know one should never leave house with empty stomach

Roshni : get used of her orders Sahil

Preeta : exactly till I am here you have to follow my orders as brother

Sahil : okay my dear sister please sit down god have given me hands to eat

Preeta : good, by the way when is your concert I am very excited

Sahil : within a month and you have to attend that okay even if you find your sister and stay with her your choice

Preeta : definitely how can I miss your show?

Sahil drops Preeta at the cricket field and leaves for rehearsal. He sees Ruchika on the way leaving the balloons in air

Sahil : i don’t know why I keep bumping on this girl she is nothing to me

One of the balloon coms on his car that Ruchika was buying

Sahil takes the balloon in his hand and comes outside of the car

Ruchika : wait wait thats my ballon

Sahil : oh god (turns around to other side) not again again saw her

Ruchik (make him face on her side) : am I a ghost that you are making that weird face

Sahil : actually I think even ghost are better at least they don’t bother good people

Ruchika : seriously what kind of crazy logic you have I will never understand, actually no girl will ever able to figure it out

Sahil : and no guy can handle such tantrums not at least me, I would love to stay away from such disease god save me

Ruchika ; give me my balloon back, it does not suit on person like you

Sahil : whatever now move from my way (starts driving passing her)

Ruchika : please god I have request if there is a girl for him make sure she uses her own mind, rather than bearing his stupid logic

The Commissioner gives Rishab the address of the rehabilitation center. He starts heading to the place without wasting the time.

Preeta meets Karan on the cricket field.

Karan : good morning

Coach ; good morning captain go do some warm up exercise and start with the practice

Karan : yea sure

Rohan : whats tha plan for today? will you still make me hit like yesterday

Karan smirks

Rohan : no way your laugh means inviting death, please spare me I should have not asked

Karan : now you have put finger in tiger’s mouth be ready to get bitten

Rohan : what do you mean

Karan : nothing go stand on your position right now

Rohan : god ji if you save me today then I will offer 10 coconuts to you

After the practice session Karan tells Rohan to mess up something in his car so it stops on midway

Rohan : whats your problem with me? sometime you make me batsman or mechanic

Karan : you know if you don’t do my work what I will do should I

Rohan : you are friend or foe (messes up with the radiator)

Karan : good job now you are free go

Rohan leaves

Karan takes Preeta through the beach . According to his plan of spending time with her the car stops in the midway.

Preeta : what happened

Karan : I think something is wrong with the radiator, let me go check

Preeta : is everything okay

Karan : actually the radiator is very hot, I have to call the mechanic, wait a moment (calls Rohan)

Rohan : now what

Karan : stop shouting first and send the mechanic to bandra near that beach

Rohan : okay fine it will take time

Preeta : what did he say

Karan : nothing, it will take some time for the mechanic to arrive

Preeta : till then

Karan : nothing we have to spend time here

Preeta : here? actually this place is not that bad, I love beaches


Shrishti messes up the electricity of the room where Sameer is allocated

Shrishti : just wait and watch shorty what I will do now, you have to agree to my offer (Smirks)

Rishab finally reaches the place after torture of separation that was like years. His body starts shaking go to inside after knowing what has happened to his Tanya in his absence. Only the thought of that is killing him from inside. With slow steps he walks inside to see dark all around but something pierce in his leg. He immediately turns on the light only to find all the belonging are shattered on floor with glasses, picture frame. The next moment gives him goosebumps what his eyes are looking. Tanya is banging her head on wall slowly with red eyes. She feels his presence and picks up the knife from the table pointing towards him.

“Don’t close to me or else I will kill myself puts on her wrist closely to an inch

Rishab : Tanya put that down

“No I swear I will cut my wrist, get out of here threatens him violently

“Please don’t I have to take you with me walks towards

“I am not your Tanya just leave or starts throwing things at him and screams from the top of her lungs to leave her alone

“Stop it leave that gets hold of her but she runs to the terrace to jump

“Leave me Rishab I don’t want to live is about to climb but is pulled back by him

“you have to live for us  Rishab calms her down

“Rishab everything is over I am not the same girl now who was your love this world made me dirty breaks down in his arms

Rishab ; I am sorry for everything, please forgive me

  1. Wow..interesing 2 see preeran’s love story…

  2. Awesome update
    Two updates in a day…not bad???
    Finally the things have started to get in place
    Karan found Preeta ??
    And finally Rishab found Tanya??
    Although both girls are badly effected by the incident. One lost her memory and the other is in a pretty bad condition. But Karan and Rishab will make everything alright??
    Karan’s crazy planning…????
    As for shirshmeer, well shrishti is not gonna give up. She is always coming up with crazy plans to irritate Sammy??
    Dhruv’s prank…????
    Roohil…never stop showing attitude??
    Super excited for next
    Post soon dear
    Love u loads❤❤

  3. I am sorry very sorry ashini di . Maaf kardo . I know I was requesting you for tanya scene a lot and when you gave , I didn’t read it on time.
    Coming to the chapter .
    Preeran’s re-love story is amazing??
    Rishabh found tanya but what happeNed to her . I can’t see my strong motivational girl weak??
    Please bring my tanya di back
    Karan’s antics . His plans are superb . Poor rohan pata nahi kya-kya banna padega uski??
    Oh wow dhruv’s prank too hilarious . Good to see the rocking kritika again??
    When will Roohil move forward from attitude. Showing attitude has become their trademark.
    Please update soon
    Keep smiling??Love ya

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