Udaan 8th January 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Tejaswini telling Bhaiya ji that Chakor has drunk all the milk, as you allowed her. He says whats the big deal, its fine, get more milk from the cows. Suraj thinks Vivaan did this by fear of losing. Vivaan tells Ragini that he can’t believe Chakor has drunk so much milk. Bhaiya ji says I can’t understand what is Chakor doing. Tejaswini says think before doing pity on her, she is very clever. Imli runs apologizing to everyone. All the people scold her and say they will beat her for wrong medicines. She wakes up from her sleep. Imli drinks water and is about to leave. Kasturi stops her and asks where is she going. She says I m going to Daak Baba to apologize as I gave wrong medicines.

Kasturi says if you want to apologize, then go to those people. She says if I tell them, they will beat me. Kasturi says no, I m with you, tell me why did you do this. Imli says for Chakor, I want to earn money and free Chakor from being Bandhua. Kasturi says cheating people is not good, if Chakor knows, she will feel bad. Imli says I don’t know, Chakor is my sister and should leave with me, not in haveli. Chakor comes to Sheru and talks to him. Bhaiya ji says this girl is very sharp, her biggest weapon is her mind, I thought f I keep her away from education, she will change, but no, make her food less and increase her work, so that she and her mind get tired.

Its morning, Aditya tells Ishwar that Chakor would like to study, not run. Ishwar says no, she is just focusing on her wrist and the stamp she wants to erase, its same if she does study or run. Abha says she can run, but she has to take care of health, and I don’t think anyone will take care, she needs practice also. Aditya asks her not to worry, as Chakor makes any way out, and even this time she will find some way. Ishwar says yes, she will make the man make the way who is stopping her way, you go and prepare for your new book’s press conference. They smile.

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Chakor gets one roti, and asks is this for Sheru, shall I make more roti for him. Girja says he will get everything, don’t worry for him. Chakor asks for whom is this one. Girja says for you, eat this for today. Chakor recalls Arjun’s words. Girja asks her to have food and come in haveli to work. She leaves. Chakor tells Sheru that she is not hungry as she has much milk yesterday, I will save this roti for evening. She smiles. Bhaiya ji calls the principal at home and shows Ragini, Suraj, Lovely and Vivaan. He asks him to teach even Lovely with the kids. She says wrong word and they laugh on her.

Bhaiya ji asks him to teach them well, as he does not want anyone to remark on his kids calling them illiterate, as Chakor is ahead of them being illiterate. He says my position will be going on their shoulders, but they all are weak, what will they do for me. The man says Vivaan is very smart, he always got good marks in school. Bhaiya ji says yes, but his focus is somewhere else these days. He reminds him what he did for him. He says it should be give and take. The man says yes, I understood, I will do what I can. Bhaiya ji says good and leaves.

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Aditya says Manohar took the call this time. They get ready to leave to meet media. Aditya says I have to talk to Chakor, I m doing this for her. Ishwar says fine, I will talk to media. He calls again and Girja takes the call. Chakor sees this. She thinks its Aditya, I know, but I m trying to take the call. Chakor puts water on the floor and asks Girja to stop as she can slip. She says I will take the call and it stops ringing.

Tejaswini asks Girja to get tea and she falls. Chakor takes the call and says hello Aditya. He smiles and says Chakor. Girja brings tea for Tejaswini. She asks why is she walking uneven. Girja says its Chakor’s mistake. Chakor encourages Aditya for his book release and says she is very happy for him. Aditya says yes, I will write next book soon and the subject will be you. Chakor asks me? Aditya says yes, I will write book on you and name it Udaan. Chakor is overwhelmed and recalls the work she has to do now. She recalls Tejaswini’s words and gets sad.

Chakor says I m very happy for you. Aditya says you learned many things, but not lying. She says I m not lying. He reminds her that she is not talking with passion and reminds Arjun’s words. Chakor says yes, tell Arjun that its tough to run empty stomach. Aditya tells this to Ishwar and Abha. Chakor says don’t worry, I will find some way. Tejaswini takes the call and scolds Aditya reminding him about Ishwar going to jail. She says I can trap him again in jail and asks him to mind his own business and worry for his family, and stop giving hope and dreams to her. She says if you do anything, you will get into problem. She ends the call and looks at Chakor.

Tejaswini asks Girja to make Chakor tired of work. Girja asks Chakor to empty the well by pulling out water in the bucket. Chakor gets tired.

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