Jamai Raja 8th January 2015 Written Episode Update

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The episode starts with Krutika badmouthing about Sid in front of Simran. She says Sid’s in-laws insulted him and he did not utter anything. DD questioned about her upbringing and Sid stood silently. She says Sid has become his in-law’s puppet and till now has done nothing to his mom. She says her Simran that neither her husband nor son listens to her at all. Simran asks her to eat. She says she does not want to eat and falls unconscious.

Sid bribes peon who gives Rajaveer’s file. Sid checks and says there is nothing in it. He says it has Rajveer’s parent’s Pune address, and if he uses his brain, he can find clue from it.

Doc checks Krutika and says says she is pregnant. Simran is shocked to hear that and asks Krutika what did she do. Krutika says she does not have to panic as she did not do any sin, she just loves a man and is pregnant with his child. She says she should be happy that she is becoming grandma. Raj says she has brought shame to him. Krutika says he should not interfere as he is nothing to her. Simran asks them both to stop. Raj says she is right, he should stop and warns her that Krutika will get her into more trouble. He says when Krutika’s boyfriend will come to this house, his house will get into deep trouble. Simran says she will meet him first.

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Sid tries to calm down Roshni. She says because of him, that girl got easily escaped. He says that girl’s life would have been spoilt if she would have gone to jail and what about her family. Roshni says Phatka is like her family and he should think what she is feeling and says girl’s family will be spoilt like her. Sid apologizes her for his mistake. She says he does not have to as she was just reciprocating due to anger, they should not find due to someone else. Sid thinks how to tell her that Krutika is her nanad.

DD brings snacks for Mona and Sam and asks them to eat as they have not since yesterday. Mona says if she really cares for them, then she should control Roshni as she and Sid are treating them like a thief. DD says she will speak to them and says after a long time, they have united and still Kesar is missing, she needs her help to bring back Kesar. Mona agrees.

Raj sees Simran and Krutika coming from outside and asks where did they go in early morning. Simran says she went to meet Krutika’s boyfriend and he happily dorned engagement ring over her finger. Raj says engagement, so early. Simran says she got happy seeing Krutika happy and guy told it is his second marriage. Raj asks how can she allow that. She says even he married her even after knowing she was married earlier. He says when she has decided everything alone, then why is she informing her. Simran says for her daughter’s happiness, she will even go against Raj and Sid.

Sid meets Rajveer’s parents and requests them to help him. He deny first, but when he pleads that his family’s life is in danger due to Rajveer, they agree.

Precap: Sid introduces Rajveer’s parents to DD’s family and tells Rajveer that they were telling he did not meet him after getting out of juvenile jail.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Rajveer will be the father of Sid sister’s child.

  2. i am definitely sure krutika boyfriend is rajveer. because they said it is his second marriage and he found a way to have something to hold over sids head and get his hands on some riches

  3. It has got to be Rajveer because she did work for him before

  4. Is krutika getting married to Raj veer?

  5. I feel the same too Gaurav. Plus, they never showed Simi knowing/seeing before. It is always Sid’s dad… So yeah pretty sure Rajveer is Kritika’s bf. Simi is such a dumb woman. How can she be like this? She accepted her bf so easily!!? Wth

  6. I ‘m telling… rajveer is boyfriend of kritika.for sure.

    1. I think so too!

  7. this time gloria is so true…

  8. I do not like kritica and I find sid is not treating roshini fair he has become a pathological liar all of a sudden because roshini is his wife and he should trust her and the things he is lying to her about I am sure she would understand if he tells her the truth like for instance tell her kritica is your sister and you did not know before I am sure roshini would understand yet you are hiding that and what about babloo wife he hid that too which did not even make sense and it is about time he tells her that he is from a rich family for me sid has become a seasoned liar which is not good do not be surprise that when roshini finds all this out she would leave his ass for good and no one can be vex with her imagine roshini herself would have been killed if was not for phatka yet you her husband is hiding the fact so what is really going on with sid and as for his parents I do not know what to say about them again especially his mother simran all I could say is that sids family has become worse than dds what a crisis

    1. princess akeela

      Now look at it this way if sid had tld roshni that kathrika is his sis she wud have cost trouble and besides if sid had tlk he couldnt have bring out rajeveer truth instead we wud be trying to build his life back and yes he did wrong lying but after all it done happen

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